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  1. The 2 through balls to Onel and 1 to Lewis near the end (only seen the highlights) is hopefully what we''ll see more of. Through balls that precise to players of raw pace can open up any team and it means Todd has an option on the overlap and on the right wing/ centre. Exciting stuff indeed!
  2. They are doing cheap tickets though. A family season ticket (2 adults 2 children) for £730 which is a more than fair price. I think I would be against the deal they''re getting but I''ve just moved to to Bow so after they make the move I will take advantage of the cheap premiership football if they''re not at home same day as Norwich which I will always travel back to the motherland for
  3. It seems too strange to be true.When does a story of a manger leaving ever come out  at midnight?
  4. Gotta be Hucks!!!Second would be David Nielsen who  seemed to go downhill once we had actually signed him
  5. Spot on with pretty much everything except whitbread would be an 8 for me
  6. Would be very happy with this signing, saw him play against Aston Villa a couple of years back and certainley did not look out of place against a prem club. I think offering Cody on a one year loan plus about 700k would be a good deal for both clubs.
  7. Bit OT: Theres a leeds fan who drinks at the pub I work at, so today I said to him "how many points behind you now? 3 is it? it only seems like last week you where boastin bout being 8 points ahead oh wait IT WAS!!" Well I found it funny and i thought you all would too.
  8. It couldn''t be more hilarious that it happens the weekend after the emergency loan window runs out.
  9. Sounds a lot like Hoolahan which is good cos if hooly got injured we''d be more than buggerd. Hopefully its his under study rather than potential replacement.
  10. Work In a pub in Mildenhall,finishing early on the monday to watch the game at the bar sitting next to my boss who is a massive leeds fan.... I dont just want a win I NEED IT!!! In all seriousness thou if Carlisle can scrape a draw at the "Fortress" Elland Road then theres no way we cant get at least a point.
  11. I think people forget that cureton scored those two goals at 3-0 and 4-1 up, if it was 0-0 in the last minute then I think we all know deep down what would happen.
  12. Leeds, Mainly cos my Boss is a Leeds fan and I will get no end of abuse if / when they beat us.
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