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  1. Then add in all of their perks over every season and minus that off the net figure they have in the club and u'd be surprised. What is the price of a directors box seat for a season?
  2. His performance yesterday reminded me of a young Brazilian striker I followed in the mid 90's. Cristiano maybe?
  3. He reminds me of a young player I used to follow in the late 70's and 80's. Diego someone or other.
  4. I had the privilege to be friends with his son Grant when I was growing up. Martin was such a nice loving father and a welcoming person. I will always remember him sitting next to his swimming pool getting a tan. Thoughts to Grant and the rest of his family.
  5. I was brung up in the 70's in a house next to the stadium. 2 hours before the game a few Norwich players would walk to the ground from Thorpe, they would kick a football about with us kids and laugh and joke. Getting on for 40 years later (Watford game) my father in law was visiting and I managed to get a couple of posh seats. As I sat down I felt an elbow hit me in the ribs I look around and theres an old man sitting there. Bearing in mind I'm 6ft 5 and well built, I thought to myself this guys trying to pick a fight!!. Another elbow 5 seconds later and I asked him what he was playing at. He asked me if I recognised him and I said no. he said "I'm Duncan Foebes" I said "no way. Do you remember kicking the ball about on the bridge with the kids before the game?" he remembered everything. I spend the whole game talking to him and ignored my father in law. One of the great privileges of my life. Rest in peace my Hero
  6. I remember watching Mourinho's first teams at Chelsea who would play out from the back on one side of the pitch then hit a diagonal pass behind the defence to a player running on. Not a plan B but a version of what we play.
  7. I was listening to lee Dixon on 5's football daily after the Spurs Bayern game . He said George Graham blamed every goal on the midfield.
  8. Tonight Amadou and Godfrey is the best centre back partnership I have seen for Norwich. Also this is Emi's first premier league game.
  9. My wife informs mean it also means "fart" in Hebrew.
  10. I spend most of my time now listening to lenny by Stevie Ray Vaughan as my 10 year old daughter is learning to play it.
  11. Yes its very worrying, the retail sector is important to the local economy.
  12. Oh the irony of Norwich City Council. The flagship of Norwich ws its shopping. Through road changes and bike lanes they have stopped the ability of easy access to its crown jewel. Revenues in the city are falling and unless they change the road system it will continue. This was in response to pollution levels and the heart of all pollution is castle meadow. Instead of banning busses they ban cars. People travel far and wide to shop in Norwich, its hinterland is huge and the council are blocking them. Go figure.
  13. [quote user="canarydan23"]I''m making no comparison between the National Lottery and Leo Vegas; the National Lottery was bought up and I''ve merely set out my opinion on why the whole thing is a con and a clever piece of Tory politics. We''re the 5th largest economy in the world. We don''t really need to rely on the poorest members of our society being hoodwinked into believing they need to do the Lottery or scratchcards as without them, they do not believe there is any way to escape a life of relative poverty. Lottery grants are maintaining our public parks, keeping museums afloat, sustaining charities on which people fundamentally rely, funding an elite athlete program that has provided Olympic success. The 5th largest economy in the world could fund this out of taxation from companies and individuals with the deepest pockets but the Major government did not like the sound of that. They wanted all those things but they didn''t want to create a tax environment that bought in the necessary funds; they certainly did not want to ask society''s wealthiest to pay for it. No, what they needed was a device that could extract more money from the have-nots, but tax rises wouldn''t be palatable at all. There must be a device where we could willingly extract the funds from them; why not a lottery? Let them believe it could be them, sell it as a potential route out of a poverty that they need not be in. I''ll give you some numerical context. In the 2016-2017 tax year, £1.6 billion was given the charitable projects. In the 2014 tax year, Amazon UK paid only £11.9 million in tax on profits of £34.4 million on the back of £679 million turnover. In the same tax year it generated £5.3 billion in UK sales, but these were washed through Amazon Luxembourg to get around paying UK tax. By the same ratio as the UK figures, this would have amounted to a £93 million tax bill for HM Treasury. So 6% of the funding from the National Lottery could have been acquired if Amazon was taxed in the same way an SME in the UK pays its taxes. 6%. From one company. In the tax year before last, Google allegedly hit £4.92 billion in UK revenues, but reduced their tax bill not much more than Amazon. So they would have probably accounted for around 5% of the total annual Lotto funding. So, just by taxing Amazon and Google in the same way an independent British company pays its taxes, we''d have brought in over 10% of the National Lottery''s charitable fund, and the money would have been coming from people with deep, deep pockets, rather than people who are spending a significant percentage of their disposable income on something they feel that must participate in order to have aspirations for their future. There are so, so many ways the government could raise £1.6 billion a year to continue funding all the Lotto projects if they so wished; however, they choose to do it in such a way that burdens the poor rather than targeting wealthy individuals and corporations. I think we all know the reasons why.[/quote] isn''t this the same as ncfc asking for 3.5 mil to fund an academy?
  14. Also poster of the year has to be Richardo. Not for just his reports(although that''s enough on its own) but for his level headiness.
  15. Id like to propose Lakey for the person who has the nicest optimism.
  16. The reason why we are now is because of the time before Webber walked into the club not after. Annalise that not what is now.
  17. Jim The guy is an ego that his truth doesn''t back up. go wiki his stats. Never done anything anywhere,
  18. Yeah but Bassong was a beeter player.
  19. He is not that good and never has been anywhere he has played.
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