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  1. Agreed. Like every other human they won't get it right all the time. Perhaps it was felt that any money that would have been spent wouldn't have improved the team enough to be warranted and seeing where improvements are needed in January was preferred. Injuries have now meant that has not turned out to be the case. For as long as we have a team giving it their all and playing for the manager I'll be 100% behind them all no matter where we finish this season. I think Uniteds poor form can cause expectations to rise a little too high and forget the calibre of players they are still able to put out against us. 3-1 loss but fighting till the end and while injuries are not the sole cause of our frustrations they are still there and as with Onel we can be optimistic for our key players return.
  2. You should see the match thread. Problem is 10 years without beating us and being consigned to league 1 has left a lot of pent up emotions down the road and they'll take every chance they can get. If you told me 12 months ago that would come in match threads where we lose at home to United on weekends when they're travelling to Southend I'd have bit your arm off
  3. Onel singlehandedly increasing my optimism tenfold.
  4. You may be right but you could argue this everywhere. The amount of times I see articles on the bbc where I think "this would never have been acceptable if you replaced X with y" is incredible. Take a non to serious example below https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/blogs-trending-48278772 It's actually about men talking at council meetings but like OP BBC were quite happy to run the headline "men talk too much" the same gender much more likely to hide their emotions, not open up and talk to people and ultimately take their lives. As with your reply this wouldn't have been acceptable if used with any other group so why was it here? You never quite see the uproar when it's in the other direction..
  5. This has not been said. As TVB said the OP could have made his point better and the thread title is misleading. I don't think the commentary was the best last night when Lacazette missed a shot simply saying "And that's why he hasn't been getting in the team" was clearly pure guesswork and incorrect as in actual fact he has been out injured for nearly 2 months. It has nothing to do with gender though, I've never liked Michael Owen as as a commentator and Troy Deeney had a bit of a nightmare on Soccer Saturday a few weeks back but then again like the Carney last night these people don't have the years and years of experience that the others do. Least favourite has to be Jonathon Pearce though. Never forget his meltdown over goal line technology during the 2014 WC.
  6. Unless the plan is a long term one in which Phase 1 is extending the South stand (to house the city stand supporters) before rebuilding the city stand some time after?
  7. Directly following the paragraph OP has posted. "That contradicts previous comments from Canaries sporting director Stuart Webber, who has said that Pukki was one of the strikers under consideration when he was one of the recruitment chiefs at Wolves, before the striker went on to join Celtic in 2013." That's Incorrect by David Freezer. How does being offered a player by email (which i'm sure SW inbox is full of) suddenly mean he hadn't considered him previously. Maybe we didn't scout Buendia either he just turned up at the training ground Odemwingie style.
  8. This. Also unlike in that situation there isn't anyone else in the club even close to serving nearly as long as Tettey so it's a moot point.
  9. Good performance and the clean sheet will hopefully calm the panic regarding our defending. Positive result and a lot to look forward to as more come back from injury
  10. So have your opinions on our owners changed at all since earlier in the thread? I can't pretend that the football or results we saw that first season were brilliant but like all teams our size who fall out of the premier League if you don't bounce back you'll soon have to reduce expenditure and it was that for me that afforded Farke breathing room I remember after the 1-1 at Portman road thinking that of the two teams when considering what was being developed and the age of our squad we had the brighter future of the two clubs. I could never pretend to predict what happened next though!
  11. First turbines I saw as a young child were those near Yarmouth at Blood Hill (since replaced) which would have been the late 90s. According to google those things were rated at 225kW compared to the one you just linked which is 12,000kW. Just one of those Haliade-X is worth over 50 of those little things! I hope the UK continues to embrace offshore wind and look forward to seeing how much a % of our electricity comes from it in the future.
  12. Junkers Remarks not that surprising. I've always seen the deal as pretty much Brexit in name only and if there's a risk of No deal then the EU will take this deal all day long. If this gets voted down and it's no deal Vs an extension of imagine he will change his tune. Edit: I'm actually struggling to find where he has actually ruled out an extension as the BBC are reporting...?
  13. Mostly agree with this post but would argue you're being a bit lenient there. There were much harsher words used regarding Farke and at times a lack of appreciation of the circumstances (such as the massively reduced budget compared to prior seasons) afforded to him, Webber etc. Just like if our poor form continues over the next few weeks along with any warranted criticism of tactics etc there will be those calling for his head with little appreciation for the fact that we're competing in the best league in the world and Farke, like all managers won't get it right all the time. I don't mind seeing these old threads again. It's good to see despite the original posters 3 main grievances all staying in place we still won the league last season. If anything it should serve as a beacon of hope to todays pessimists.
  14. In my opinion your analogy doesn't work because in that example you and anyone in that taxi with you will want to head to that same destination, you might disagree one which is the best route but overall you are all in agreement of where that taxi should take you. That can't be said of the 52%. According to the poll Swindon just posted only 20% want no deal? What % of those who want a deal and perhaps voted for Brexit believing they would get one would vote for No deal vs Remain? For me an analogy would be theres a group of 10 at a club who just took a simple binary vote on "Do we leave this club" 6 vote yes and the decision is made. Only then do we realise of those six, three wish to go to another club, 1 (woops) want to go home and the other 2 want to go for food. You're saying that for the original 4 who wished to stay it's tough luck, they were outvoted and now we follow the 3 to the other club. Doesn't work for me.
  15. A flawed referendum question which is why we are still here 3 years later. I'm not so much stating what I want to happen as opposed to what I think will actually happen (although admittedly they are the same thing.) That is that we are on the path to a second referendum where Remain absolutely will be an option.
  16. This is my point. Only one of those options is a definitive option. You're once again stacking those who want a deal with those who would leave with no deal which as your own poll just stated is a lowly 20%. If there is a 2nd referendum it wouldn't make the mistake of the last one. It will be remain vs an actual leave proposition (if not 2)
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