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  1. [quote user="Coelho"]And to accentuate the embarrassment, the Green ''Un can''t even spell the name of Ipswich''s home stadium!http://www.greenun24.co.uk/ipswich-town/superb_saints_hit_five_at_portman_rod_1_996414[/quote]And they''ve signed a new player Jaspn Scotland - quality hahahahaha
  2. i know it''s slightly off topic but.....Gonna be watching both games at the Golden Hynd in Mannamead Plymouth - anyone else in the area please come along, lets make some noise!
  3. [quote user="plymouth yellow"]cool, I live at the top of Mutley just near freedom fields. I try to get back as often as I can. when u guys travel down do you stay for a while?? as my car is now OOA so i have had to tag it out!![/quote]plymouth yellow - i am at weston mill.  the group meet in the dog and duck if there is a game on sky, however looking at the tv schedules ncfc are not showing again any time soon. so next venture will likely be an away day to bristol rovers 1st may.
  4. @ py - ex-navy submariner, been out 6 years but still in guzz. Its a long way from carra rud! All of you check out Forces2Canaries, its the supporters group for members and ex-members of all services with branches all round the country.
  5. plymouth devon, made one home game and three away games so far this season
  6. We got our tickets from the ground so score four more to us [:D][:D][:D][:D]OTBC
  7. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="Herman "] Cheers Wiz,couldn''t find that link[Y] Anyway,how many are going to use it,and more importantly will it cope with a large amount of traffic?? [/quote] Thats the link I used for the recent England U21 game Herman, and I''ll be giving it a go, the trouble is its a dodgy time as Internet traffic tends to be high then and my ISP tends to chop you now and again! [/quote]Thats a very good question wiz, the text service from the pinkun on a regular saturday gets thousands of peeps watching  from all corners of the globe, will the fa link cope? who do we ask?
  8. A small town in Cornwall gets the Argyle fans motivated too! wonder why?
  9. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]I think its a damn fine gesture to make and hopefully a partnership / friendship that can go on to serve both clubs well !I think football is becoming to much about  the money so setting up deals etc between clubs out of respect / friendship is a step in the right direction.Despite this whole "nice" tag I think this is a good move by our board ![/quote]I agree NC, imagine what could happen if one of the bigger clubs teamed up with Kings Lynn or Lowestoft, it could only do good for these clubs
  10. [quote user="Big Slob"][quote user="jas the barclay king"]where the hell are Ipswich going to get a win from? the more you lose the more demoralised you get.. it makes winning seem impossible and you start to accept defeat before you have even kicked a ball.... The writings on the wall for the scum if they dont win soon.   [/quote]Saturday at Plymouth''s my bet[/quote]agree with that BS plymouth are pants and falling apart at the seams. I usually attend this one to sling the smelly stuff but don''t want to witness the scums first 3 pointer
  11. I suggest you try the espn bar/resturant attached to new york new york, it has tv screens all over the place showing every sports channel available, with a lunchtime kick off time you should not be overloaded with the baseball. have a blast. otbc
  12. we shall be watching in beefs off the US27 in davenport, not sure if the sound will be on tho
  13. I''ll be there as it''s almost our local derby. you can rely on the south west supporters groups to turn out in force - leave it to us.
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