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  1. [quote user="Ginja"][quote user="davetin"]He''s older than Pardew...[/quote]So?He''s been managing a lot less longer, Pardew started in 1999 and Hughton 2009 and it''s not just Hughton that need to mature, Norwich as a club is a relatively inexperienced club in the top flight.[/quote] He''s been coaching a long time but been a manager a relatively short span of time. I love what he did for us but got slowly more out of his depth. He''s spent on a couple of players like RVW but it hasn''t really worked out. Lambert did better with a worse squad, arguably. I wish Hughton all the luck in the world (and Norwich after Tuesday!) but you will tread water at best I fear. Also I have no clue why you''ve taken Jonas, his legs are long gone
  2. Newcastle fan here...I have family who support Norwich so I''ve always followed your lads sort of a 2nd team, and in recent years you''ve had a few of our ex-players and now of course Hughton.When Hughton was sacked, there was utter outcry in the North East. He was doing a decent job in the Premiership having pulled us out of the fire in the Championship and despite a couple of bad results which saw us drop to about 8th, nobody expected him to go. For him to be replaced by Pardew, just sacked from league one, seemed insane and regardless of how our fortunes have gone since then you can argue Hughton was unfortunate to lose his job.In the Championship we generally played very attacking at home, especially second half of the season. Away we''d be tight and play for a 1-0 which to be fair we usually got. Once we went up though he persisted with Nolan off Carroll for a little while but then switched to Shola & Carroll which had us beating the scum 5-1 and winning at the Emirates. I thought based on this you''d see two strikers more often but he seems really loathe to take that risk for you. Once he was sacked most of the core of the team were sold, and rumours were abound that Nolan/Barton and friends practically ran the team and that was partially why Hughton was sacked - to take control back.A big criticism of CH was that he often waited too long to make a sub and change things up, something which doesn''t seem to have changed particularly. He''s still relatively inexperienced for a Premier League manager, and for all of Pardew''s faults he is far more capable and experienced than Hughton - a steadier hand, if you will.So, Hughton is a really good guy who will always get a good reception up in Newcastle, but he''s not going to take you anywhere. If you stay up, you''d be wise to get somebody more savvy, although who that is I don''t know
  3. He and Olsson (and today Reid) are all cynical crafty defenders. Not pretty at all and the longer they get away with it the bigger mockery they make of the officiating in this league.
  4. As an outsider looking in, I''ve seen a couple of your matches this season and  you don''t need me to tell you that it''s going to be goal scoring that is the problem. Today, particularly second half, there was a lot of endeavour and some nice on touch football but I felt some of it wasn''t necessary, at times you kept it narrow with a nice little layoff when if time had been taken a ball could have been played wide, slipped in behind etc. It''s easy on the eye to watch and with a pacier striker - Vaughan when fit perhaps - it will pay dividends. As it stands obviously Holt is your "Kevin Davies" - works his arse off and good at holding the ball up, what he lacks in top class quality he makes up for in work ethic. Unfortunately, Jonas Olsson is probably the worst human being on the planet, never known a defender get away with as much as this guy does, and as a result he wins most physical battles. Not an awful lot between Martin and Morison, I don''t think either is likely to get you 10 goals, I hope Vaughan can but keeping him fit is the big issue there - not helped by getting an smack in the face! The midfield...Hoolahan is a step above, is there a problem with his fitness or something? Can''t understand why he wasn''t playing from the start, I guess the only problem is he doesn''t play as a left winger as he comes infield a fair bit, but Joey Barton did this from the right for us to great effect so well worth playing him. Johnson & Crofts seemed to do a similar job, and I thought Bennett linked up well with Naughton, who looks very tidy. Tierney is a good old fashioned full back, I like him. De Laet is a bit up and down as a lot of young defenders are, and Barnett has never convinced me, but at least he''s got some experience of the Premiership. Going to be an interesting season, I obviously hope you stay up, there''s enough rubbish in the Premiership (ourselves included) for you to make a good go of staying up. One thing I''ve always thought was a problem for Norwich is that you''re a victim of your stature - a big thing for a lot of promoted clubs is their old style stadium, small bobbly pitch and barely 15000 fans. Carrow Road is a beautiful stadium and more than up to Premier League standard, so that''s something you lose out on.
