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  1. I think that this may be the last we hear from Champions as he has just resigned to join us or West Brom.
  2. Us or W Brom the. Also room for Adams in the management team?
  3. Who are his lieutenants? I would like to think that Adams could be his assistant. This could offer future stability if managed properly ie not throwing the baby out with the bath water if things don''t go well.
  4. 72season wrote the following post at 22/05/2014 9:02 AM: I have secret powers Good enough for me.
  5. I like both players but it depends on whether they want to stay or go. If they want out then thanks and goodbye as they are no longer essentiall players in our rebuild due to age and injury. If they choose to stay then we could get another good year out of Hoolahan and Pilks is quality when not crooked. I would be more worried if Redmnd. or E Bennett wanted out.
  6. He will be wanting to play for anyone but us after the CH buy and banish to the bench approach imo
  7. I enjoyed that, particularly the repeated statements about playing the Norwich way.
  8. I think that I will wait until we know who our next manager is before turning against him..
  9. Russell Martin. Bassong was a mistake and RM shone through at the end whether in front of camera,press or on the pitch.
  10. Good post. Personally I am not feeling it as much as CH produced such a slow decline that there was no sense of shock at the end. I am dissappointed though as it just seemed so avoidable.
  11. And that''s why football is so interesting as I couldn''t disagree with your analysis of Adams more.
  12. He is the player that I feared would go quickly as he showed class all season. Hope not though.
  13. I know Olano from another forum. I trust his understanding of the article.
  14. Ray wrote the following post at 15/05/2014 2:36 PM: For what it is worth, over the last 36 hours or so Malky has drifted from 1/4 to evens and Zola has come in from 12/1 to 9/4 (all figs approximations). So, based on that evidence I''m going for Zola as Technical Director/Director of Football and with Adams as 1st Team Coach (not Manager), albeit his title may be Manager. I like the look of that but is Zola too young for a DOF role?
  15. never go back! PL has not exactly lit up the Prem recently...
  16. Oh I just don''t know! Lennon is a championship manager in my eyes so it wouldn''t be a step down for him other than the 60k attendences. He will see us as a stepping stone but wtf. The concern for me is whether he is good enough.
  17. It''s a ruse to make us relieved to get Malky!
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