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  1. i want to see kamara played out wide. its where he shined in the mls?
  2. [quote user="mrs miggins"] [quote user="YellowBlood"][quote user="SYG"]http://www.goal.com/id-ID/news/784/transfer-pemain/2013/03/26/3852858/giliran-marco-van-ginkel-dilirik-norwich-city?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Not sure if anyone is able to translate this?[/quote] After ensuring the recruitment of Ricky van Wolfswinkel at the turn of the season, Norwich City are now targeting other young Dutch players, Marco van Ginkel, the Daily Star . Though just 20 years old, Van Ginkel had played a total of more than 100 games for Vitesse Arnhem. Increasingly significant development this season by appearing as core players in 27 games in the Dutch Eredivisie Vitesse. As a result, Van Ginkel unbelievable diving senior national team debut in the Netherlands against Germany, in November last year. Van Ginkel under contract with Vitesse until 2015 and reportedly serious Norwich bid. Interesting awaited the transfer of the player for FC Twente also had expressed interest in the winter transfer market.[/quote]   Perhaps we could even go for Wilfried Bony if we''re feeling really ambitious [/quote]   now do be serious :D
  3. plays anywhere in midfield. plays L DM for dutch under 21''s and a more attacking role at his club. scored planty of goals and provided a few ast''s too this season. would be an amazing signing maybe even more of a statement than winkie
  4. [quote user="kick it off"][quote user="bailoncfc"]There''s probably nothing in it but seen a few reports from Holland on twitter today that we are interested in Marco van Ginkel from Vitesse a midfielder! I don''t know anything about him and if i''m honest i''ve never heard of him so if anyone does i''d be happy to hear their thoughts!![/quote] Yeah I''ve caught these too. The guy is THE emerging talent in the Eredivisie and would be another quality signing to get on board. Would almost certainly spell the end for Hulahoops though, at least as a first team regular anyway. Vitesse rumoured to want around £5mill. If that''s the price then McNally needs to get this done, the kid is only 20/21 and insanely talented, would be another real coup to get him signed up. Suddenly the idea of a Dutch revolution doesn''t look so far away.... [/quote]   plays def LM for the dutch under 21''s too.
  5. [quote user="The ghost of Michael Theoklitos"]I hope we qualify for the most financially effective Champions League. [/quote] indeed there really should be one :D
  6. i look at it like this.  the way the table is we should be looking not below but go get some points to finish as high as we can and add some extra cash to the pot for next year. however if we lose against wigan on sat week that view may change.
  7. Bunn; R Martin, Bassong, Turner, Garrido; Johnson, Howson, Snodgrass, Pilkington; Kamara, Holt.
  8. http://www.not606.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=21772&d=1361789882   just spotted this on not606. posted by river end rick.
  9. didnt dm just say that we didnt bid for him and nothing else?
  10. the most important game of the season is always the next one.
  11. [quote user="Alan_Grey"]Our friend Polen has always said that Sporting are in the hunt for another striker, and if Wolfswinkel was to leave then they would need two.[/quote]   but they have signed two.
  12. i think people confuse a what a massive club is with what a top top team is. yes celtic r a massive worldwide club but i think most people r arguing that they r not a top team. there is a difference.
  13. yep.i hope u get a good run to get to keep the wolf from the door. well done.
  14. and btw   hen was it allowed to give a player stiches on the pitch?  
  15. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]Ill rephrase it......13 games 3 defeats !!! Any supporter would of bit their right arm off for that with man utd and arsenal in that lot !!![/quote]   quite right. what the heading should of been is "how on earth did we not get anythig from those last three games?!!" we''ve been so unlucky. we were the worth something in every game and we got nothing. i feel gutted.
  16. [quote user="Rock The Boat"]There does seem to be a pattern - great first half, poor second half - all the way through sunderland, swansea, aston villa, wigan,, and now wba. What''s the reason?[/quote]   maybe the gentle approach at half time?
  17. only the game is blocked on the net. the prematch and post match r open.
  18. why borrow?  why not just save some of the money for a new stand from the next two or three years prem money? all this talk of borrowing tens of millions over years but we will earning so much money that we will know not what to do with it. we survived the last two(if we stay up) paying off the debts so just save that percentage and u have enough for a new stand?
  19. i dont think id be able to say anything for days.
  20. first thing i thought when i read the thread was oh no!!!.then after thinking for a few seconds i think even though this is total fantasy it would be an amazing appointment.the guy will go on to be a top top manager and i would love norwich to be a training ground of the future greats.
  21. the one thats going through my head,courtesy of north norfolk radio,is the BG''s how deep is your bruv.  
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