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  1. i dont blame gunn for having a go when roeder went. the fact that he came back for more this season and was alowed by the board is just plain stupidity.
  2. arthur, do you know this person or is it a random attack?
  3. you will find most of them on bbc 606 board. why dont u go pay them a visit theres only love and happiness there.
  4. if you make your major liability captain what do you expect?  
  5. the five reasons are   D   E   L    I   A  
  6. typical nowrich.  ban the only two people that showed any kind of passion on the pitch.
  7. and he should get no compensation because its gross misconduct in my opinion.  
  8. [quote user="Canaries Utd"] never beeen so fu*ked of at a football game, i challenge any poster on this website to criticise me for my actions [/quote]   i aplaud you. stopping at the shop to cash in on a season ticket?  
  9. i know where your goatis bluemike.  its in bed with your father.
  10. [quote user="Dogger in Div 1"]Delia can''t be blamed for this one match - she and the board have helped Gunn get the players in this pre-season [/quote]   what do you mean?  she employed the idiot!
  11. http://www.canaries.talent-sport.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/standAndAreaSelection.aspx?stadium=01&product=H9COLC&campaign=%20%20&type=H   look for yourself
  12. in my opinion he needs to get off to a winning start and breed a little bit of arogance into the squad so when those winternights come along they want to grind the opposition into the dust. however a very good start is paramount to the plan.
  13. it says in there program schedule that they will be covering the game.  who cares about snetterton!  
  14. the world is a sad place today.  football is a little less now the sad demise of one of my heros.
  15. to me he is one of lifes good guys
  16. a 20 goal a season is not so important. what is important is that we have goals from players all over the pitch. if the midfield can link properly and score lots of goals it is generally a sign of a team playing well. we need a central midfielder that gets into double figures and the wide men to contribute. defenders who also score from set pieces will also be invaluable.if the strikers(asuming we play two) can get around 15 then that will do me.although a club like city in div 1 should get hatfulls of goals.so everybody must contribute with goals.
  17. as soon as i heard the rebate would go to the player budget i knew in my heart that it would go for wages and not transfers.hence the term budget and not transfers. however getting people on trial is a good idea.just because they are not attached to a club doesnt mean they are not good players,look at micheal owen if you want an example. it gives you a chance of picking up some good players at no cost.
  18. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"] It''s going to happen, so get it over and done with ASAP and allow Gunn to get the replacement in. I reckon it will be around the 800k mark. Still wouldn''t mide Parry and some dosh for him. [/quote]   i also think it will happen. but if cov refuse to give his agent any money then he could make things dificult.maybe we will have to pay the agent.wouldnt suprise me.another example of cash machine norwich.
  19. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/coventry_city/8147249.stm check this out
  20. [quote user="Big Dog "] [quote user="mastoola"]Why can''t people get that delia just does not want to sell the club.End of story.[/quote] Because that would open her to criticism... [/quote] so what you are saying is half the people knoe is to be true and the other half are in denial.
  21. [quote user="singing canary"]this is how i see it . delia has made a hash of this club with poor choices of managers and the club has declined losing money . if she sells the club she would have to take a financial hit of which she is not willing to take. if she keeps it and proves everyone wrong (of which she wont) she has the last laugh . the money she has pumped into the catering side at norwich she wont walk away from not at a loss anyway . she has ran out of ideas hence the new board members and praying they can save her bacon. she wont sell she has her point to prove to her doubters . its a no win situation really .[/quote] makes sense to me.
  22. Why can''t people get that delia just does not want to sell the club.End of story.
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