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  1. Does it really make any difference? They''ll still be someone who will pick the team and the all the players are professionals and will be looking to win the match as they would any match...manager or no manager!
  2. Wiz, You’re so nieve. To think that in 49 years of being an ACTIVE supporter you can only think of 2 managers worse than Nigel? This man has got us to the playoff final, into the Premiership and after everyone saying that Norwich would be relegated before the season had even started, we were still in it come the last game of the season – any city fan would have taken that last August – I’m pretty sure you weren’t complaining then!!! We have a month of, by our standards rubbish results and you’re ready to get rid of him. Give him and the players a chance to turn it around. They need time to adapt to life back in the lower league. If things don’t change soon, I’ll personally start up a campaign for Wiz to take over from Worthington as manager…I’m sure you could do so much better, just like all those other proven mangers out there queuing up to be the next manager at NCFC!
  3. I had a bit of a chuckle when I heard it.Think it must be Chinese or may be South Korean Whispers!
  4. Just heard that Drury could be off to spurs for £750k. They must of been impressed with what they saw last night?
  5. I wish you lot would just SHUT UP! Please feel free to tell me who we are going to replace him with? NW has done so much for this club since he started. Give the man a break. He’s not doing much wrong. -He''s got rid of a lot of players with no future here -He''s brought some fresh faces in -He''s playing a team that should be winning each week. No one seems to understand that the manager’s job only goes so far, yes he has a lot of responsibility, but the players out on the pitch are the ones who have the responsibility to score, save and create goals. Lets give the bloke more than 6 games to get those players, playing to the right standard. After all, look what he''s achieved before!!!
  6. Does anyone else feel a bit hard done by, after Hucks was sent off last night? Don''t get me wrong, I don''t agree with what he did at all and he should be punished. My only complaint is that this rule is not always enforced. How many times have you seen players clearly swear at officials who have not even been spoken to? I just wish referees would all stick to the same rules, they can''t complain when people moan at them if they''re is no consistency - Use some common sense!!!
  7. Calm Down... Last time I checked players DO pick up injuries, and last time I checked managers DO rest players in cup ties. I''m right behind you IF we''ve been lied to, but do you think Worthington is really that stupid?
  8. NO! Leave Worthy alone... Does anyone actually think he has made many if any wrong decisions this season? The one and only thing I can''t stand is when we try and sit on a one-goal lead. At the end of the day his job is to play what he considers to be the best team. Surely if anyone should know this, it''s him. He sees every one of them in training. Let him get on with it, it''s only 4 games into the season and some people seem to think we''re in May already. Get a grip!
  9. Correct me if I''m wrong please Wiz, But Worthington has only said that so far there has not been any offers made for Deano...at no point did he say that there is no chance he could be off. Fingers crossed he''s going nowhere, but why bring in another striker, a position we really don''t need anymore cover for? Since when have you trusted worthy anyway?
  10. Can I just ask why it isn''t possible to predict that one team will score more than 9 goals?
  11. Ummm...I can''t see how any Norwich player will be the top scorer in the league. Don''t get me wrong Deano has got the skill to finish on top but he needs support from the other 10 player on the pitch. Very rarely do strikers score goals made and taken by themselves. We really need someone this season to provide the bit of skill and class before the actual goal. Last season we tried to walk the ball into the back of the net...which lets face it is never going to be easy. Hopefully we''ve learnt a few lessons and we can start making the most of Corners and free kicks and not hit the first defender every time.
  12. I think this season is going to be really interesting for us Norwich fans. If the majority of the team play football like they did against Inter on Friday then most of the teams in the championship should be a push over, but if there''s one thing we''ve all learnt watching us play, we don''t make anything easy for ourselves. I think all we can do now, is sit back and watch our boys return to the Premiership. We can do it!
  13. Whilst I don’t completely disagree with deleting the press conference thread, I’m not sure how you can say it has nothing to do with NCFC? Surely the fact that NCFC organised a press conference for it makes it relavent?
  14. Here''s a few: To the tune of I believe in a thing called love - Darkness Can''t explain all the feelings that he''s making me feel, His hearts in overdrive, I''m sure he is the real deal, Running here, Running there, Running here, Running everywhere. I believe in a thing called Hucks, Just listen to the rhythm of his heart, There''s a chance we can make it now, Won''t be playing for a team called town. I believe in a thing called Hucks. He''ll run right past you every minute, every hour, every day. He''s got you in spin, I hope you''re gonna be Ok. Tune of Robin Hood: Safri, Safri Driving through defence, Safri, Safri he is quite immense, He''s a Moroccan guy, He is our supply, Safri, Safri, Safri! Next one: Greeno, Greeno, He stands between our sticks, Greeno, Greeno, We think he''s rather slick, And if you want a keeper who is really hard to beat, Well just you take on the Greeno!
  15. Steve,If you are the Stephen Miller I think you are, I''m sure we had this conversation about 2 years ago, and relised it would take a while before this could happen.Anyway, you should be supporting Cheltenham now!!!
  16. I thought I was the only person shouting at my radio as I travelled in to work this morning...FEW!! Did get a few strange looks though...probably should have shut the window first!!! As for being nervous...after the Newcastle and Charlton games, I now have no finger nails left!
  17. Malky was one of the most consistant players last season...he did his bit in getting us to the Premier League and should be given his chance.
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