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  1. Someone has been reading the new freakonomics haven''t they T?
  2. Olano is a genuine fan who flies in from Norway to watch city. I know him from ncfc mad. Just because he disagrees with you does not make him a troll.
  3. Yes he does. Ok last post on this from me but please take some time to reflect on this appointment.
  4. Ha! I like the appointment of NA but MD is the man who wanted CH to be our manager for the next ten years! Next.
  5. When all the rest declined apart from Zola who has achieved nothing, who would you haev appointed?
  6. He has a good reputation as a coach. Do you have evidence that this not true?
  7. Keep looking for reasons why you are unhappy. Christ alive.
  8. Are you for real? Unbelievable stupidity and crass ignorance.
  9. Jenkins wrote the following post at 22/05/2014 9:48 PM: I think people like a "name" Bristol, it makes them feel important. For me, I am more interested in the man than the name, and we have got a good one. Sums it up for me
  10. Malky - ex Cardiff, Watford who wa sacked for poor decisons, signing and results. A defensive manager. Zola - ex West ham and Watford again who was sacked for not bringing success to these clubs Lennon - no experience of competitive leagues and didn''t want to come to Norwich City Adams - Good reputation as a coach, knows the players and club, passionate, committed and wanted the job......
  11. I am really dissappointed as I wanted someone famous to guarantee succes even if they had been sacked by other teams for failing to find success. Otherwise I wanted someone who had managed a big team in a poor league who had something to prove to teams that don''t include usand who wants to be somewhere else. The last thing I wanted was a Norwich City man who has a good reputation for his attacking coaching side and total loyalty to our club. What makes it worse is that he knows the squad and youth set up. There is no way that someone that we are familiar with could be as good or heaven forbid better than a famous name that has been sacked.
  12. You would have thought that we had just employed Keane FFS.
  13. Based on his chosen tactics as youth team coach or the five game poisoned chalice when all was lost?
  14. Those who wanted someone else could ask the other candidates why they didn''t either accept the job or impress enough to beat our youth team coach.
  15. And if the alternative was another defensive manager would had half an eye on West Brom or Celtic, or a choice of equally recently sacked candidates?
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