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  1. From the tv coverage the only fans audible were the norwich ones....otbc in good voice. interesting 2 hear about the boos and hughton outs @ the end...cannot have come as a surprise to ch as it was a spineless display - the fans who went should be offered a refund. Fulham''s fans are really s**t
  2. The thing is he doesn''t even work that hard (compared to holt for eg) Tonight I don''t think he won a single header and his hold up play was non existent...in addition to that he''s slow as f**k so playing him as a lone striker is ludicrous
  3. Can we send hin back 2 turkey?? He''s probably the worst striker I''ve seen since zema abbey..how the f**k does he keep getting picked?
  4. Bassong is not a patch on the liability that was the doc....so many fond memories of him getting skinned and wrestling the opposition to the floor.... bassong; like the doc, comes up 4 every corner and never looks like scoring
  5. That challenge for the 3 goal was a disgrace...and he did uncharacteristically give the ball away cheaply tonight. Started well then went into his shell....much like the other 9 outfield players. He was still better than elmander...how he didn''t get pulled at ht is beyond belief...wouldn''t mind his sh*tness so much if he worked hard....he contributed absolutely FA
  6. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Love him but no.[/quote] I loved hin when he was a city....I was at port vale in 1 of his 1st games...he got sent off for nutting some1
  7. I don''t think you can compare malky 2 hughton...they are completely different managers and personalities. Malky is a leader and a winner imo....that is only my opinion so dont shoot me down!!
  8. I wouldn''t be adverse 2 neil lennon...i dont think its realistic though...despite celtic being in a micky mouse league. Glen Hoddle..??
  9. Understandably so after that display....I still think he''ll get Saturdays game...lose and he should be gone
  10. Hardly a cardiff cast off...he just got f**ked over by crazy tan. It''s also worth pointing out that cardiff are only 2 points worse off than us despite being a newly promoted side...hardly a failure.
  11. [quote user="ricardo"]We are very weak at right back. It''s no use coming forward if you can''t defend.[/quote] russell martin is one of the best right backs I''ve seen in the yellow shirt...why he isn''t starting is a mystery to me
  12. Ok...he hasn''t got premier league experience...but his drive and passion is needed....hughton is about as inspiring as my little toe.
  13. I think we should send Elmander back to Turkey ....I know he had ZERO support; but seriously; what does he add to the squad? I miss Grant soooooo much....
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