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  1. Nelson was shocking, failed at the simple things he is there to do. Well it''s good we have games coming thick and fast to fix this mess. But I strongly believe the three changes I stated need to happen. Defending like that would''nt fly in the Blue Square.
  2. Sorry Mason, I didn''t read it! If that''s so then it looks as if that the problems are clear! @Jas, yes I say he is out position but the TV angle made that Freekick look as if it went top left.
  3. After watching them all several times, the entire back four are a disgrace. A lot of blame on here for the keeper but Nelson was the worst offender, goal 5 is so outrageous for a CB you would have thought he was a winger filling in. 1: What was Otsemobor thinking? Amateur hour. Keeper should have dealt with it.2: Doherty turned inside out but any decent forward can turn a CB on the back foot and get a shot off. Can''t blame him there, the keeper should have held onto the shot.3: Nelson chases his man across the box, ignoring the cross completley. Drury stands and watches, motionless, 25 ft from where he should have been. 4: Freekick was unstoppable.5: This one is an absolute shocker. At least Doherty jumps with his man, beaten by the larger Platt (allowed him in front though) but Nelson here is completly at fault. He allows Lisbie in front of him and he doesn''t even jump to challenge. He ducks! A CB''s bread and butter, jump and challenge for the ball, he looked scared to do so. Disgusting.6: No CB''s in site.7: Tudur-Jones and Drury casually waslking back twards edge of box, reminded me of Fotheringham v Coventry last season. Still at 6-1 all was lost and who could blame them.Nelson for me failed at the one simple thing he is suppossed to be able to do, attack the ball in the air. He has to be replaced. Askou in immediatlety. Otsemobor has to go as that pass showed he is an absolute liability, no thought to what he was doing. Spillane in!  I can''t really comment on Drury, he looked out of position for 3 but I had to listen to the game and didn''t see his contribution. But surely Stefanovic could and should play there? Keep him!Big factors appear to be Nelson out, Otsemobor out, Askou and Spillane in. Keeper looked poor and out of position but the stick he is getting on here is a little harsh given the disgraceful showing by a 6 ft 3 CB who neither attacked the ball or looked like he knew where he should be. Lets hope these three changes take place and we put this abortion of a defensive performance behind us. -Bigus
  4. Unbelievable. Anyone remember George Weah''s cousin at Southampton? Lets hope Theo suffers the same fate and is never seen in a Norwich shirt again.
  5. How bad was he? Seriously, no knee jerk reactions, was he really that shocking?
  6. They shouldn''t be paid this week. Let one single one of them complain about it. They wouldn''t dare. They should get nothing.
  7. It certainly is of interest to Norwich fans, but apparently everyone is out on a Friday night. Doesn''t surprise me that you aren''t, I really can''t imagine you having any friends to go out with. Shame. Still there''s always the TV. 
  8. http://unprofessionalfoul.com/?p=3889 -Bigus
  9. Er...Eaton, not Eton, Are you from Norwich? I am as English as you mate, I moved here in 2003. http://www.norfolk-norwich.com/norwich/suburbs/eaton.php Home sweet home.
  10. Dear Jackanapes AKA Major Bumpkin, Local people? Is being born in Eaton good enough for you or should I scold myself severly for starting the NY Canaries because I no longer live in Norwich? I''ll just stop supporting my team as they are now 3500 miles away shall I? Hilarious. Having foreign supporters from all over the globe that love our club, and continue to support it in League One is fantastic. In fact, most of them probably spend more money on merchandise and trips than you do, actually making them more valuable to the club than yourself. One home game for me means I travel more miles than you would if you went to every away game for two seasons straight yet you have the pomposity to criticize others. One day you will look back and read the contemptible, nonsensical tripe you gush into the public domain and a simple question will cross your mind..."When did I become such a tit?".
  11. Or those who live in other countries and choose. Although 2 weeks ago, I met a Norwich fan from Virginia. In a 70s City shirt, he has never been to CR yet loves Norwich City and supports from a distance. Thought that was brilliant.
  12. While I am no Chelsea fan or one of the Russian, I think it''s awesome that Americans love football to the point that ESPN is buying rights and sites like UF are getting heavy readership. Arshavins goal made top ten plays on ESPN this week, quite an achievement for a sport in another country. The growth of English football here is fantastic. 75,000 sell outs for Prem teams on tour and lots of interest. As for Autoglass, his name should tell you when he became a Chelsea fan.
  13. I posted it because I thought it was interesting that an American Chelsea fan had had a go based on his interest in our club. I didn''t read yours, let me know when I can.
  14. Written by a Cheslea fan.... http://unprofessionalfoul.com/?p=3760#more-3760 -Bigus
  15. Re: Macs. About time. I only argued with Doncaster about it for 6 years. Now when can we please get live games abroad, there''s no reason not to do it!
  16. There is no possible way I can see Adeyemi getting the nod over Gil or Tudur Jones. Or Nelson not starting.
  17. --------------------------Theo----------------------- Spillane----------Doc---------Nelson------Stefanovic Hughes---------Whaley-------OTJ----------Hoolahan ----------------Holt----------------------------------- ------------------------------Mcdonald--------------- Mcveigh, Maric, Wiggins, Patty, Lappin, Otsemobor, Martin. I reckon if we get Holt and Maric, Curo will be off. With Hughes a right sided middy, could Whaley start in the middle, he has played there a bunch for Preston. Stefanovic is left footed and played LB for Pompey.
  18. Hughes plays on the right no? Plenty of options. I''d be more worried about the left. Hoops plays in the hole and that just leaves Patty and Lappin.
  19. Sioux Falls minor league baseball team in the states. The Turkish team is Fenerbache.
  20. What do you know about Exeter? http://unprofessionalfoul.blogspot.com/2009/07/know-thy-enemy-friend-its-exeter-city.html
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