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  1. [quote user="ryan85k"] [quote user="innoffthepost"]rambling because there are too many bad points about the club, it just annoying norwich fans cant see the problems. club supported is definately not anything to do with it even though it is not ipswich or anyone even in the south of the country so thats really got nothing to do with it. cheap points?!! i think norwich need a few of them at the moment dont they?! and yet really when it all comes down to it im just voicing my opinion, do i care if every singe norwich fan hates it, well no ovbioiusly not. but its what i think take it or leave it.[/quote] P*ss off you patronising two bit. Of course Norwich fans can see the problems with the club, but we are also all intelligent enough to know that relegation would bring many more problems. You obviously bizarely know more about our football club then about football in general, clearly. Leicester have had millions thrown at their wage bill this year, Peterborough have had plenty of money thrown at them as well. How are Norwich going to buy promotion? Get off the forum if your not a fan, you have no idea of the emotions that we are all going through as Norwich fans right now, and the last thing that any sane fan is thinking is that losing to Reading on monday is a good thing. You think that you can come on here thinking that you know more about this club then the people on it, just because you have relocated to Norwich and read the Evening News. Norwich are always going to get amazing gates are they mate? Because I am only 24 and I can remember us getting 12,000 - 15,000 per game. We ARE as good as we think, because we are Norwich City, the  greatest f*cking fans that the world has ever seen, and as the fans ARE the club, get off our board and stop insulting us. Im proud to be a city fan, and if somebody suggests that my football club, with one of the highest gates in the league, is only worthy of playing in a league full of rejects and villages then you should be shot right down. Go and talk to your own. [/quote]   Firstly i have as much right as you to be on here, even though i dont support norwich, my opinion is as valid as yours im just a very small minority. " we are as good as we think" ok well thats obviously wrong unless you think your good enough to be scrapping for relegation and on the verge of league 1, then your spot on because thats excactly where you are. You should be proud to be a Norwich fan but dont think your better than you are, thats the worst thing you can do right now, relise your in trouble and fight your way out, dont think you shoudl be fighting reading for promotion because norwich are way away from that. Seriously grow up
  2. Thank you very much for that! i got a bit carried away whilst writin it all out! Its frustrating to see a team like norwich where they are at the moment.
  3. Because i live there,all my friends are norwich fans and i know people in the club
  4. rambling because there are too many bad points about the club, it just annoying norwich fans cant see the problems. club supported is definately not anything to do with it even though it is not ipswich or anyone even in the south of the country so thats really got nothing to do with it. cheap points?!! i think norwich need a few of them at the moment dont they?! and yet really when it all comes down to it im just voicing my opinion, do i care if every singe norwich fan hates it, well no ovbioiusly not. but its what i think take it or leave it.
  5. To be fair Norwich contributed totally to their own downfall so really they only have themselves to blame. Many bad decisions made by a deluded staff and set of fans. No one want to play for norwich at the moment because theyre pretty much guaranteed to lose everygame and things might be different if relegated. The football really will be attractive if you''ve seen it youd know,maybe not so many big names, but that doesnt mean they arent as good, look at peterborough now, basically a team of unhear dpeople bar a few and they are in the champ next year. The youngsters havent played this year because theres no reserve tea,m as a stepping stone, so loans a brought in to fill spaces, but none have really set the league alight excpet lita, and how embarrasing must it be to hvae him as yur top scorer when he only played 16 games! Mid table! how on earth would norwich get there?! Ok if they stay up they get more money which is a bonus but even then what would they do with that? Most probably waste it and end up in exactly the same situation this year. Reading needa  win tomorrow too so they will be at norwich all guns blazing and can you really see a poor norwich defence coping with the likes of doyle,lita,hunt and hunt. Based on past performances it''ll be a tough game but to be fair norwich have always been a bottling team, take fulham away in the prem, 6-0! when the pressure counts Norwich rarely do turn it on. Southampton are in a totally different predicament. attracting new buyers will be difficult but there is a basis of a good club there unlike teams like southampton.
