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  1. Israel Gaza: Hamas raped and mutilated women on 7 October, BBC hears - BBC News
  2. but you did make hurtful comments and you do show signs of being a racist just like your we billy cranky btw are you far left or far right?
  3. go for it godly!!!!!! dont let the little scottish **** get at you!!!!! i so hope you are ok and out live the little **** that gets his way with a deficit of about 9 billion a year which will screw his country because the eu have said they cannot enter because they are too poor
  4. its actually Putin that made it necessary to explore new fields
  5. of course she needs to tell a sensational news paper to fact check she works with every major oil company that works in the north sea but hey if she tells me there are major reserves that wont be developed because to the climate crisis the she doesnt know what she is talking about so you want scotland to become a major contributor to global warming?
  6. a really good friend of mine who is an energy economist would seriously argue against that
  7. no it wasnt?????? it was not developed because of climate change
  8. how much revenue from the city of london goes to scotland every year? i will ask again do you live in norwich?
  9. I'm sure you would and i am a pro Scottish person however i think we are better together. in the same way as i think we should be in Europe and be better together. i will ask the same question do you live in Norwich?
  10. because of the system of qualifying for the Olympics. i think the Scottish team have worked really hard
  11. but the intellectual property of the ships is owned by "English" companies
  12. what would happen to ship building if the "English navy" stopped building in scotland?
  13. but scotland would definitely have some players in the squad
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