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  1. Well that half couldn't of gone better 3 0 and down to 10 men,
  2. Euro 2024: 'The Next Modric', 'The Robot', 'Iceman' - 24 new players to watch - BBC Sport
  3. I thought it was always going to be 5mil over 4 years but with promotion we had to pay all the unpaid straight away.
  4. that's one of the best things ive ever read on here
  5. One player sold will not fill the financial gap this time because we have now lost prem money.
  6. your misses? you weirdo? you deal with it so classy
  7. you should be ashamed of that post
  8. the irony of deliars ethos is we have sold out to the corporate world
  9. the shares diluted the value that deliar holds. where that money goes is anyone's guess. my thoughts are it goes to being able to hang onto something she cannot afford to hang onto
  10. No they have bought shares at a great price for them. They have given no money to ncfc.
  11. should not of been on the pitch at the start
  12. when i looked at the bench and thought to myself theres only one player i would want to bring on and he should of started then i knew we are fooked
  13. the Americans will not put any money in unless they have full ownership of the club. Why would anyone give money to someone else for free?
  14. We have now lost prem money. With prem money we have had to sell players just to keep afloat. There is now way we will have the cash to change the squad. From what i have read Celtic are not going to pay the money that we want for him and the same with Tziolis.
  15. He has much higher resources at leeds.
  16. We dont have any money to replace any players leaving. To loose all the older members of our squad will lead us to playing only youth players.
  17. Yep it will be our fantastic sell funding model working at its best
  18. i remember fulham! i can still dream lol
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