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  1. [quote user="kick it off"]Scrap that, i''ve just found the legit wiziwig. Was wondering why everybody else thought it was decent but id only found it garbage. I had bookmarked one of those slightly different URLs.[/quote] lol yeah i know the page u mean. check your pm and ive sent u somewhere else to which is great for watching.
  2. there most certainly is. wiziwig has had it listed for a week now  
  3. sopcast is certainly the most reliable.check wiziwig and go for the highest speed feed on sopcast.some r 720. media streamers r not important for watching from the net . your browser is far less imortant than your internet connection.if having problems then restart your router.use a wired connection over wireless if possible.
  4. i absolutely agree!!!! went ther two weeks ago and its the worst place ive ever eaten in.so bad i let the manager know just how disapointed i was. they use frozen chips like u get in a pub, the burger was uncooked,the beer was completely flat and they advertise healthy meals for children which were far from it. i will never go there again.
  5. it surely can''t be about performance.if it is its a bit harsh.
  6. what do u recon?   a cheeky little bid in the summer and he may be our player?  :P
  7. [quote user="Wiggle"][quote user="Excited Canary"][quote user="Wiggle"]Hi all, Ive been on the phone since 8:45 trying to get tickets for the Leicester game with no luck. I thought id turn on the laptop on the off chance that the online ticketing would be available. What do you know, I got straight in, grabbed 4 tickets and straight out. There was tickets in every section of the ground and hundreds in each block. Is this too good to be true? I thought there was massive demand for the game, but seems to me that hardly any season ticket holders have snapped up their seats.[/quote] Lucky. I have been on the online ticketing since 8.45 and it still says I cannot get through due to the demand. [:@] [/quote] Saying that, im still waiting for a confirmation email and its not showing up on my purchase history. But they have already earmarked the money from coming out of my account according to my online banking. Lets just hope its because they are busy and they havent processed it yet.[/quote]   i still havnt had a confirmation email for my ticket and ive already got the ticket in the post.
  8. http://www.redbubble.com/people/bilvers/works/8002614-ncfc-norwich-city-football-club-phone-case?p=iphone-case
  9. You obviously dont listen to Stan Collymore on talk sport. He talks about us all the time with great enthusiasm.
  10. Maybe when buying a super membership it should only be valid from the game after next.This would stop people buying a super membership and a ticket at the same time.
  11. hello tangy.   as a long term reader of your posts i have an interest in how did u get a meeting with mr bowket? do u have links with the club? anyway well done for shouting the little fans cause.keep up the good work and looking forward to more good posts.
  12. i recon we have a real plyer here!  he will get better and better.
  13. The more the crowd pressurises the ref the better imo. Yesterday i noticed after we got on his back he started to make calls in our favour.
  14. Anyone remember the old ariston advert?   Went   "ariston and on and on" then just repeated. Could be used for morrison?
  15. [quote user="Cambridge yellow"]I dont bother with Sky , i dont really like the company and dont fancy giving them my hard earned for limited coverage of Norwich , but what about our Canaries i player thingy through the club ? Read''s ok but is it worth it ? Only £35 for the year which doesn''t seem much to me.[/quote] if u cant get to games and r unable to get radio norfok then its a must imo. when i lived abroad for a while it was my lifeline to all things canary and worth every single penny.
  16. Does anybody know how much the pitch side L.E.D advertising cost us?
  17. they never even commented on one good thing norwich done. disgraceful!!!
  18. ok for the final 75% of the game the ball was kicked from the back and not passed out through the back happy now? 
  19. rudd threw the ball out for maybe the first half of the first half then resorted to waving everyone up field then kicked and in the second half hardly threw it at all  
  20. always a plesure to read the report and one i always wait to read. i think we really missed ruddy''s distabution today. when he has the ball he always plays it out through the back which keeps possession. everytime the ball went back to rudd it was just hoofed up the pitch which constantly gives the ball away.
  21. [quote user="Bryangunnshairline"]sorry its not football related, I just wanted some advice on moving to norwich. I grew up just outside norwich and left in my late teens to join the army (since left). I am a season ticket holder and live 3 hours away but have the opportunity to move back to the city in the next 6 ish months due to my current job. I have been looking online at places to live. I was looking at the sprowston, old catton and thorpe st andrew areas on the east side of the city. Are these good areas? what i need: a nice area with a nice neighbourhood, i dont want to hear half the streets husbands are currently locked up! and youths drinking in the streets at stupid o''clock. good schools as i have a 6 year old. I believe the areas mentioned schools are good.??? good buses and a quick journey into the city for match day for me and keep the mrs happy with shopping and an area that will have decent local pub within walikng distance. Warm friendly pubs that offer decent beer and decent entertainment on a friday, saturday night. I dont want much do i?! any advice is much appreciated, cheers[/quote] try using the website rightmove.co.uk as all local agents advertise their properties on this portal. on the page of an property u will find a map. on this map u can highlight schools in the area then read the ofstead report for that school. the areas u mention are all nice family areas however the schools dont get the best reports from ofstead especially sprowston.i know this as im now checking out moving myself. the main problem is when a nice house in these areas become available they r often taken before u get a chance to view them.dont bother about registering with local agents as they never bother to call u when something is suitable.u will have to be on the ball every second of the day and call for viewings the momment a property is posted.it is not easy to get a good property because there is such high demand atm. good luck    mastoola
  22. [quote user="Kent Canary"][quote user="barclayendstand"]http://www.canaries.talent-sport.co.uk/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/productSeason.aspx[/quote] I tried this but it won''t let me log in or register new. I tried e-mailing the club but it won''t let me do that either (great IT). Rough idea on price would be good. [/quote]   There are a few tickets scattered around the ground. Mainly in the lower sections. The cost is £470 + £1.50 booking fee if bought online. Hope this helps.
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