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  1. I could not agree more. There was also the disciplinary issues that he dealt with so impressively according to the board. Good post.
  2. I predict a starting lineup of Grabben and another newbie.Hooper and Loza as back up. Becchio will go as will RVW on loan imo. Hooper may wish to leave but he could only really go back to the SPL after last season. Whether his fault or not no one will be queuing up from the Prem.
  3. Thanks Dicky. I like the Howard Kendall in Magaluf link. I believe you. I look forward to seeing Fer/Tetty still here next season. Ricky loaned out to the Dutch league I would guess.
  4. Thanks . I presume that Cardiff are in it as they were only up for one season?
  5. I may be missing something but the fixtures are out but there is no sign of us or Fulham on the list. Can anyone shed light on this for me?
  6. Really Rusty? I would of thought that a change of supplier would be public knoweledge.
  7. Adams has to be the leader of this group. If he is able to do that I believe that this could be a very strong set up as opposed to the previous nonsense under CH. The board have hopefully learnt lessons from the previous regime.We''ll see.
  8. Can''t disagree with that. This situation has created a lot of dissonance. Some say that there is a lack of experience in the new setup and in the next breath call JR too old. Odd really.
  9. Nothing wrong with the OP. I don''t agree Wiz as I think that we are attempting to build a talented team around the manager who may also be able to supply consistancy if the prime appointment does''nt work out. I like the idea of a strong structure but only it is not undermined.
  10. Agreed although I am not sure what a football consultant is! Open minds required currently methinks.
  11. So let me get this right. NA is too inexperienced to manage our mighty club. GH is equally lacking in stardust to be a coach here. JR is too old and therefore overly exprienced at to be at our club. A backward step. Mark Robson is what? Not Malky, Zola or any other sacked employee of a footbball club?
  12. This is a good call. It''s reassuring that we can attract a working manager to leave his club to come to us for an assistants post. They have worked together before effectively. Let''s see if this translates into first team football. Hope so.
  13. Or to put it another way ,is he a better footballer than what we have got or better than the departees?
  14. I don''t think that we will take back for a second. Wages,age and last seasons performances will go against him . That said, he wasn''t the worst of our strikers and they are hard to find. If we decide to get rid of all of our front men we may end up in a Doc up front scenario.
  15. Re: Play It Again Buttler. Reply Quote Go Fu(k off and eat your cucumber sandwiches elsewhere, tgis aint for cricket. A norwich forum with a world cup on the.horizon and you wanna talk about a sport which is so long and boring they have to stop for dinner and tea. It''s a bit early to be so unpleasant isnt it? Just don''t read it rather than be such a d1ck.
  16. I cannot believe that Hockey was only with us for under a year! I remember him with great fondness with his socks rolled down(might be a false memory!) and his crunching tackles that left the crowd wincing. Hard as nails but Duncan Forbes gets it for me.
  17. Keep!!! He will be like an extra signing having played a season at Bournemouth. They are creative and so is he.
  18. Bunn did well for us last season imo. Is Rudd tall enough to be a top flight keeper?
  19. I am looking forward to watching Redmond and Josh Murphy play for us next season.
  20. So an Israeli shows interest in reading. Why does this have to become an anti Delia thread? What''s more offensive is the casual antisemitism. What a shower.
  21. I expect that it would be the Chief Exec as usual. Adams will have been advising McNally since May.
  22. Malky would have wanted to spend, Lennon does not know the English market and would want to buy success as well. McNally knows who we need and so does Adams. They also know what we have already got.
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