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  1. why do they keep the pitta bread in a glass case?
  2. [quote user="Heresyourfathersgun"] Is Lambert an alcoholic? [/quote] no and nor was clough untill latter in his career.
  3. [quote user="Gus"]Gutted as this is my 1st away game i have''nt attended :([/quote]   sorry, i have searched and cannot find one.   radio norfolk it is for us.
  4. personally i will go with what ever lambert decides. we maybe have a gifted manager and we ought to let him decide where the future of our club lies. for chippy i wish him all the luck in the world.
  5. does anybody know what the other two footballers that were sent to jail for an on the pitch offences were sent to jail for?
  6. i first took my daughter to a match(friendly-isreal and palastine vs real madrid) at the age of 9 months. it was a nightmare. i havnt taken her to a game since and will probably not consider it again untill she is at least 6.
  7. up untill a year ago i lived in israel and we always got all the fa cup games including the early rounds.so yes it is shown globally.
  8. this is just trivia. so what is the point of any trivia? its just meaningless and dont get involved if ones not really interested.
  9. absolutly.....if you can deal with people from cromer then everybody else is a pleasure.
  10. im not jewish but my wife is so technically that makes my 2 daughters jewish. i lived in isreal for a few years so i should be a resonable judge of jewish people. i dont now any jewish person who would be offended by this question and in reality many of then would be interested as well. 
  11. two things.....the doc is a liability and do we need all this bad languague.  people should treat others with respect.
  12. [quote user="Mr. Bump"][quote user="Henry"]To be honest ... anything under a million is a bargain for this guy. [/quote] He''s a decent player but surely that''s stretching it a bit? [/quote] why?.   if he carries on scoring at this rate he will be the bargain of the season.
  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/eng_div_2/8210872.stm
  14. i dont think you can sign a player who is on loan.  you would have to wait untill the loan finished before you can complete the deal.  
  15. [quote user="Iwan is God"]Wayne Rooney is fat & plays for Man Utd, so I assume he''d get into our side![/quote]   wayne rooney is not fat.
  16. how can you write somebody off on one performance(even though it was terrible).  should be given a chance at least. if he makes a hash of his next chance then iys time to look for alternatives.
  17. what happens when the chief exec says gunn must go and delia over rules him?  will we have a situation were mcnally walks because hes not being listened to? from what i understand i doubt he is a yes man.
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