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  1. K Lo - I take it from your post, you were protesting after the game? If not, this makes you look extremely stupid.
  2. No Wiz, you''d much rather the team didn''t bother turning up, that way we''d be guaranteed to lose? Am I right? Most stupid thing I''ve ever heard, a bloke who want the opposition to win but also will not boo the players? I''m lost!
  3. [quote user="Making Plans"] Slim, I have read and considered your "player ratings". Not only are your ratings somewhat generous, but I would like to know on what basis you use the words "everyone", "most" and "nobody" - I hope you''re not including me in your generalisations. FYI, I''ve added my comments below which I believe give a much more accurate reflection of their performances this season.  Robert Green – Everyone thinks he deserves a place in the England Squad - Everyone ? - have you not seen the plethera of the goals conceeded from crosses this year - Christ, even Dracular would have come out for some of those. Gary Doherty – Best player of the season so far? Most would say so. - Best player ? - very debatable and even if so, he hasn''t had much to beat. However, IMO "most" would not say so. .......................   [/quote]   Fair points and everyone is entitled to an opinion. But maybe if we started pointing out the good a little, rather than the bad all the time the team would react positivly. Out of interest who''s your player of the season so far? As for my basis of: "everyone", "most" and "nobody", this is what i''ve heard from other supporters that I have spoken to.
  4. To be honest with you ''No Legs'', I didn''t expect anything more than a reply like that. But surely you could have at least tried to oppose my views. And as for the muppet remark, you fall in to the sing when yer winning crew do you?
  5.   Worthy to stay: Worthington has done so much for this club in the relatively short time that he’s been here. The first sign that things aren’t going right and everyone takes the easy option of – “Worthy Out”. Last season in the Premiership, was in the end disappointing, but we were still in it come the last day of the season – How many people truly gave us a chance of being in the position at that time? Don’t think I’m just going to mention the past, let’s think about now: This season Nigel has bought in some talented players and along with those ones we already had, we DO have a very strong team. Let me just mention some of these players – Robert Green – Everyone thinks he deserves a place in the England Squad Gary Doherty – Best player of the season so far? Most would say so. Calum Davenport – Nobody that I know of would like to see him leave. Andy Hughes – Taken over role of captain and leads the team. Youssef Safri – Don’t have to say anything about this man. Paul McVeigh – Played well all season – More than worth his chance. Dickson Etuhu – Very promising from what I’ve seen so far. Darren Huckerby – On his day can change a game. Dean Ashton – Worthy’s best signing? Leon McKenzie – As with Hucks, on his day can change a game. Now there is 10, more than capable players there. And please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe all but two have been signed by Nigel. This is without mentioning Drury, Colin, Louis-Jean, Shackell, Marney (who I believe will still be a very good player, just not for us), Brennan and Thorne, who can all play decent football at this level. We’ve also had three players come through the Youth System in recent years. Now, I’ve heard many people on this board say that it is Worthy’s job to get these players, playing – and it is. But he can train them, coach them and shout at them, but all of the above players are humans and will do what they want to do. It’s that players that need to start standing up for themselves and making themselves count. We all now that they can do a decent job against any team in this league. Ashton has said in the papers recently that Worthy does give them very strict and precise instructions but the players do what they want to do. A lot of you are saying the reason for this is because they have lost “Faith” and “Trust” in Worthy, but is this the real reason? I personally don’t think that it is. Nearly everybody, including most of, if not all of the players expected us to walk this league and be winning every game 2 or 3 – nil. After a few games of this not happening (we all remember the first three games), players start to panic, play sloppy football. Unfortunately there’s not a lot any one can do about this. It’s a case of mind over matter for the player. Next point is the new manager. Who is going to want to come to a club in “Crisis”? Certainly no manager with any kind of good record. Just drop everything and come to Norwich for a relegation battle? Don’t think so. What exactly is a new manager going to do in half a season? I’ve read a lot about these managers with magical powers, amazing, I think! Let’s also stop all this talk of boycotting games…anybody who thinks this will actually do anything is a complete and utter t**t! This is the time when the teams needs support, loyalty and commitment, not a bunch of Muppets who only sing when we win. Now everybody is entitled to there own opinion, which is exactly why I posted this. I know the majority of you are warming up you fingers, ready to reply with some comment about Mrs. Worthington – Well you keep asking for someone to explain why we should give Nigel a chance and I’ve tried to put my view across. Give the man ‘til the end of the season.
  6. Ben May only received a 2 match ban. Story is here: http://uk.sports.yahoo.com/051104/1/eqea.html
  7. I actually thought he did very well in the time he was given. Pitty he wasn’t given more time, I think he would definitely made his mark on the game given more of a chance. He had one header which I was sure was heading for the top corner, but unfortunately went agonisingly wide. And the French robbed us…cheats!
  8. Pete: I seem to remember Worthy being in charge that season...so can''t be that. Ummm...maybe it has something to do with the 4 players pretending to play as a defence in front of him!
