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  1. [quote user="Roed 2 Rouen?"] The repetoire of the 70''s was very extensive, although a lot of the songs were sung by most clubs'' supporters but I''d rather that than our current list of 3 or 4 songs/chants...On the ball City, Come on you Yellows (or Yellows! Yellows) Come on City! I remember regularly singing songs in the old Barclay which were other clubs anthems such as ''You''ll never walk alone, "...Forever blowing bubbles (lyrics changed to reflect the cowardice of Ipswich fans) "Knees up Mother Brown"..."In your [insert club name]) slums" and alot of others which were clearly hooligan inspired like, "You''re going to get your f*#king head kicked in", "You''re going in the river!" and other such "classics". The singing was relentless and kept a real energy/hostility going but I somehow think this is well consigned to history, and so long as stadiums remain all seated... Yep,happy days!!! Dont forget the other classics such as "youre gonna get what Jimmy Rimmer got!!" and all those classic anti Mariner/Gates classics....I personally think the demise of terrace chants started when the seated masses started chanting "yellow army!!!" funny but that one always reminds me of saddams republican guard! "Oh when the greens go marching in" and the related crowd surge that inevitably came with it was unreal but nowadays its totally lost on the regimented,modern all seater football stadium! the old grounds,open terraces and all what came with them have unfortunatly gone for good! Pity!!
  2. Ha ha....thats quality!! nearly as good as the view i got of his goal from my seat in the morgue(river end lower!!)which for once was quite lively! Cant wait for the return match! before the match some ipswich fans told me they were gonna win 6-0...yeah,whatever!!  
  3. Young Elliott had a hell of a game today,as did the Doc(for once!!) and the rest of the lads in general.It will be interesting to see what team selection Roeder comes up with against Watford,he`ll probably rest Sammy and Wes!!!! but he better not!! A performance like todays must breed confidence and weve gotta push on now....unlike the false dawn after the Wolves annihilation!  
  4. I must also be the first to congratulate Fozzy on a couple of priceless headers to clear their late corners! Had one of them have got through to that little **** Haynes ,we may have had a slightly more worrying time than we did! Over all a top class performance but surely,when we are 2-0 up against the scum, there is no place for booing our own players when they come on late on!! More of the same from the lads in the next two games and we may start to climb up the table a bit....!!!!
  5. They are about the same standard as a top mls team! 1st Wizard lives there!!!!!! Probably better than us at this present moment in time! No interfering Cooks!!!!  
  6. Total utter boll0cks!!!!! Please go soon!! Pi$$ed right off!! Bring on Histon!(in three years time if something doesnt change) On a lighter note,did anyone else see Neil Doncaster walking to the ground from morrisons this afternoon proudly carrying his bag with his Thomas the tank engine magazine in it!!!!!!!priceless,gives him something to look at when events on the pitch are to painful to watch i suppose!!
  7. [quote user="Binky"]There will be some who say he''s simply found his level. I disagree - and anyway, MK Dons could give us a game I''m sure. We could do with players of Chadwick''s style right now and any way he''s done alright for us when he''s been given the chance. If we were winning every match we play there would be a case for letting him go - but we''re not and he should have been given a decent run to prove himself (better than those who are being picked). Chadwick''s lomgest run out was int he pre-season against Dereham - he didn''t do badly but playing in that team is not a basis on which to be judged. I think the same applies to Lappin, who has been harshly judged by his weak showing at LB rather than his preferred midfield. (Why do we have to play players out of position rather than where they feel most comfortable?)[/quote] I think you`ll find they did give us a game-they bloody beat us!!!! Or doesn`t your memory go back as far as august!!! I totally agree with you on the Chadders issue as well as the non playing of Simon Lappin who Roeder has treated disgracefully! Either of these two would be a better option -upfront even!-than OJ Westrunton or whatever he`s called!
