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  1. Under the circumstances I say the club forget it and just move on. It should just be forgotten. Why pi*s Wes off with a fine.
  2. Always going to take time to find the best 11. Tonights lot sounded up to it.
  3. Thanks Crusader, but I was certain it focused on luxury items like cars...
  4. http://www.hintsandthings.co.uk/library/Place%20name%20pronunciation.htm  
  5. Wiggins not fit, Otsemobor and Nelson stink and deserve to be canned, Stefanovic is on the out. Only real options were Stephens and Dumic.
  6. I thought it may have been him but couldn''t find the article.
  7. Yeah I read that and it made me think of an ex-city player who was doing a similar thing. I read about that a while back but cannot remember who it was.
  8. No defenders on the bench. 2 wingers, cm, 3 forwards and Theoklitos.
  9. He dropped the players responsible for the goals!
  10. Fozzy was one of the worst players to ever wear a Norwich shirt. All mouth and no action. Terrible footballer, no effort and no skill.
  11. That lakey has tweeted from pre-season games. Anyone confirm the real and fakes?
  12. What, this one? http://twitter.com/EDPchrislakey
  13. Lakeys twitter says no Otsemobor, Nelson, Lappin,  but Wiggins and Spillane, Askou, Cureton in.
  14. I would be amazed if we started 3 at the back, lappin to play left back maybe? In a 4 4 2? Otsemobor has no place in any NCFC team at RB or RM, Not while Whaley and Spillane are fit.
  15. and that''s why we should all blow it off as nothing and put it down to the heat of the moment.
  16. A while back, maybe 4 months..There was a story about an ex-player starting a business to sell cars and luxury items to other players. Could have sworn it was a Pinkun story or EDP but cannot find with a search. Anyone remember?
  17. Emotions were runnig high. Fans are pissed off, he was pissed off and it''s really no big deal. making it so just jeopordized his being here. We should all just move on. Ever acted in the heat of the moment?
  18. I doubt there is training this am, a long coach ride instead no?
  19. While not at the game to judge oherty''s performance, the CB culprit who was absolutely shocking was Nelson. Letting a 5ft 8 inch forward get in front and then head a ball in? Schoolboy stuff, for all the goals he was slow and not where he should have been.
  20. @Barclayman. I already said the TV replay made the free-kick look top left and as for your other comment I have watched all of the goals on TV, replayed them 5 times. So I can clearly comment on those. And as someone who went home and away with Norwich for years and years, I know that even ''if you are there'' you usually can''t spot all the aspects of conceding a goal until you see the replay on the box. 
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