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  1. i dont think we have started good or bad if the season ends now with how we are i would be happy. I worry when Siberski goes back in January we may struggle though?
  2. I think the main reason we fill our ground is we are quite alot cheaper than most in this division.
  3. he has never slagged the city of as he says he doesnt even live in ipswich but he goes to all games he says? but he is often taking the piss out of norwich football club. i text to him once "atleast we own our ground" he text back, "atleast we own our players".... ******** ahaaa
  4. i think it will be a tougher game than we all think. QPR played some nice stuff on sunday. i know against a weak southampton team but it was still neat play. I dont expect us to "hammer" them
  5. hes short, hes a fatty, hes pattison!...
  6. im saw him working last night slagging off norwich. this guy makes me angry!
  7. But lets just say we have a good season narrowly missing out on going up, next season we would want to push on but we would have another whole new team on loans who would need time to gel together etc. with 8 loan players in this team to me it doesnt feel like i am supporting norwich city players, i am supporting other teams.
  8. whilst i apreciate we have a very good team and without doubt one good enough to take us to the play offs it annoys me that most of them are on loan. i dont see them as our players, we have mearly borrowed them so they can either get first team football and their fitness up. it annoys me as they do so well for us (ched evans, alex pearce etc) then they go back and we have to do the whole circle over again with out actually owning a player :(
  9. i think its a good signing for them. we have sibs and lupoli, very good players but realistically we have no hope of signing them and come january when siberski goes back we will be buggered
  10. Has anyone ever seen a music channel on sky called fizz music? its channel 371 and one of the guys who work for it, called dr fizzical is a binner!! he is constantely talking about the scum. I text to him quite alot norwich are the best otbc and all that but he always seems to get the better of me in an argument! was just wondering if anyone else had seen this **** on their or if its just me?   OTBC!
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