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  1. Finally we have a new website! Get In! www.nycanaries.com
  2. Nelson and Doherty are both cart horses. I cannot understand this ''8'' either. Doherty is often out of position, slow and is incapable of processing decisions before acting rashly. He often gives away free-kicks and is not capable of knowing when to trust his keeper. He is a liability. He was lucky to be on the pitch after getting away with a shirt pull as the last man V Sunderland. I think when playing certain teams he can cope, but faced with fast forwards and movement he is exposed for being extremely poor. Certainly would rather have anyone next to Askou than Doc, anyone except Nelson that is.
  3. We should run the kids out in this and not risk injuries or fatigue, it''s not our priority this season and an incentive for smaller teams.
  4. http://unprofessionalfoul.com/?p=4922#more-4922 My say. While I welcome different opinions, anyone considering a reply involving abuse should refrain from denegrating themselves as I wont be interested in reading their nonesense. I hope you enjoy the blog.  
  5. Yes it does and you just guaranteed another night without sleep. Thanks.
  6. Grant had no experience did he? Lambert does and has over 40% wins at his last two clubs. Small clubs with smaller budget than us and current squads not as good as our under performing one. I''m  starting to sway.
  7. True but with 23,000 behind us I would think we''ll be alright there.
  8. I read Lambert and was horrified, but after checking out his numbers, he actually has a pretty good record. Over 40% win percentage at Wycombe and Colchester. Last year Colchester had a good away record but sucked at home. Winning on the road seems a nice thing to be able to deliver. 
  9. How are Rotherham '' punching above their weight''? You missed Tisdale. Exeter are punching above their weight for sure.
  10. He has been in lengthy talks now at an "advanced" stage, McNally also added he will continue to persuade him and lure him to Norwich so this could be a manager who is relatively settled at his club and may not 100% want to leave them? If any championship/league one manager is absent tomorrow then that will be the biggest clue of all   Tisdale turned down Swansea and said he wanted to see things through at Exeter but that big clubs may come calling. Hmmm
  11. Perhaps neither side will have a manager in the dugout tomorrow night?   He can stand in the middle of the two and look confused.
  12. If he is in talks with us, he wont be managing a club tomorrow thats for sure. Maybe thats our indicator if we don''t know by then.
  13. Club or country tho... The tilte of this post made me think of NW.
  14. My ''guess'' would be Tisdale. Back to back promotions, good coach and this is a step up, no one is dropping down a division and especially to a club with no money for signings. Tisdale has a record of doing a lot with a little. Just a hunch.
  15. He will never play again. However, Theoklitos might.
  16. He has no managaerial experience either. Ridiculous. To humilliate Gunn for this, they should be ashamed.
  17. They have told us time and time again, that they recognized the grant mistake, clearly not. How can they dare hire a man  with no managerial experience. It will be a disaster. At least Gunn was in, understood the club and had bought a team. Sack in after one game for JFH? That would be the final straw. 
  18. This is ridiculous. Grant all over again, fire and inexperienced manager for an inexperienced manager. Difference is, Gunn was in and had made changes, delivered a win, turned the corner. Tis is a f*cking outrage if true.
  19. The Team On Tuesday Did Look More Like A Butterworth Team Than A Gunn Team In My Opinion..........   What by dropping the man HE brought in from Hartlepool? What tosh. Gunn was replaced after Saturday, they made moves and got somewhere. By Tuesday night the new man whoever he may be was probably on board. Timing is bizare unless the new man will be at Exeter tomorrow and announced.
  20. YES. Should have had Exeter but they had already found a new man before Yeovil hadn''t they.
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