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  1. Oh! I thought that Norwich had been founded in 1905 but I see that the foundation of your club was in 1902. And my friend San Miguel, I think this is the best moment to become a Sporting supporter. [;)] Gijón is between Coruña and Santander. Deportivo de La Coruña and Racing de Santander are rivals of our team and I don´t like them very much. Our colours are red and white. By the way, who the fuck is Delia?!?!? Go Norwich City! Puxa Sporting! Maybe we will play together in the UEFA Cup in a couple of years, although Champions League would be much better!!! [:D]  
  2. Thanks to everybody for your kind answers. It´s official. Jürgen Colin is finally player of the Sporting de Gijón since this morning. We are talking abour your opinions in our Forum now. I hope he will be an important part of our team next year. Messi, Henry, Robinho and Robben are scared now. [:D]        
  3. [quote user="BunnyB"]strange I thought AC Milan were an Italian team, strange they would be playing in Spain[/quote] It´s a friendly match. La Liga starts next August 31th. You can see the notice of this match in the AC Milan web. [;)] http://www.acmilan.com/InfoPage.aspx?id=70953
  4. I think he went to Ajax but Van Basten doesn´t want him to play there. Thanks for the answers!
  5. Hi! First of all, sorry about my bad command of english. I´m from the north of Spain (a city called Gijón) and I´m a Sporting de Gijón supporter. Sporting de Gijón is a club which plays La Liga (our Premier Division). By the way, I think that Norwich and Sporting were both founded in 1905, so we have something in common. Well, the reason I´m writting here is because my team wants to sign for the next year a former player of Norwich City and Ajax called Jürgen Colin. I don´t know if this is the right place to talk about this topic but I would appreciate your opinions about this player and his position, skills, if he is good-natured or bad-tempered or whatever. Thanks and good luck for the next season. I hope you are going to play in the Premier League very soon. If you are interested in my team, you can visit this web: http://www.portalsportinguista.com/ . Foro means Message Board in spanish. Next sunday we are going to play against AC Milan. I hope we will win! Bye!
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