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  1. [quote user="Kangaroo Court"]I hate people who daub football slogans on the union flag or St George''s flag. Is that supposed to be patriotic? It''s a criminal offence to deface the national flag in most countries (e.g. France, USA). [/quote] Whoever has the "Le Juge" Julien Brellier flag might be getting a visit from Interpol then...
  2. There was a distinct lack of passion and desire from the players in the Norway game. It looked almost as though Pearce''s attack on them from the previous game gave them the confidence boost they really needed... As for Norway, some of their players looked quality. Nielsen and Jo Inge Berget in particular impressed me, and Stefan Johansen in midfield looked like a tough tackler. The discussion about club vs country will rear it''s head again, and now there also seems to be a discussion about Senior vs U21 teams. England could have had Rodwell, Welbeck, Cleverley, Ox-C, Wilshere all playing, and possibly more (I''m only just awake I may have missed some obvious ones.) Why were these players not chosen? If England were to get to the final, these players would play 5 games. 3 group games, semi, final. Is that too much to ask? In comparison, 4 of Norway''s players flew through the night to get back from a senior international against Albania to play in the game. Havard Nordtveidt played the full 90 for the seniors and still turned up. Can you see any of the England lot doing that? No, neither can I. There is also a lot of hypocrisy surrounding fans of the top Premier League teams. If you trawl the BBC website and it''s stories, some of them have comments sections. The same people calling for more English players in the league, are the same ones calling for Arsenal to spend £70m on "proven" foreigners, and not rubbish youngsters like Carl Jenkinson. The problem here is that getting in the Champions League, and to a lesser extent even staying in the PL is so financially important to teams, there isn''t any time or place for any club to mess about developing players, no matter what country they are from. If the league system wasn''t so divided by money, then it would be so much easier to develop young players, because it removes the element of financial instability when/if things don''t go to plan. Rant over. Thanks.
  3. Lee Camp was English until he found out his grandfather''s uncle''s dog was Northern Irish so he could play for them.
  4. Just getting back on topic here, but why was no-one saying any of this when Blackpool were sponsored by them? It''s another bandwagon rolling through for people to jump on. I can''t see Newcastle cancelling any contract they have with Wonga, Mike Ashley sold the naming rights of the stadium to himself without consulting the fans, why would he do it now?
  5. Hello. Just thought I''d throw it out there that if we didn''t get Hooper or Graham, maybe we should look at him. 22 years old, 14 goals from 27 games this year and scored a quality hat-trick this weekend. Dundee Utd are mid-table and a move to the Premier League would probably be appealing. Alright the league he plays in isn''t very demanding, but he''s been included in a few Scotland squads recently, and featured for the U21''s. *Tin hat on*
  6. Other Mel Henderson stories on the website claim that Wayne Routledge was joining both QPR and Leicester (both wrong), Connor Wickham was 100% joining Liverpool (wrong) and Emile Heskey was definitely going back to Leicester (wrong). The biggest load of nonsense I''ve ever heard. If it was £12m or £20m I would be more inclined to believe it...
  7. What a mess that was, I can only apologise. What I meant to say was, "It''s on the BBC website now, so it must be true."
  8. [quote user="Jonzey"][quote user="carpio"]Just seen that Neil Adams has left the Beeb commentary team to work full tine for City as a coach with the U16 and to help out with the Under18s. Saturday''s on the radio will not be the same ! [/quote] Is this true, or did you hear this from your uncles neighbour who makes deliveries to Carrow Road? It''s on the BBC website now, so It must be true :( I''d be very suprised if Neil had to leave his commentary position to do this. [/quote]
  9. £2.5m for me isn''t too much. When you consider his age, he could potentially be here for years, the best years of his career. If he can score even 10 goals next year that might be enough to keep us up, with others chipping in. Great signing! (If it goes ahead)
  10. I think of those players, you''ve picked out the right 2. Larsson would be good for the right side of the diamond, and as you''ve said Taylor could be the 2nd choice keeper for next season. They probably wouldnt be asking for much money either, which would also play into our hands.
