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  1. You may well have seen me on the big screen in the Star Wars films!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hmmmmm.......... £6m should buy us plenty of quality.  Enough to get back to the Premiership. Doubt if we''d get these players, but I would go for............. Koumas (WBA) £750K Sidwell (Reading) £1.5m Taylor (Tranmere) £1m Commons (Nottingham Forest) £700k Gabbidon (Cardiff) £1m Of the other players mentioned, Warnock has said Jagielka is going nowhere and Stone is considering going to Southampton.
  3. http://skysports.planetfootball.com/transfernews.asp?type=article&id=281858 Missed the boat again!!!  Thomas has gone to Burnley according to SkySports. Worthington and co. need to pull their fingers out. I can see a lot of over the hill has been free transfers coming!!!
  4. [quote]you obviously forget, Yoda, that whenever he goes up against a good right back, and can''t beat him the in his first threee attempts, he stops trying to beat him, gets disheartened, and just starts pla...[/quote] If that was the case, why was he the most fouled player in the Premiership?  Not because he was playing 5-yard passes
  5. Stephen How can you say that about Hucks?  OK if he lost the ball he didn''t always track back, but you can''t say that he hasn''t got guts.  He was always wanting the ball and at least giving it his all.  His commitment to the cause was never in question. You must have confused him with somebody else.....
  6. [quote]Everyone is going on about this guy, but i have never heard of him or took any notice of him up untill now. They thing that worries me is that on a Planet Football article about him, Tony Pulis says h...[/quote] Hmmm........ Seems he''ll fit right into Fleming''s boots then!!!
  7. Do we want him?  The guy only gave 100% in 1 game (Bolton). Skill (which he has plenty of) is an excellent commodity, but guts and commitment are required in the Fizzy League. His wages can be used elsewhere.
  8. With you Wiz and Big A.  Greeno has given good service to the club and I wish him well wherever he is next season.
  9. [quote]Benitez got it spot on but IMO Gerrard was the type of captain we could do with at Norwich. He really wants to win everything and was all over the pitch a leader.[/quote] The squad values on another topic range from £20m to £25m.  Perhaps we should sell our whole squad and buy Gerrard.  He played in virtually every position on Wednesday. The team would be as follows: GK: Gerrard DF: Gerrard DF: Gerrard DF: Gerrard DF: Gerrard MF: Gerrard MF: Gerrard MF: Gerrard MF: Gerrard CF: Gerrard CF: Gerrard By culling the squad like this, we would also be able to afford his wages.
  10. Benitez came on after the game last night and said that at 1/2 time they ''talked about it''. Reading between the lines, it sounds like he at least discussed the matter with the players. I don''t know what goes on in Worthy''s dressing room at 1/2 time, but at times last season he was tactically naive.  Wonder if he seeks the thoughts of his players before making decisions. By the way, best Champions League final by a long way.  Well done Liverpool, hope UEFA let you defend the trophy. Every team needs a Hamman/Makelele type of player.  Not only do they protect defences, they allow creativity from the wide defenders.  Milan''s best foragers in the 1st half were Cafu and Maldini.  Why?  Because they had Gattuso sitting and holding.
  11. The signing of Ashton has brought the best out in McKenzie.  We always knew that his commitment and workrate was not in question.  With Ashton alongside him he has come on in leaps and bounds. Granted he doesn''t have the best 1st touch, nor is he a natural goalscorer.  But he works hard for the team and with his pace and agression, he will score a lot of goals in the Fizzy league. If Worthy does decide to let him go, he is worth more than £1.5m.  Look at what Leeds paid for Rob Hulse.  And McKenzie scored more than Hulse in the Premiership.
  12. [quote]I''ve got him in the back of the car. We''re on our way to The Valley and I''m paying for the diesel. He''s always been prone to nodding off, but usually made up for it. He was appalling against B''ham an...[/quote] Avenging Canary If you run out of diesel, let me know and I will push you there!!!
  13. Squad values: Green - £3.5m Ward - £100k Gallagher - £150k Helveg - £150k Fleming - A £10 haircut voucher Shackell - £2.5m Drury - £500k Charlton - £50k Doherty - 2lb of carrots Jonson - £250k Holt - Ha Ha Ha!!!  About £2.50 Francis - Whatever we can get for a player with no heart Safri - £1.5m Huckerby - £1.5m Henderson - £250k Ashton - £irreplaceable McKenzie - £2.5m Jarvis - £250k Svensson - £50k Total - £11,000,002.50 + Ashton Plus a decent haircut and the start of a good stew!!!
  14. [quote]So this morning we see that Norwich are refusing to dismiss rumours that Rangers will make a £4M bid! £4M!!??? No bloody way. If sold Deano for that I would hit the bloody roof. Why don''t we take ...[/quote] £4m is an insult.  If the club are considering offsetting any losses next year by selling him, he is worth at least DOUBLE. We must hold onto our best players to try to return to the promised land at the 1st go. If the club sell Ashton, get set for a supporters revolt.
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