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  1. Tim''s health isn''t even an issue here.  There are American Norwich fans who haven''t even been to Carrow Road yet, does this make them lesser a supporter than Zema? No.  There are fans all over the World that take offense to the comments made here, fans who have been supporting the club for as many as 30 years, through good times and bad.  Judging people without having a clue who they are and how long they have been City fans, or how they support the club is nothing short of ignorant. People move away from the fine city all the time and cannot attend games weekly due to family/ work commitments or through other situations. Others are attracted to our football and become supporters in places thousands of miles away, something we should all be proud of. Tim, I hope you manage to come across the tickets you need, 99.9 % of Norwich fans are absolutely fantastic, I''m over for the Man U game and we needed a additional ticket for our group-  I was contacted by a Norwich fan who not only had a spare ticket, but didn''t want payment for it. That''s a real Norwich fan for you, willing to help others out without a thought for whether or not they went to Oldham or not, whether it rained that night or was maybe a tad chilly.. And THAT''S why our supporters have such an amazing reputation. Up the City.
  2. It''s hilarious really, they didn''t perform because we didn''t allow them to.  We pressed them high-up, stopping them from their usual ''slow build from the back'' routine.  Rodgers didn''t have an answer for it.  
  3. @BW Since moving to the States I''ve flown thousands of miles to see Norwich play the likes of Charlton, Coventry (3 times) Sheffield Wednesday and Stoke. Living so far away, its only possible to go to one or two games per year. Before moving to the States I travelled all over the country with Norwich and sat in the lower Barclay with only 13,000 in the stadium every week. Why would I not want to see my team play the likes of Man U when the opportunity arises? I flew over for the game v Man U in 05 also. Guess that means I can''t be a real Norwich fan like you. I shall just have to try harder I guess. /sigh
  4. As it says, if anyone has a spare or can''t go, we need 1 ticket for the game.Yeah, fat chance I know... Up the City!
  5. Hello Zak, Find all you need to know about the New York Canaries here: www.nycanaries.com or on Twitter as mentioned above.Look forward to you joining us for the Everton game!UP THE CITY!
  6. 1: nycanary, have you been heading up to Keeleys or the Football Factory this season to meet the rest of teh NY Canaries? There are a few chaps from the states heading to the game on 27th December so if you get stuck for a ticket, reach-out via info@nycanaries and maybe one can be acquired that way.2: As a born and bred Norfolk boy, people as ignorant and closed-minded and Mungo drive me nuts. Every village has an idiot, and he appears to be ours. The people of Norwich have a terrific reputation in NY, to the point that American''s are following our club closely and becoming supporters, shunning big teams like Chelsea and Man U to fly 3500 to see a City game. This is fantastic and testament to the reputation of the club, the fans and the classy football. This threatens Mungo''s insular mentality. Poor Mungo. Mungo, I was wondering, did you name yourself ''Mungo'' after the Mungo people from Cameroon? They speak a dialect called ''Duala'' which to the untrained ear sounds exactly like the gibberish you spew onto this site.Up the City!
  7. What about FIFA 12 for the Wii? That would make my lads day!
  8. It didn''t come out of Madrid.  Trecker is the Senior Writer for FoxSoccer.com (yes, contain your laughter) and the article first appeared herehttp://msn.foxsports.com/foxsoccer
  9. You can tweet him your thoughts @jamietrecker He stands by this article and refuses to acknowledge that all his information is wrong.Houston, they are based in California, I believe. The Fox Soccer Report at 10 is from Winnipeg and a farmed out show. That show drives me nuts, see all the aspect ratio issues? Been like that for a year. Poor indeed.
  10. This article is by Jamie Treker of FoxSoccer.com here in the States.It was used at other Fox outlets also, hence the Latino link. And yes its a stinker. The chap often writes about things he knows nothing of like this piece on why relegation and promotion should be scrapped: http://msn.foxsports.com/foxsoccer/premierleague/story/barclays-season-preview-2011-12-promotion-relegation-going-away-080211He gets away with it because the people that run Fox Soccer also know nowt about football. You should see their Saturday/Sunday panel/pre-game show. Its like that Mitchell and Webb sketch mocking Sky. But hey, they have the live football and try hard so I can''t grumble too much.
  11. David Fox had 3 more assists than Xavi last season. David Fox >> Xavi
  12. YES! US! yes it''s on. join us!www.nycanaries.com@nycanaries on Twitter.
  13. I have... And I will agree that youth soccer in the states is fantastically supported. Structures in place for a successful future after many years of being ignored as a sport. I coach myself. I do disagree a little on the final product, given the young players in the league here and abroad but the number of players being produced is greater than ever.
  14. Hello folks, I have to weigh in here as someone who went to most Red Bull home games last season and watched all the others. The MLS is getting better but it''s still League One as a standard. You only have to look at the League Two and League One players arriving to be successful. Ryan Smith for one. It''s deffinately getting better but it''s no better than League One right now. Here in NY, Henry waits and waits for a pass, then gets bored and wanders into midfield to help himself. The best player on the team is Lindpere, who has never played at a high level. Taino just signed and is out of position in central midfield but had most successful pass rating in whole MLS last weekend. I''d love it to be a better standard and it will get there, but it ain''t right now. John Rooney signed this summer! I guess the question is this...Does Neil Adams think League One is rubbish and is that valid?
  15. Robbie Findlay is rubbish.  He has pace but finishes like David Strihavka I am happy with what we have regardless of any new signings. UP The City!
  16. Yep, there are bar staff that couldn''t care less about football! can''t convert em all!
  17. Hi Gissing,When you get here, email info@nycanaries.com and we''ll add you to our email list for events and live match info. We meet at the bar here often enough and I''m sure you''ll enjoy it--Plenty of Norwich memorabilia up on the walls. As for games, we get what sky gets and any betting site feeds.www.nycanaries.com
  18. Made it DAOTW http://unprofessionalfoul.com/2010/03/08/dumb-ass-of-the-week/      
  19. They will always back the referee, and anyone outside of the top Prem sides has no chance with an appeal. They can''t be seen to be criticising their own refs--even when their rules are vague and these jokers on the pitch are untrained, quick to make hasty decisions. Just have to suck it up and move on. The FA and FIFA are complete jokes when it comes to inforcing the rule book and deliberatley leave many entries vague to allow for interpretation by the ref. Like handing car keys to a child.    
  20. Great design, very user friendly. Well done. Loaded fast for me.
  21. That stadium cost 14 million. Heating costs between 150-300k. Wonder how much they will lose in refunds if its called off and replayed on  Tuesday night.
  22. http://unprofessionalfoul.com/2010/01/11/bring-your-shovels-and-dig-us-out-of-this-mess/
  23. Same in New York, how that chap from France hadn''t figured that out is beyond belief, does he visit the official site?
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