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  1. Tetty for Surman as previously suggested with Wes as number 10 with wingers.
  2. Relax guys, it''s the first 45 mins of the season and we are up against a very motivated Wolves side. I expect NA to change things at half time. Our bench could well be the difference.
  3. I have to say thyat our bench looks pretty strong!
  4. Norwich team: Ruddy, Whittaker, Martin, Turner, Olsson, Johnson, E Bennett, Surman, Hoolahan, Redmond, Grabban. Subs: Rudd, Lafferty, Loza, Garrido, Josh Murphy, R Bennett, Tettey. Wolves team: Ikeme, Doherty, Batth, Stearman, Golbourne, McDonald, Evans, Van La Parra, Edwards, Sako, Dicko. Subs: McCarey, Henry, Clarke, Ricketts, Price, Ebanks-Landell, Jacobs.
  5. Top Norwich=champions! Fulham Derby Play offs Forest Borough Blackburn Bournemouth Drop Rotherham Leeds Brentford
  6. Well done. You have made 1000 posts. Quality from now on please.
  7. Agreed .It should close the day before the season starts.
  8. This thread says more about the pink un message board than the pre season. For what it''s worth , I think our build up is too weak.
  9. Woah! That posted before I had finished. What I meant to say was does anyone else think that NA is a dead ringer for Lee Mack?
  10. Fair enough. I like the attacking diamond, the look of Lafferty and the fact he is giving Hooper and RVW a chance. I am glad to see Surman being used properly and to see E Bennett back. Not sure about Martin as CB. Let''s go with what we have currently got as it looks enough.
  11. First impressions? We would walk the conference.
  12. We need a quality creative midfielder. We have Surman back. Job done.
  13. Quite possibly. It''s good to have flexibility between the widemen and tactical options during play.
  14. Interesting. Negative or realistic? I think that we have a squad that other teams will be very worried about. Champions for me.... then Fulham and Derby/ Reading. I predict that Cardiff will implode,
  15. I agree with Jimmy. Only Snoddy has gone so far. Let''s stay in control of events.
  16. If they don''t make the 21 man squad then they must be off. I take it that NA has made their futures clear otherwise the atmosphere could become poisonous. Wasn''t Bassong in trouble at the end of last season?
  17. If Hooper goes which is a given imo then Rhodes would be a must. I believe that the club knows this and is working on it . Rhodes ,Grabben,RVW, Lafferty, Loza should be enough. Becchio remains a strange one tbh. I think that we should keep if he is deemed commited by Adams.
  18. Mine is a reminder of my ride from Bristol to Norfolk on my Vespa, the only protection worn being factor 4. Very burnt.
  19. Purple Canary is his real name. Don''t burst my bubble. I can''t be the only poster with an unusual first name.
  20. Losing fer and olsson would be worrying imo. They can offer some stand out class. Tetty and howson similarly. We have a potentially dominant squad at the moment with good striking and wing options. Too much change could dilute our chances of a return.
  21. I think that being a bookies favourite for the first time in living memory may increase expectations somewhat!
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