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  1. That wasn''t the offer. 2 more years at least in L1 and the cup, or promotion.
  2. So you''d rather stay in League One and likely lose our better players next year, and settle for us being a League One team for years, but with a cup?
  3. Ipswich portion of the question is irrelevent, I''d rather win League One and get back up than the cup.
  4. I remember being at Swindon to see Eadie score from 30 yards. Absolute cracker.
  5. PTV are a bunch of inept idiots who are based in Kent. I have emailed them, won''t be surprised if it doesn''t start. Swindon stream is working however, listen to that. However, they have nowt to say as they are currently playing stan wassisface''s 80s song about a ghost from vietnam.
  6. The way we are playing is positive. We lost one point tonight. Not 3. It happens. No point dwelling on it, we need 3 on Saturday.
  7. What rubbish, one mistake, if he hadn''t made an amzing save earlier we would have been losing. We lost a point tonight and played very very well.
  8. Seen many worse, he catches the ground and fluffs the kick, its sickening but we were heading for a point and not 3 so its just one lost. Onto the next.
  9. Just said they didn''t deserve the win and that we are an excellent side. Nice to see he is honest.
  10. Finalo ten mins? Final 3 more like.
  11. Good performance and one daft error and lapse in concentration from the defense. Why were they not watching the kick? Ugh. Anyway we were very good. I am not too disheartened although my fellow New Yorker saw it differently.  
  12. Agree. But what a sickening end.
  13. ESPN and FOX Soccer don''t show Colaship or League 1, Just Prem. Setanta shows these games and they have plumped for Leicester that day...http://www.setanta.com/us/TV-Listings/Bummer. Adams and Goreham for us NY''ers.
  14. None of those work for me :( Can''t wait to see em but I guess I''ll have to be patient. Damn you Canaries World and your tardy ways.
  15. Sorry guys but it looks a penalty to me.  If it had happened at the other end we would all be saying it was nailed on. I would be very disappointed if one of our players dived to win a penno.
  16. Where does he flatten him? He dives with the ball heading out for a goal kick.
  17. Agree on the grey areas. The FA really need to review the plays at the time or at least after. The game has evolved to the point where its needed now. Video replay for me. A fourth official can run the video back in seconds. 
  18. "Then the ball got tapped right, then forster is stuck in no mans land. he is screwed" Thats football, doesn''t give you the right to sling yourself to the floor. Not to mention that after touching the ball its gone towards the corner flag. Whats Forster supposed to do? The keeper has the right to go for it. If he''s stayed on his feet and been clattered it may be different, but he didn''t, he dived. 
  19. Tired or not. We should. Goalies are entitled to go for the ball and at speed I understand the refs decision but appealing would highlight the dive. Weston will do it again and again if not punished. Divers are making a mockery of the game and robbing the fans.
  20. For me, it ws there to be won and Weston had the intent to cheat the ref. Clear dive.
  21. http://s617.photobucket.com/albums/tt252/norwichredcard/?action=view&current=REDCARD.flv We would win an appeal easily. Weston should get a ban. Frame by Frame shows a clear dive.
  22. The Canaries world ones are worse. The man who does those is shocking. he was not at the game, nor does he now any of our players or the events of the game. Declan Dudd was in goal and there was no doubt over the sending off yet he laments the extra time added. Rubbish. PTV are a shocking disgrace when it comes to highlights. As for the dive. That is unbelievable. What is Forster supposed to do. Not dive for the ball? He flies over his body like a gymnast. Weston and others will do this weekly until its stopped by bans. Disgarce. Lambert should appeal, its quite clear.
  23. Oh lord, how unfortunate, where was the hotel?Bermuda Canaries. Get In!!
  24. ESPN did 300,000 last weekend for a 7.45 am game. It is growing very quickly here. But not the MLS, people don''t want that as it''s a poor product, they want the EPL.
  25. Games in the middle of a work day usually attract the usual NY''ers. Between  10-12. A dedicated bunch of folks risking their jobs to watch City lose! Always a couple of people in town on vacation from Norwich too usually.
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