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  1. yes to pick up easy money balls it up sacked compo easy?
  2. why blame the board, yes we have no money but gr knew this, thats why we have so many loan players,and who asked for these so called players? gr his decission to bring the crap in no one elses perhaps the board needs blameing for appointing gr but not for the way we are playing
  3. i think everybody should take a reality check the team is full of misfits who are not good enough to win the championship but might just keep us there just imagine if we did go up we would be up s*** creek without a paddle no money no players
  4. he is well below power give him back to colchester and use his wages on someone else
  5. i see so he has not had a fair run what planet are you on
  6. jc can be replaced we do have oter strikers cant do any worse can they
  7. its not today its every match he has played this season played is used very lightly remember he is paid to score if i dont perform at work i will asked to leave
  8. how much more time does he need is he to small for the way we play
  9. time to move on jamie try kings lynn thats about his standed at the moment and your wages will be handy suspect he is one of the top earners?
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