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  1. Must be a work thing Pete as I can''t watch them here either. Penalty save is now on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=293eVtaHqTM but not very good quality, filmed from a mobile phone.
  2. They are on there now....only problem is for some reason I can''t watch them. Tell''s me something like I''m in the geographcial area please see T&C''s. Strange as I used to be able to watch them, up until about 3 weeks ago. Anybody know is they''re anywhere else?
  3. Anybody who was even contemplating going on Saturday should now go and get there ticket today! I really think we can make it 3 wins out of 3 on Saturday but the boys will need all the support possible. This could be the turning point in our season.  
  4. Just been and got my ticket. Four of us going - for 6quid, let''s get as many fans as possible there and cheer the lads on from beginning to end. It may not be the best time to be a Norwich fan but after the win on Saturday and if we can get a victory tonight things will be starting to look up!   COME ON YOU YELLOWS!
  5. They both really should have been sent off. Although Hucks made the contact, the Scum player was looked to be going in first and higher and should have walked for intent: [IMG]http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff189/ukslim/hucksredcard.jpg[/IMG]
  6. [quote user="YellowIce"]Doherty has been our most consistant performer this season.[/quote] Hahaha....that is a joke...isn''t it?
  7. Great post! Anyone going to speak up?
  8. Bin Laden has just sent a new TV message to prove he is still alive. He said “Norwich were S#*t on Saturday”. British Intelligence have dismissed it saying, “it could have been recorded at any time in the last 4 years”.
  9. It was pretty bad. When they scored their first goal about half a dozen got chucked out. Stewards weren''t having any of it...literally seemed to be picking them up and chucking them out of the stand. After the game we walked out of the stadium to be met by 100 or so Hull fans on the other side of metal fence with a line of stewards and police. One of them seemed to be begging a couple of Norwich fans to hit him through the fence. They were also throwing bottles over the fence - to which the police didn''t seem bothered. We kept being asked to move on...all we were doing was watching in disbelief...not causing any trouble like the Hull fans who seemed to be left to do what they wanted. Won''t be heading back in hurry!
  10. [quote user="Smudger"]Still panning him.... just coz he got a couple of goals in the pre-season friendlies does not make him a good player!!!![/quote] You obviously weren''t in attendance last night then Smudge? It''s very easy to have an opinion of a player without actually seeing them play! Those people who did see the game last night (and other pre-seasons for that), I''m sure will agree that Chris Brown looks like a new player from last season. So why don''t you stop being so negative and get yourself a ticket to see the boy in action...then make a decision!
  11. What’s the point in moaning about this situation? For all you people unable to understand the concept of a buy-out clause I’ll try and explain it to you in simple terms: Sometimes to get a player to sign a contract they will insist on having one. It basically means that should the club get offered a certain amount for the player that they have to make the player aware of the interest and can’t stop them moving should they wish to do so.   So then Smudger & Co. what should we do? Seriously…any ideas?   We could sack the board…cos that would help?!?   And as mentioned above you were all slating Etuhu for the majority of last season…why the sudden change of heart?
  12. [quote user="Cluck "] I didn''t see it....but if there''s a "link" anywhere it would be worth a watch.  What sort of replies (if any) did they get? [/quote]   http://www.bbc.co.uk/lookeast/latest_stories/index.shtml Watch the video here It''s the fourth story on the left.
  13. Bit harsh, seeing as it was Drury who crossed for Etuhu to give us the lead!
  14. It made twister so much harder when the dot’s moved!
  15. [quote user="Shack Attack"][quote user="baldyboy"] having e mailed the club with reference to the swearing at the ballboy i had a reply from neil doncaster to say they had received several complaints and had passed the matter on to the fa. [/quote] May I ask whether you''ve ever sworn or gestured at an opposing player? It''s just that if you have, I think you''re skating on pretty thin ice here! [/quote] The difference is, we as fans pay hundreds of pounds a season for the right to say what we like. The player involved is earning thousands of pounds a week to do his job and keep to the rules. Swearing at opposition fans and especially a ball boy is against FA rules and he should be dealt with accordingly. +He''s a cheat!
  16. Strange question, but what''s the music we play when the teams come on to the pitch at Carrow Road?
  17. As it''s on in America, there''s a good chance that it will be live on the web somewhere. Here''s one I''ve found that I''ll be hoping is gonna show it; http://www.asiaplatetv.com/aptv_today.htm
  18. Was in London Saturday morning and was meant to be going to Luton on the way back, so instead we made a small detour and went to the Peterborough Vs. Wrexham game. Very poor 1st half apart from a brilliantly taken goal by Aaron McLean who was fantastic all game (shame he''s not Scottish). The 2nd half was completely different, with Peterborough playing some really good football. They ended up winning 3-0 with Danny Crow coming on with about 10 mins to go and crossing the ball in for a Wrexham defender to score Peterborough''s 3rd.   No Chris Llewelyn, didn''t even make the bench?
  19. Me and a few mates are going. To be honest, I''m not that confident, I can''t remember the last time I went to an away game and we won. Hopefully things will change on Saturday. Anybody know if there''s parking near the ground?
  20. It means there is a fire alarm going off in the stadium. Yesterday there were two, which is very rare. It''s normally caused by people somking  in places they shouldn''t.
  21. I don''t know where that figure came from, but there was definitely more on target than just the goals. The BBC say 10 for us 3 for them. And can I just add that Lee Camp looked very good. Sometime he looked a bit nervous when he received a back pass, but his catching of crosses can''t be faulted...Well Done!
  22. Haha...they''ve changed it now... It did say Lee Chadwick...honest!
  23. Any Ideas? http://new.pinkun.com/content/ncfc/story.aspx?brand=PINKUNOnline&category=Norwich&tBrand=PinkUnOnline&tCategory=Norwich&itemid=NOED21%20Nov%202006%2013%3A16%3A33%3A767
  24. The highlights were on Sky last night...they always seem very fair with there highlights. They did show slightly extended highlights of Peterborough v.s Everton, but that''s understandable as the game was on sky. It''s a shame though, because obviously no everyone has access to Sky so will have missed out on seeing them. Can I just say that having seen the highlights, I don''t know what the referee was looking at with regards to there penalty...if there was a foul it was easily outside the box.
  25. [quote user="Canary02"][quote user="Slim"] That''s a good positive attitude...I think I should look up the word supporter in the dictionary again because it doesn''t seem to have the meaning I thought it did! [/quote] Norwich do have a time honoured habit of ending runs. It''s a well known thing. It''s not Worthy bashing as it''s happened as long as I remember. Does being a supporter mean you should say nothing other than positives all the time? Why do people keep banging on about defining what a supporter is? Are you more of a supporter because you don''t know about City''s habit of ending losing runs, or are you more of one by being ignorant? [/quote] I''m not denying the fact that we have a habit, but t seems that a lot of people are always keen to emphasise these fact rather than trying to get behind the team...maybe we can end are own run of ending runs? Does that make sense?
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