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  1. Of course So much work to do. He''s a kid and already is the centre of our play. If your play maker gives the ball away then the 6 defensive players should deal with it. Just enjoy him until he goes and sits on a bench. Which makes me feel sad.
  2. Feed the wolf. Indeed EGO is everything! but u r right he seems to have dealt with it. I never post on forums but this kid is special very special. God knows how we got him. GJP if in world beater as Ronaldo then maybe no but as in playing in a team with him then who knows.
  3. GJP really? let me ask u all a question please? if on Saturday if Manchester city announced their starting attacking mid was James Maddison do u think he would let them down?
  4. I live on king street and take my kids to the free reserve matches so ive seen the young talent. No one who has played for Norwich in the last 10 years has what Maddison imho.
  5. [quote user="GJP"]Not really. England have had some good lads in there playing for bigger clubs and/or at higher levels than what Maddison has done until recently. So now he''s earnt his shot.[/quote] This with the add on: its time to prove he''s better than all of them.
  6. Cant see how we can change it from the bench either.
  7. I''ve been lucky enough to watch Norwich from the mid 70''s. This maybe a bold statement but he maybe the best player I''ve seen since Martin Peters. I live very close the the ground and take my kids to the u23 games . I have actually been saying this since I first saw him play against Coventry.
  8. Sorry but doesn''t everyone like watching a loser in meltdown?
  9. That''s very funny. Rants and tells why its not correct at the same time . i.e. team sheet time then all the way through.
  10. we also have our two best midfielders injured. Thompson and pritchard
  11. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2Fvnucj-g5xJ4&h=ATMi7u-0QHTY8k-JT4P5MAq3ZBNnjTqQQyRspfD04ytvjXM-H_kSi7Db-SwIZ49KoIEwMCKZX25xlXfi4uYaffwBRkfjddNG40wSm0jz-1QTnZWTwBiO55HKGGThnOsKKTe7jM1SbyAVk80QQ7I4qzmY9xm702_ONHE1VCILf5V5ccINJKKMGPZruj1vJ8fAXO5-b49etMxmRbczOCPmK3Hvv6z0zTsZ0Fs2AmWWHlM-NmSjnRXvOUYl51DHlNOZVyNUW18pYe7noOOmbJ7kcAZSC2fMf1am-mqxkg
  12. so football has always been a business ? [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="daly"]Til Never had you as a Yellow and Green Glasses supporters who whatever NCFC and Delia decide then you accept it. If Southampton sold Redmond tomorrow do you not think they will double their money on what they paid for him SAME for Murphy You are old enough to know how many players we have sold over the years for give away prices IS THE FIRE SALE OVER[/quote]It will never be over.Ever since I first went in the early 1950''s its what we''ve always done.A few more will fall by the wayside but most of us will shrug and carry on while the gaps will be filled by the newly naive.Establishing ourselves as a Premier League club will always be a step too far. I accepted that long ago but it still gripes to think of the opportunities we''ve wasted.Oh well, onward and upward.[/quote]
  13. Very very strange. Watched most of his under 23 performances last year and he was clearly above that level. Why never given a shot?
  14. I would send out all our best players to play for other clubs at the moment.
  15. [quote user="norfolkngood"]Players will only act like as#### if you allow them to ! do you honestly think the players would be like this with Big Sam or Sir alex or jose ? no because they would respect the Manager AN has shown he has no idea what to do now the players egos are growing out of control[/quote] this
  16. 100% totally agree with you. However we have had the budget. I also do know why we will always be a club to prove yourself at. If as a manager you do well in the premier league (which we r not) then u can get a high paid job anywhere. We have players which we once good and a group of young talented players in the wings. what we need now is the man to take this opportunity forward.
  17. [quote user="A Load of Squit"]Says he''s idetified the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects. So why did he drop Klose? [/quote] because football is all about physiques.
  18. We have a great club. Every individual aspect is well above average for where we are at. The only problem is leadership.
  19. If you play all three flat would it be a triple pivot?
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