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="Munich 93"]   Also,all the team who battled literally with Arsenal(even the much maligned Tim Sherwood!!) in the firework night hell up at highbury!That really was a great match to be at even though we lost it was great to see our lads getting stuck in!!   [/quote] is that on you tube anywhere? I remember the Ruck the players got in against Palace in 1996... Darren Eadie kicked the Sh*t out of a certain Kevin Muscat i seem to recall.. watch the video again and before Ray Houghton wades in Msucats on his backside edging away from Eadie! how we didnt get anyone sent off i''ll never know! jas :) [/quote] I dont know,I think it was censored by the bbc to protect our image,but we still got a big fine despite Arsenal being guilty for cheating! I can also vividly remember the police ,whilst concentrating on events on the pitch,leaving the gate between the Norwich and Arsenal fans at the back of the clock end open,which allowed Norwichs finest to pile through and immitate their idols on the pitch!!!!!! Happy Days but quite surreal driving back from London with fireworks going off all over the place,which i suppose was probably appropriate!!!!!
  9. Got to be Jeremy Goss for that unforgettable night for all of us who were there that night!!!! With Flecky up there with him for that goal at Millwall at the death at the second attempt and also for kicking le tissier up the arse in the fA cup 6th round replay and his general mischeviousness !! Also,all the team who battled literally with Arsenal(even the much maligned Tim Sherwood!!) in the firework night hell up at highbury!That really was a great match to be at even though we lost it was great to see our lads getting stuck in!! Every one remembers the goal Martin O`neill got when we came from behind to beat ipswich 3-2 at Portaloo road but dont forget who got the other two....Local hero Peter Mendham,who despite going through troubles lately is probably one of the kindest blokes to play for us in the last 30 years or so!!!
  10. Assuming you mean Iverson!!!!Have you actually seen him play,he`s really not that good!!He was`nt that good at Spurs and he has`nt improved!! Yeah Ok,he did get a hattrick the other day,but did YOU see it ,a header that he intended to put in the other side that the keeper would have saved if he`d of connected right!! a luck gianfranco zola fa cup- esque back heel (remember that do you!) and a penalty....Wow. He is not the answer,nor is giving Roeder `til xmas! If we have got no money were not going to get any thing better than what weve got and from what ive seen this season is slightly better than what we were dealt last season. Oh, and by the way,if i won the euromillions last night i`d have bought Fernando Torres and stuck him up front with Rob Earnshaw but unfortunately i didnt,so you`ll have to put up with Jamie C,Oj(when given a run),Arturo,and all the rest of the lads trying against the odds to turn it around! At least were still above the Blue plague!!!!!  
  11. Lets go and beat Barnsley now and the saints and really start pushing,you never know but by the time we play W**ves we may be close to them in the table and we owe those lot a good hiding! Come on you yellows,onwards and upwards!!  
  12. I stayed and saw the goal but most of the people around me left 5 minutes before!  i had great pleasure texting them to tell them what they missed. Never,ever go early as this usually happens! I had great pleasure telling all the city fans down riverside road what they`d missed out on by leaving early. I live in Sprowston and its actually quicker to walk home via mousehold than drive due to all the congestion and on saturday i grinned like a cheshire cat all the way home!!!!
  13. Good to see those Beccles boys still "backing the boys abroad"!! We went to the march `07 Andorra match and there were about seven Norwich flags up that night compared to three ipsh1t ones.It does seem that the majority of England fans in Barcelona were middle aged former hooligans,probably explains why mcLaren got so much stick that night. I`ve now had enough of going away as the 100 k a week tossers dont seem to give a toss,but they did look bleedin` awesome last night(on rumanien live tv...lol)
  14. With an answer to youre earlier question,you should be able to buy him a ticket for the match from the away matchday ticket office(which are the windows between the hotel and the burger van)on the day as away teams very rarely sell out,Birmingham and Blackpool certainly didnt.If not you could always contact Donnies box office and i think they`ll be only too pleased to help!
  15. The first Norwich match i went to was against Arsenal in 1976,i  got dragged up to Carrow Road by my Uncle and we sat in the south stand! We won 3-1 that day and i was only 7 yrs old at the time and i remember that in the programme they said that the next match was Red Star Belgrade at home(can anyone remember that match?)and also recall the open river end with the little blue chariots in the corners! I think someone posted some highlights on youtube for that particular arsenal game but i was slightly annoyed  to hear the commentator say Arsenal were missing key players that day but it takes nothing away from my memories of that day!
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