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  1. When Jones was down NA did a team talk. Good stuff from Neil. He probably got it from a book about coaching.
  2. If this works then my season has just improved no end. I usually make a fair few away games but Carrow Road is a bit of a trip from here.
  3. Good find Derby! i am at the game today but will use this for the many that I miss.
  4. However... The "plastic" nonsense remains. There are no plastic Norwich fans.Are you Waveney?
  5. I visited the Mad board earlier this week. Now that really is dead.[:(]
  6. I now have a fact. Thompson joining from Swindon Town. It''s in the West Country which makes me an expert.
  7. I have just spotted a very nice car leaving Asda Cribbs Causeway car park. Surely he''s on his way to Norwich. Tovoinen I reckon.
  8. That is indeed a testosterone driven subject line. Surman, Bassong, Becchio, Redmond out. Arsenal defender in. I think that this may happen on a loan basis next week. I have no facts to base any of this on.
  9. mcgoldrick semed a handful but otherwise there appeared to be ,if not a gulf then quite a gap in class.
  10. wow. Anyway, what a fantastic result against one of the best sides in this league.
  11. While you are at it Buh, please drop the Norfolk people are all pig farmer retards nonsense! It is unnecessary.
  12. Is Adams a lier? What a silly question based on being emotionally involved in selling our best players I presume. Fer was always going to leave and 10 million quid isn''t bad. Pilks was way down the pecking order as he wanted out and had become a sick note. We have earned 20 million in sales so far and are still buying. I understand the frustration of those who get angry when we sell but why accuse him of lying?
  13. I think that City 1st says it all for me. It''s nice to see an outbreak of reasoned comments on here! Re Brazil, his insightless arrogance on every subject repulses me but when it comes to mental health it is worse due to the vulnerable nature of the sufferers and their loved ones. What a twunt.
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