  5. Think Bolton could end up being involved, horrible run of games to dent their confidence and they''ll have to dig deep. Average players like Eagles, Reo-Coker, Robinson added with unsettled players like Cahill (despite his quality) and it could be a tricky season for them
  6. Mark Robins [;)] (Currently Rotherham Manager)
  7. Another ex-Newcastle player so he''s my 2 cents worth...When he was with us, he was pretty poor but somehow popped up with a goal every couple of games he was fit - unfortunately that also wasn''t very often. A season or so after he signed we broke into the top 4, and he was injured for most of it. Scored a good goal against Everton like, but that''s not really reason to celebrate. I''ve no idea what he''s like physically now, but I shouldn''t imagine he''s in good condition, put it that way. Sibierski will be a much better option if he ever gets over his latest knock.
  8. Sib went to Wigan training today as they''re short of strikers. I guess they were testing his knee to see if they could get an hour out of him tomorrow. No idea what the outcome was, as there''s been no mention of his recall I guess we''ll have to wait and see, but given Sib''s injury record I would say there''s a 95% chance he won''t play for Wigan tomorrow.
  9. Very happy with my Sibi shirt (see avatar) got it 2 days after he signed [:)]
  10. Would be very surprised if he went back to Wigan as 4th choice, only chance is if Heskey leaves and no replacement is brought in.
  11. Didn''t know that about Dyer, good to hear though I guess. ......and Smith must score. - Thanks for the ticket advice [:)]
  12. Thank you all for the kind words about NUFC....it''s nice to hear some positive things about us from rival fans, I sometimes think everybody hates us (and understandbly so, given that the fans who voice their opinions on SSN and the like are 9/10 the worst type of fan) and to be honest it can''t help that we''re always being mentioned as either having an injury crisis or having not won a trophy for 39 years.Arthur, I would have been cheering you on in 85 if I''d been alive, I was however very happy when you beat them on your way to winning the very last First Division and of course a few years ago through Earnshaw''s goal, good times.In answer to your question hogesar, the general opinion is that he was a nice guy but just not good enough to handle the pressure. Also he never knew his best 11, and when he had to actually pick a team we struggled. When the injuries were so bad we barely had 11 fit players, we went through our best spell. The biggest contrast of his time here was playing some wonderful football in a 4-2 win over Alkmaar at SJP, then going to Alkmaar a week later with the pressure on and we were abject. Football I guess.At least he''s had time at Carrow to get his team together, HIS team with players he wants, whereas at NUFC he didn''t really get much chance to spend. There was a feeling that Shepherd just didn''t trust Roeder enough to let him cut loose in the market - Martins being the exception but Owen''s compensation money paid for that.I''m hoping to get to a Norwich game this season, preferrably one of the away games at Doncaster/Barnsley/either of the Sheffield clubs and it''ll be less to travel for me but away tickets are obviously harder to get. What are my chances?
  13. Nobody wants Shola!....well Ipswich maybe. He''s really absolutely awful.Thank you all for the kind words about NUFC, it really is a "poison chalice" and I can only see it getting worse now. We''ll probably get Poyet or one of the Jimenez/Vetere''s Spanish mates...I''ll be amazed if we finish top half. Any manager needs time, more than a season anyway. I don''t think Keegan is blameless in all of this, but we''ll probably never know for sure. Things were actually going well, that''s the most gutting thing. Under Roeder, Souness, Allardyce, Gullit, Dalglish - things were pretty dismal. Interesting to see the comparisons between NUFC and NCFC, I hope Roeder is the man to get you back where you belong, I can see the general opinion is that he has every chance of challenging for it.
  14. Thanks for answering my questions [:)] More farcical stuff from the Newcastle "board" tonight, just when things couldn''t get much worse they seemingly have. Grumble.I think you''re right about Roeder having a point to prove, that was very much how I saw him here, I was well pleased for him when he won at Upton Park with us with their fans singing ridiculous things at him. Unfortunately our club is too much of a mess and really needs overhauling from top to bottom, if Ashley had come along 3 or 4 years ago everything would be fine but instead the "saving money" phase has left us and it''s time to splash the cash to improve, and we haven''t. The Championship seems more open than ever this year, I fancy Birmingham to win it but the other 23 places could go to any team in any order, let''s just hope Norwich are nearer the top because it''s too big of a club to be in the second tier of English Football when teams like Hull, Wigan, Stoke and Sunderland ([;)]) are up there.Oh and please, take Shola off our hands when you get chance!
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