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  1. That''s a good positive attitude...I think I should look up the word supporter in the dictionary again because it doesn''t seem to have the meaning I thought it did!
  2. stay up to watch the Carling Cup highlights on ITV last night. I wish I hadn''t of bothered...was on 00:00 - 01:00 and under programme description said ''highlights from all the weeks Carling Cup games''. Now to me this meant they would show highlights of every game played in the cup this week...apparently not! Instead they showed extended highlights from the Chesterfield V.s Man City / Scunthorpe V.s Aston Villa games, and showed the goals from: Doncaster v.s Derby, Middlesbrough v.s Notts County, Barnsley v.s MK Dons, Crewe v.s Wigan, Leeds v.s Barnet, Port Vale v.s QPR and I think they showed Fulham v.s Wycombe as well. I was well annoyed that I''d bothered watching the whole thing at that time at night and not to see the Norwich goals. And then they showed an interview with Jose Mourinho about Chelsea''s win over Liverpool...not a lot to do with Carling Cup.   Rant over!
  3. Can anyone who actually saw this believe that he did not receive a red card? It was a disgraceful foul and one that he should be punished for. The FA are saying that the referee''s decision is final and that as he only received a yellow card, he can not be punished further. Surely if the FA have the power to take red cards away, they should have the power to give players the equivalent of a red card after the game? As Harry Redknapp stated, you get a yellow card for pulling on someone’s shirt or kicking the ball away, yet this was only a yellow card offence? Full story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/man_city/5281686.stm
  4. Hayden...may I suggest having a word with the stewards working in the area. If you do this then they will be able to monitor the situation and take necesary action. You don''t have to stand up to him yourself but help the stewards to help you.
  5. The utility man doesn''t cost £45k a week!!!!!!!!!!
  6. http://home.skysports.com/list.asp?hlid=389113&CPID=10&clid=31&lid=4161&title=Dowie''s+Palace+exit+confirmed
  7. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="Slim"] Now I know this is a big if, but if Worthy managed to turn things around next season brought in some quality signings, we played good football, won promotion etc... how many of you would be prepared to give him another chance? Yes or No will do. [/quote] There''s a lot of  ''ifs'' in there Slim, but going on your set of conditions, then my answer would have to be YES. Any City fan would say the same, yes?. However, throwing it back at you, I think what you suggest is quite beyond him. [/quote] Apparently not Wiz, see a couple of the posts before yours. I do find it a bit wrong that some people semm to have more of a problem with ''Nigel Worthington'' than ''Norwich Manager''. It takes a lot of guts for WO''s to say they''d change their oppinions if things were to change - You all have my respect!
  8. Now I know this is a big if, but if Worthy managed to turn things around next season brought in some quality signings, we played good football, won promotion etc... how many of you would be prepared to give him another chance? Yes or No will do.
  9. Total of 17 games we''ve scored the 1st goal this season. of the 17 we''ve gone on to win 13 (inc. 1 cup game), drawn 2 and lost 2.
  10. That''s the problem. If a if we were to get a well known, respected manager with a good record, who''s to say there going to do well here? Nigel Worthington was (in my opinion still is) a good manager. Remember, he got Norwich promoted to the Premiership as Champions. Steve Coppell is at the moment a good manager...he''s just got Reading promoted as Champions, and I think at the moment most Norwich Fans would love to see him come here. But what if Reading do exactly what Norwich have done and get relegated from the Premiership and then have a below expectation season back in the Championship...would anyone want him here then? For me it''s just I can see things going from bad to worse!
  11. Saw Paul Gallagher and Darren Ward in Mercy a couple of months ago. Both really genuine blokes. Didn''t seem to mind talking to us at all. Gallagher seemed mad...after we''d spoken to them, later saw him skipping round the upstairs, followed by a limping Darren Ward...great laugh!
  12. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Norwich-City-v-Bolton-Wanderers-1979_W0QQitemZ5185637508QQcategoryZ68304QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Hope this is what you''re looking for. £3.99
  13. ZLF...your estimation of 150 or so seems very exaggerated. I would have guessed more around the 50 mark. Compare this with attendance of 24,038 and it works out at about 0.20%. Does this mean that not as many people care that much about the future of Worthy as we all thought?
  14. Greeno was fantastic last night. Caught everything, made some brilliant stops and really did look like the ''Old'' Robert Green. I have a feeling that becuase he''s now here until at least the end of the season, the only chance he has of getting into the world cup squad is to play really, really well in this league. If it helps is in the long run - then brilliant!
  15. Seems like you shouldn''t really care that much who''s in charge! You obviously don''t care enough about the team to want them to actually do well?
  16. I thought this was pure genies by Greeno. When he clasped his hand over his mouth when the scum fans were booing him was brilliant. But as you say, the moment when he stopped his run short to replace the ball was just priceless!! I’m sure deep down some the Ipswich fans found it funny as well.
  17. This has been sent out by all clubs in our league - at least. I''m a member of a few teams websites (as I wanted to find out things about the clubs) and I had the same email over and over again this morning. Best thing to do is to say you''re a Reading Fan!!![:)]
  18. hahaha! Souness is just what we need. This has to be the funniest post ever!
  19. So Wiz, why have you been blaming Worthy for so long? Obviously it was Brennan the entire time!
  20. Most pathetic excuse of a post I have ever read (ever!). May be you should consider the fact that it’s you WORTHY OUTERS fault that Deano left. Who would want to play for a team whose fans can’t even get behind the manager and the team? It’s not surprising he left as soon as he had a chance. Just out of interest, should we spend the money on new players, or paying off Nigel? No matter what anyone says, we are not out of it yet! We still have time to make the playoffs and make something out of this season. I’m sure most of the ‘Worthy Outer’s’ would rather see us fail in this, just to see Nigel leave the club. Wiz & Co. wanting Norwich to lose matches, just to put more pressure on Mr Worthington.
  21. 2 and a half years is perfectly normal. At the end of the day, even if we do get promoted it''s added to our squad size. It''s very hard to please a lot of people on here...complaining about the size of the team and then when we sign a player who showed a lot of positives whilst on loan at an incredibly low fee, you complain because we''ve signed him on a contract that''s too long? We''ve got to start giving people a chance to make their mark on the team.
  22. At only 50k this is an absolute bargain. Many worse players go for a lot more. I really do think that given time Robinson will be a real asset to the team. I don''t think we''ve seen all this man can offer yet!
  23. Budgie - You seem to forget that last time we used this (Brighton), it used so much power that it caused a power cut round the ground and the game was postponed for this reason instead. I also believe that this was the reason for the lack of power at Carrow Road last week against Southampton - not sure about how many of you are aware but most of Carrow Road lost power at some time.
  24. Wiz, You seem to be up and down like a Yo-yo on this one. Please take this in the nicest possible way when I say: Keep your mouth shut on this one until you''ve mad your mind up for sure. You’ll end up annoying a lot of people if you keep changing your mind. I was always behind Worthy 100% and am proud of him, the team and the fans alike after the last three games and long may it continue. My fear is that if we lose tonight you''ll be back on here tomorrow calling for Worthington’s head, back with your Worthy Out Avatar. I personally wouldn''t hold anything against any Worthy Outers who changes there mind over the next few weeks, but please make sure your mind is changed before you start saying things you might not mean!
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