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  1. the one thats going through my head,courtesy of north norfolk radio,is the BG''s how deep is your bruv.  
  2. more importantly hes the only player to score 15 or more in all 4 divisions in consecutive seasons :D
  3. [quote user="Xavi- Poor Mans Ian Crook"]I really dislike Barcelona. For hugely talented players i don''t think i''ve ever seen a group of whining, moaning, divers.[/quote]   this
  4. [quote user="Son Ova Gunn"] Sung to the tune of ''Only Fools & Horses''   No internet security No website hack its bloody free Our brand new kit for all to see but all our shirts have VAT God bless Chrissy Brown, Viva Chrissy Brown [/quote]   me too!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i think harry couldnt of praised them higher with what he said.he''s old school and those terms are a serious compliment.
  6. you r 100% right. he was sitting in the crowd.probably been kicked out for standing.
  7. sorry my post got clipped down????? was gonna say to wazzy. what can the other officals actually do if the see such incompedance from the ref?
  8. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"]Some match reports are stating Marriner also blocked off Wes as he tried to stop Pienaar''s cross for the goal. It was Lambert''s respect for Moyes which stayed his post match criticism, however, this is likely to work against Marriner. Jelavic was probably trying to see how far Marriner''s incompetence went. But, can you tell me Wazzy, do you think the Lino''s could have been more decisive or do they know Marriner doesn''t use them beyond throw-ins?[/quote] i was just saying to a friend that there were three more officials out there and they done nothing either.
  9. its not just us who had a problem with motd :D http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/16039736
  10. [quote user="south east canary"] Im not sure i would refer to the oldest recorded football song as **** and its original because it was written by a board member in 1905! I cant understand embarassment or cringing at OTBC, we should be proud of it. [quote user="ManchesterCanary"]Am I the only person who cringes at OTBC...its unique because its shite and nobody else wants it. I also hate the choice of music before the game and after each goal...there, said it! [/quote] [/quote] written in the 1890''s.probably by a teacher as it was originaly on the ball teachers???.  then adopted by norwich in 1902.
  11. what happens if u only play 1 striker? do u need 6 then?  
  12. some of the fouls he gave away were fantastic.he got them in really early in a brake away and took the presure off, broke down the play and he made it look easy. its like hes been at the top for years.
  13. bennet and ayala is mouth watering.
  14. as a person who has lived abroad for a significant spell this is an easy one. it has to be the win at munich. everyone who knows a thing or two about football across the globe knows norwich city because of this fact. its the one that put us on the world map.
  15. [quote user="morty"]A few annoying things here for me. Not knowing whats going on for one, and secondly, I think the club is playing a dangerous game here if they are keeping good players waiting, I know, technically, no one can officially approach players until the summer, but the longer they are in this position, the more it gives other clubs and their own agent ideas. I hope at least something verbal is in place. [/quote] can they not?  i thought they were free to talk to other clubs 6 months before the end of their contract.
  16. when did morison last start upfront with jackson?
  17. ask him why is it every time i see him in the city he''s always hanging outside primark?
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