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  1. it will be on the tickets sold including season tickets. it doesn't matter if the bum was on the seat
  2. Idah is the luckiest person to ever live rich from not talent
  3. We need someone in the middle to wave their arm showing where the goal is!!! god its clueless
  4. Imo its not our players its the way they set up to play
  5. we seem to have a huge whole in midfield which allows the other team to play in
  6. We just leave such a huge whole in midfield
  7. anti homophobia is a bullsthte term. go and look at the laws that are being passed around the world in russia in poland the obvious in the islamic world homophobia is spreading especially in america
  8. The guy is a member of the Turkish parliament
  9. The one thing that you can attack Wagner for his teams are not well drilled in how to play
  10. I think the only hope we have is that its a death nail in Wagners coffin
  11. 100%? lol but 100% are relying on hand outs from the British government you are deluded my friend Scotland is a net drain in the UK go research your statements before you become a nationalist
  12. because you are making out its such a great country these are the people you will need to create it
  13. maybe you can talk to Myanmar to do a deal so they can provide a deal to supply the you with the highest drug dependency in the world?
  14. yeah but non are so insignificant as Scotland ha imagine scotland that is not part of anything maye you can talk yo Myanmar to do do a deal so they can provide a deal to supply the you with the highest drif depenance in the world?
  15. so you wanted independence from the EU? are u a Russian hacker?
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