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  1. I am not sure it''s the strikers that need freshening up although I beg to differ about Loza. NA obviously thinks he''s ready.

    Grabban was scoring when played as the main striker and has struggled since Jerome has come in. Hooper does not seem ready yet.

    I am not sure about starting with two wingers as this may make us predictable although it''s Rotherham not Chelsea on Saturday.

    Lafferty needs to avoid the rash challenges to be trusted with a start Imo. He has forced an unplanned substitution twice already.



    Martin Hooiveld Turner Olsson

    Redmond Voo Tetty Howson Murphy


  2. "Phillip J Fry""the bristol nest"Fair enough but not in the last 30 minutes.You are right that we played an expansive game in the first half but not so in the second.

    I will not slate our players as they have done superbly thus far. Tonight though we f''ed up against a park the bus side.We shouldn''t of lost, that much is obvious. I just think that luck wasn''t on our side tonight. Norwich created some good chances and had a disallowed goal and a shot cleared off the line. Norwich didn''t struggle to break this side down, they did that often enough, but when Norwich did get past the defensive screen you could question whether they were clinical enough.No one will be more disappointed/angry then Adams and the team. They''ll be furious that they didn''t get anything out of this game. Sometimes you just have to accept that bad results happen and try and move on to the next game.

    Fair point.We played well but we short in attacking quality for some reason. Let''s move onto the Rotherham game.

  3. Oops ,sorry Zipper. It''s the juggling of my sign in names has confused me. I don''t know whether I am a canary or his house at the moment. Bloody automatic sign in and too many devices.

    Anyway I would like to see Howson in for Wes for the first half and Wes on for the second if we look short of creativity. Bring Murphy on second as well.

  4. That''s a bit harsh. I noticed with surprise that they are in the top six.

    I think that it''s too early to make a judgement on the quality of this league.

    Brentford and Brum have run us close and Wolves of course beat us. Perspective chaps.

    However we have the squad and they don''t
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