  11. The article is written by Steven Smith. Surely he''s got better things to do than sell stories to newspapers about the manager...
  12. You must have been on the other side of the bus, OTJ and Askou were both there. One notable absentee for me was Aaron Wilbraham, who wasnt at the lap of honour on Saturday either.
  13. [quote user="kc canary"]Gordon and Oakley according to the official website?[/quote] Remi Gordon (Son of Dale) and Ryan Oakley. Profiles are on the official site under Academy. They''ll be second year scholars next season.
  14. I lovet he way he answers every question with "No..", and then delivers the actual answer. In one case, I think it was on Radio Norfolk where he was asked about staying for next season, and he said "No.... erm Yes".
  15. [quote user="Barclaybred"][quote user="curnster"] Tie-wo. Tie as in shirt and tie, wo as in stopping a horse.     [quote user="Barclaybred"]How do you pronounce that name anyway?  Tawo or as in some african countries, you extend the `o` and raise ..so Tawooah?[/quote] [/quote] Are you sure? that seems a very anglicized pronunciation! [/quote] Taye Taiwo from Marseille is said the same way as has been suggested here. Being as they are both Nigerian, this is probably the best answer. I wouldn''t be obliged to calling him Tay - wo, however.
  16. Will he ever shut up?! Yesterday, he said he was happy with the conpensation. Today, he wants us to have deductions. Surely the FA should take this into account and give us a smaller fine? He obviously doesn''t know what he wants, and if we were trying to negotiate a proper deal to sort out compo he must have been a nightmare.
  17. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]It falls far short of ColU''s biggest NCFC sting of all time which was £750,000 for an over the hill bovine rump thumping banjo swinger.[/quote] Maybe this was taken into account when they decided that we''d been taken for a ride by them once before. In all honesty, Is this the best £425,000 the club has ever spent? I can''t remember the lat time we spent this little money on so much talent...
  18. "On my mother''s life...just followed Paul Lambert from A47 to carrow road...about 15minutes ago. I swear. He was in his 58 plate Maserati...silver." I saw him the other day down at Dunston Hall. He was walking around the car park near the driving range, picking up stray golf balls and pocketing them. You can take the boy out of Scotland...
  19. If you''re still stuck for Parking, Selborne Walk looks like a Castle Mall type set up, with 870 spaces. £5 for up to 8 hours isnt that bad for London.
  20. [quote user="Matt Juler"]It would be a lot cheaper with an Oyster Card, the cash fares are very expensive now. As for Asda, there are signs up saying 2hrs max, but not sure how well it is policed in the evenings. I''ve spent a lot longer than 2hrs there before fitting in B&Q then a weekly shop and never got a ticket.[/quote] In the same way, Morrison''s car park across from Carrow Road doesnt allegedly let people park there for the football...
  21. [quote user="Salford City YELLOW"]epping station and then tube to leighton[/quote] I was thinking this, but a return ticket to Leyton station from Epping is £7. Seems a bit pricey. Plus, there''s an Asda just round the corner from Brisbane Road, might be worth getting in there...
  22. "Three seasons with Toronto - who are soon to join the MLS expansion" Looks like Bristol City have done their homework, as Toronto have been in the MLS since 2007...
  23. I doubt he meant it. Adam Drury is probably the least nasty Norwich player. Maybe it was a clumsy challenge, but he certainly wont have mean''t it. Also, Grant Holt got hacked down the other week, studs up leg breaker challenge. Don''t see us moaning about that do you? Plus the bloke that done it didn''t even get a card...
  24. From what I have seen and heard, he looks like another Adam Drury, but for the other side. As someone has said already, we miss the attacking threat, but with time I''m sure he could be trained to work the overlap, just like Edworthy used to.
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