  9. How many times do we have to go through this?It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that that Worthy will not go till the end of the season at the earliest.I can’t work out why any fan would want to see us lose…get in to even more trouble, when we still have more than I good chance of getting out of this mess.I would personally love to see Nigel turn things around and keep the job he deserves.Bring on the stick…
  10. USACanary - What on earth has that got to do with being a loyal supporter? Any Loyal supporter would not consider selling their season ticket because the team is not performing as well as hoped. This should have nothing to do with who the manager is...it''s all about NORWICH CITY F.C.
  11. Wiz... SHUT UP!!! I''ve had enough of hearing you whine. You can only ever see things from one side. Try thinking about what you say before you say it. I ask everyone, what kind of Norwich fan would possibly ever consider thinking Norwich losing is a good thing for the club. Use your head mate!
  12. I''m not criticising his decision to change his opinion of Worthington, but the fact that Wiz clearly states to give him till at least Christmas then see where we are. ell innless I''ve missed something, we''re still in October.I wouldn''t criticise you for changing your mind either. The thing I will criticise you for is for your inability to see where I’m coming from.There seems to be a Big separation between Worthy In/Out and both sides a guilty of not listening/understanding where others are coming from.
  13. QUOTES FROM WIZ about 2 months ago: ''Just to add ''balance'' here on these boards. Are you, like me, pro Worthy?. Lets shove it up these anti Worthy mob, by just saying Yes, I''m pro Worthy and proud, Let the club and Nigel know that we still back him.....all the way!'' ''For some time now, last season included, I have tried to study Worthy, and a lot of the time I''ve been really proud of the bloke. In public he''s dignified and has never let us down, he also rarely moans at refs, or bemoans City''s bad luck, that impresses me. Now you might, and I know I have, questioned his tactical insight in the past, but a lot of the time, its the players who let him down!. And I''m determined to give him at least until Christmas to sort it out.'' What''s changed then Wiz...come on. I''m sure it''s not Christmas yet!?!
  14. Well said. I think just as many people are still backing Worthy...including myself. To get rid of him at this time would be the worst thing we could do. IMO things would go from bad to the worst if this was to happen. Luton was one of those things. Admittedly the performances have not been up to scratch recently, but the blame does not all lie with the manager. Are people going to be starting Ashton Out campaigns soon, just because he''s not scoring every goal he should? Or Greeno Out because he''s made a few mistakes? These are all people who have done a lot for the club and deserve better SUPPORT from the SUPPORTERS!
  15. Good balancing Wiz! You managed to name 1 occasion when things worked out well. May I also add that Crystal palace have done the same as us. Got promoted, got relegated and then have also had a disappointing start to the season, They''re only 4 points above us!
  16. Z.L.F: How exactly do you back yourself up with claims that Worthy is not the man to take us up? He''s done it before...why not again? I don''t see any proof that he can''t? I just think it''s a shame that some people have such tiny memories. it wasn''t that long ago when this man was The Man, couldn''t do anything wrong. Never mind...if he does go...you''ll only be complaining when someone else comes in. Wiz: I can''t work it out. It seems to me you can''t make your mind up about Worthington? Your opinions seem to change rapidly?
  17. What an absolutely brilliant idea! Let’s lose a game so we can all complain about Worthy again, nothing will happen, apart from we’ll lose 3 points just as things are starting to look a bit better. Then after we start to win a few games, people will want us to lose again. Fantastic! Can see you’ve clearly thought this one out! I mean if only everybody else in the world was as intelligent as you. Come on lads, this is the time when we should be getting behind the team AND the management the very most. With our help and support, we could actually make something out of this season. I don’t have any time for ‘fans’ that don’t seem to care about the club.
  18. Wiz, Can I just ask why you voted in this ''Pitiful'' poll? What was the point?
  19. that on the back page of tonight’s Evening News, right at the top in the red box it says Cort scored for Hull in the 61st min? Only slightly out!
  20. As Deano walked into the bank, with disguise on and gun in hand, he finally realised what Nigel had meant when he’d said in training “Rob them at any opportunity and then shoot”.
  21. Definitely with Worthy...as everyone should be!
  22. I really do find it hard to try and imagine what goes on in some people''s heads. Yet another thread started to try and put Worthy down, yet at the bottom you''re trying to shift some of the blame toward Delia, as if she has a say in the situation. For all you people calling for Worthington’s Head, I ask: Do you really think that by sacking him and getting someone else in is going to be an instant remedy to all our problems? If he does go and we appoint a new manager and things get even worse, what then? Do we sack the next one after his 10 games? Who exactly would you take on as the new boss? I''m sure there are loads of to class managers just waiting to join a club in, as you all say "Crisis". Instead of using all this to get Worthy out, why don''t you try sticking with the team and management to get us out of this? I''m sure I''m not the only one who is fully behind the club, players and management at this time.
  23. How about this for the formation/team against the scum? Green Colin Shacks Davenport Drury Marney Safri Brennan Hucks McVeigh Ashton I remember this formation working well last season. Any thoughts?
  24. http://www.cherryred.co.uk/football/artists/norwichcity.htm Take a look.
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