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  1. Bet he''s not on that. Wages are never what''s reported. Italian football is not flush with cash at all.
  2. Hi there. Just need to pick up the phone and call the club shop. They will help you and ship to anywhere in the world. The number on the site doesn''t work from the usa so just call the club main reception number and they will transfer you to the store. Hope this helps.
  3. Tail gate party details for California. Come and meet City fans from all over the US. www.nycanaries.com
  4. As Justin says above, the NY Canaries will be hosting a car park party from 2 hours before the games in Cali. Be great to meet as many of you as possible. We already have names of those from within the US and are looking to have a great meet and greet over a few beers. Send an email to nycanaries@gmail.com if you are going to Cali games and we''ll share the details!!! Up. The. City.
  5. Some of us from New York are going. We''ll have a tailgate party in Sac (bring beer) and a pub meet up in San Jose. Look forward to meeting all the yellows from other places in the US. Aware of about 50. Get in.
  6. Correct Winkel stats: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/player/_/id/124932/ricky-van-wolfswinkel?cc=5901
  7. The imported players are of a higher standard obviously, and they are there because there just aren''t enough quality American players to have a league of a half decent standard without them. It''s why the Red Bulls brought in 5 Scandinavians, and the like''s of Henry, Cahill and Lindpere. Also worth noting that many players are here playing successfully that came from league 1 and League 2 teams. Henry has to create a lot of his own chances, by dropping in to the midfield, otherwise he''d get 2 touches a game.
  8. Darren''s opinions are more valid than most as he has indeed played in the league, where he absolutely made mincemeat of anyone who came near him. He was rookie of the year at 32, dominating in that league. But I can tell you that after going to many, many Red Bull games, that many of their players are incapable of the fundamentals seen on display Scotland or in the Championship. Players fail to utilize space, movement is horrible and the passing can be absolutely shocking. Experienced players such as Henry and Lindpere look frustrated as they urge players to take up positions they should already be in. Some teams are better than others, but some very very poor football is on display and especially with NY over the last two years. The main issue is with the young Americans in the league, they just don''t receive the same training or experience that other countries offer with decent youth academies growing up. If you are drafted to a team from college, and you grew up in an area with no MLS team/academy, you may have the skills, but not the understanding of the game that everyone else has, the coaching is amateur and you are behind everyone of your age from other places. The USAs youth development is a mess, which is why they have failed in a country of 300 million odd to produce a decent percentage of footballers. I''m navigating the youth football scene now with my son, and some of the coaches that are allowed to train kids are a joke! Just an observation....
  9. Believe me, the MLS is not better than the SPL! It''s on par with League 1 in my opinion.
  10. He''s not your conventional forward for a big lad, he is great in the air, but most comfortable playing deeper and making more assists than being in position to score with his feet. his passing is good and he has an eye for a clever through ball.
  11. Montero is very lively but not a prem starter yet for me- Also he doesn''t have enough appearances at International level to move to Europe unless he has passage through other qualification such as a passport.
  12. His goal scoring record is atrocious. No thanks.
  13. That''s the good news, it was a dingy dump with rubbish beer. If you thought that place was good, you''ll love the football factory. ;)
  14. You should go and hang with the NY Villains, they are based at the Football Factory on 33rd street between 5th and Broadway. Good bunch.
  15. He may not of played much for Man U over the last couple of seasons but he is one of the most consistent goal scorers around. If you see it from that perspective.. Last 3 seasons. 11/12 - 7 apps 5 goals - 1 goal every 1.4 apps 10/11 - 16 apps 5 goals - 1 goal every 3 apps 09/10 - 30 apps 9 goals - 1 goal every 3 apps That''s overall 1 goal every 2.6 games He has also been coming on with 10 or so minutes to spare which hardly gives him any time to settle into a game. If we can get him for the same wages we pay everyone else I see this as a no-brainer. 20-30 mins a game and he will score goals. Of course there is the fitness issue, but hasn''t he been fit for a year or so now? He must have gas in the tank given the few games he''s played recently. I''d think a one-year deal would be worth the gamble.
  16. You have to visit George Keeleys! Deets here: www.nycanaries.com I''ll let New York Canary answer your question but email us at infoa@nycanaries.com with any specific questions and i''m sure Justin or myself will get back to you quickly.
  17. Also looks as if he likes a tap in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSOm4Dgzb5A (imagine that celebration at CR) and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-KTyEg_r3U&feature=relmfu ..from the same game. Just a bit offside during the build up on that last one.
  18. Nice stats when he plays. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/player/_/id/74694/cheick-diabate?cc=5901 13 starts and 8 goals last term, 3 assists and 43 shots. 26 games total. Hasn''t played a great deal in the last 3 seasons tho!
  19. Hi Charlie, the only reason I''m coming over this time is to watch City-- I arrive Sat am, and head back just 2 days later.  I did also manage to get tickets for QPR v Fulham on the Saturday, so taking in that game also. I''m bringing over 3 Americans who have never been to England, including the owners of the bar we call home here.  Those guys made the NY Canaries a possibility, allowing us to take over the pub, getting up early to open for us to watch games and letting us put up Norwich City pictures and shirts all over the walls.
  20. Yes, I''ve flown over to go to Stoke away (not in the Prem), Coventry away,  Sheffield Wednesday away, Portsmouth away (not to see promotion) and before I moved to the US  I traveled all over the country watching Norwich City. If you really wanted to judge dedication, lets put up the cost of you going to Tranmere against the cost of me flying home for a game from 3500 miles away....It''s not cheap! I fly over once or twice a season and usually its based around the time I can do it and  the cost of the flights, not who we are playing, as long as we are playing someone, I couldn''t care who (although it is nice to see City take on the likes of Man U and no Norwich fan should be hassled for wanting to see a game that has happened twice in the last 10 years), and this is also true of many supporters around the World.  I was born and raised in Norwich, parents moved away when I was 7, a home game from then on was a 4 hour round trip. Regardless,  it doesn''t matter whether you are in Norwich, Newton Flotman, New York, the Netherlands, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway or Namibia- A Norwich fan can be just a dedicated, and passionate as any other.Up the City. 
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