  6. well obviously its not ideal is it but obviously its a possibilty so there are some positives from it. its a chance to build the whole club again. which lets face it needs to be done. the current crop of players are very very poor
  7. yes two wins will be enough but after birmingham lost yesterday reading still have it all to play for so will surely come out all guns blazing? if they beat norwich and then birmingham then they still have a chance of automatic so this is a very difficult game monday
  8. Ok firstly it may seem obvious but i am not a Norwich City fan. But the situation Norwich are in may not necessarity be a bad one over the cause of time. Lets face it at the moment Norwich are awful! They do have a few good players in Clingan,Marshall and Croft but realistically the team is not good enough. Many Norwich fans are desperate to stay in the championship, and although this seems like a good idea i cxan see the benefits from dropping down a division. Firstly, no matter which division norwich play in there will always be an immence support for the team. So revenue from tickets would not necessarily be an issue. Secondly the standard of football in league one is very underrated and some of the teams could easily mix with the championship. Swansea being a prime example from last season, and Leicester and Pterborough have soem great players and will do well next year. So the standard is there for all to see, but what about Norwich? I mean could you really expect to stay up with practically a whole team of loanees and average players. Rightfully Norwich fans want there team to be at the top of the league but from the games ive seen this season this is a long long ,long way away, so the possibility of rebuilding again would surely be a positive in the long run. If Norwich do get relegated then this surely would be a chance to give the club a clearout and start again. All the loanees go back and start a new season building for a push back to the championship. Norwich, lets fac it have absoloutely no money and so will find it difficult to bring in new faces. But they do have youth on their side. The reserves being re-entered into the reserves league is a blessing in discusie as it will be a great platform for some of the youth team to come on leaps and bounds. As well  as thins some of the youth team players will actually get given an opportunity to develop into the potential they have. Norwich are normally very poor at this and over recent years really only shackell has come through the system. But If relegated next year this will give the younger players a great place to play their football and show off the potential they are claimed to have. Take Chris Martin and Michael Spillane, no doubt both have been pure class for luton this year, martin banging goals in for fun and spillaine shoed really maturity beyond age. Then the youth players this year, the under 18 squad, even though there isnt the funds for new players, what is wrong with giving the young guys a chance, all the great clubs do it, like man united with the da silva twins, chelsea with mancienne and others too. ok maybe norwich cant afford high class youngsters but surely enough for league 1 or the championship. Normally Norwich just let them g and they move on to other places, as showed by Joe lewis who has developed into one of the best young english goalkeepers, who was let go for a bargain as he was not given a chance, as well as paul Hayes who ive seen many times this year for Scunthorpe who has really come on to be a pure talent. So overall maybe a relaity check and a demotion is in order for Norwich to realaise that theyre not that big a club and think theyre better than they actually are. This would give them an opportunity to try and build agin and bring up the potential the club has and actually give them a chance. thoughts?
  9. match has to be played by 17th jan.  On fa youthcup website
  10. Who will he try and take with him to huddersfield....lappin....  any others whom he got on well with. I suppose money may be an issue there.
  11. See Norwich have got another home draw in the FA Youth Cup and must have a decent chance of progressing to the fifth round. Against another Premiership team.  Adeyemi and Smith are the pros alongside Rudd ..will there be any more potential stars of the future on show ??
  12. When are the announcements  being made.  Will sadler be included -yes but i think Stephenson may get assistant s job...anybody aware ??
  13. Well done to those who braved the cold weather. Boys to my liking overpassed the ball , too often going sideways or backwards. However a result is a result and thought back four looked solid without being under pressure, midfield did ok but lacked creativity whilst strikers had to run , chase and harry without much chance of getting a sniff.  deserved the win and are in the hat for next round. my man of match david stephens .
  14. Will be interesting to see which of our young norwich players shines on wednesday..if they do so will any be given a chance with the st team. Smith and Adeyemi are the ones that GR is raving about currently. Be nice to see a striker and central defender be in contention also.
  15. Couldn,t agree more !! One of my friends has a close link at ncfc and they all trust lappins left foot... certainly more trust in his left boot than in roeder''s judgement of players. Roeder should be man enough to make up with lappin whatever the differences as at the end of the day it is surely about doing the best for norwich city rather than glen (I can''t deal with any negative comments about me) roeder. The art of good management is cajoling and encouraging players and bringing out the best in them. GR does not appear to do this - he is too wrapped up his own ar*e.
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