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  1. Oli for 60 minutes then give the new lad ago. If he''s any good then these are the games hero''s are made. Unless on Oli''s on a hatrick of course.
  2. [quote user="Alex "][quote user="kick it off"]Almost as ludicrous as your claim that penalties are "50-50". The conversion rate globally is probably over 9/10. Not even close to 50-50[/quote] My point was that penalties are a lottery - which they are 👍[/quote] go run a lottery with 90% hit rate ;)
  3. any place that uses frozen chips shouldn''t stay open at all.
  4. unreal performance and with a decent striker we would have maybe won
  5. hahahahahahahaha u should be on the stage!!!!!!!!!!
  6. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="mastoola"][quote user="Van wink"]Madders first to score 14/1[/quote] that''s very low odds for the best player on the pitch. :P[/quote]Not sure that you''ve quite grasp how betting markets work[/quote] why I put :P lol
  7. [quote user="Van wink"]Madders first to score 14/1[/quote] that''s very low odds for the best player on the pitch. :P
  8. [quote user="Indy"]When Tettey plays with a back three it allows Pinto and Lewis to push forward knowing we still have cover if needed at the back. Great stat and fingers crossed Godfrey & Thompson are ready for next season.[/quote] what''s has happened to Thompson???? as an under 23 watcher he was the pick of our youth imo
  9. [quote user="Lessingham Canary"]In my time have enjoyed watching the likes of Eadie, Bellamy, Hucks etc and more recently Wes, Maddison and Pritch, well just haven''t seen enough of him that is biggest disappointment. Somehow think he won''t be the only sale we are disappointed in during this window.[/quote] The disappointment is we haven''t had the disappointment of selling him.
  10. [quote user="ricardo"]KG I get through the day by remembering that nothing has changed in 60 years. Sometimes we are higher and sometimes lower but always part of the food chain. Sometimes we eat, sometimes we are eaten.[/quote] perfect
  11. You so do not understand tactics against a quality team. Pity our manager don''t get tactics against a championship team.
  12. Canarydan 7 from 12 should be at the end! lol
  13. [quote user="canarydan23"]7 points out of 9 sounds good. Beating a team bottom of the league, drawing 0-0 to a team who''d lost 8 at home on the bounce and failed to keep a clean sheet for over a quarter of a year and winning 2-1 at home against a team who have failed to win all season sounds like underachievement. 7 from 12 Context is everything. When you elaborate on a point you don''t need to conclude with end of or the international sign of the thumbarsers. Give it a go.[/quote]
  14. How old was Owen when he scored against Argentina. You never know if you don''t try.
  15. Tom will have to sell the club to pay inheritance tax anyway.
  16. Totally agree with hog on olie however we need another 7 mil on top of that to buy a replacement.
  17. Hi Parma. As someone who everyone says worked in the upper levels of football, do u think sometimes managers may over complicate what they ate trying to explain?
  18. Thompson coming back will help the midfield no end.
  19. Mastoola''s masterclass. We should stop trying to play football in our own half and start trying to play football in our opponents half.
  20. he got injured and went back so not seen with my owns eyes but yes obvious talent from the media. Just wish he played a season for us.
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