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  1. ThorpeCanary

    According to Sky Sports App

    If you look at other club's its just listing bigger players it thinks are out of contract this season. Even includes Jed Steer at Villa despite him signing a new deal in March
  2. I don't disagree. Would love to see CR like that in my lifetime though.
  3. ThorpeCanary

    How much longer.....

    He sure showed those pessimists
  4. Wasn't the south stand built with the foundations in place to add 4000 in the future? If so we could have quite the ambitious plan here, house the city stand fans there before then moving onto phase 2 in which we rebuild that one. would take the capacity to 35-37k or so. Might have wiped out our premier-league millions already though. oops Phase 3 and 4 could be replacing the two end stands housing all the corporate stuff in the River end while having a single tiered Barclay for our own yellow wall. Wishful thinking perhaps
  5. ThorpeCanary

    The case for Paul Lambert aka the Messiah

    Can't imagine theres many who will be able to take you up on that however it is good to see threads like these appear and realise it's not always as bad as people fear and peoples faith can be rewarded. If it makes the OP feel better the 'Messiah' did a fantastic job too this season!
  6. ThorpeCanary

    Farke Chokes !!!

    Don't disagree with your opinions on Vrancic but to say Farke is choking is a bit silly. Our 8 game winning run put us in a fantastic position. It would have been brilliant if that had gone on securing promotion last week or whatever but the championship was never going to be that way. Instead of criticising Farke we could look at how competitive this division is and compliment if for being so. Back In September pundits were in awe of Bielsa and already predicting Leeds walking over this division - if anyone's choking it isn't us! Instead that winning run left us in such a strong position that even with a drop in form we would have gone into the end of the season with the strongest shout of promotion. like drawing a game when you were winning it's a disappointing end but thats the nature of this sport. As it happens Leeds being Leeds have pretty much removed any cause for panic we could have been feeling right now. Personally i'm going to enjoy the fight for the title. This side is more than capable of 6 points.
  7. ThorpeCanary

    Secret Scout

    "He is not Emi Buendia. But neither in truth is anyone else in this Norwich squad. " True, but I'd add that until his sending off Buendia had been on fire. Even Emi Buendia won't be that Emi Buendia all the time. Unfair to expect Cantwell to come in and pick up where he left off. Just look at any top player and how their form can dip from time to time
  8. ThorpeCanary

    Reading Match Thread

    I think our recent success has almost made a few of us think we were just going to continue winning forever. Football just doesn't work that way, certainly not the championship. We were 5 points clear of Leeds Saturday morning and 6 now. Maintained our advantage on sheff utd. Theres always going to be ups and downs and there has been all season. After our defeat at Preston we were down but hadn't dropped points since then until now. I've seen nothing since then or even tonight to suggest we are not the best team in the league. Others would have lost in this situation. This is how teams of Readings position always frustrate teams like us and it's why the likes of Man city / Liverpool drop points to lower league opposition in a season - it happens. We will learn from it and move on. 5 to go.
  9. ThorpeCanary

    Reading Match Thread

    my bad, looking at Leeds
  10. ThorpeCanary

    Reading Match Thread

    Ultimately Sheffield United's draw at Birmingham mean we are 7 points clear of 3rd with a +8 goal difference. Have gained a point on Leeds since Saturday morning. Our winning run has come to end. Let's start another on Sunday. OTBC!
  11. ThorpeCanary

    Simon Jordan - Binners heading for league 2 !

    “The stark reality in that part of the world must be the mirror opposite at Norwich. That’s management appointments, that’s owner engagement... I know Delia (Smith) and her husband and the owners of Norwich very well and their investment and their involvement – both emotional, physical, logistical, financial – is unequivocal.” Good to see these kind of comments regarding Delia. Always her fault when it's not going well by those not so keen to give recognition when it is.
  12. ThorpeCanary

    Where Are They Now?

    Thought this was going to be about all those posters who were oh so prominent on here when the club weren't doing so well. Where are they now?
  13. ThorpeCanary

    Fulham down

    Really hope this happens at some point. Like you i've no idea how the club will implement it but really do think with our fanbase we have the potential to grow the support further and would love to see the capacity around the 35k mark. I also hope that should we be promoted and struggle next season (not that I have any reason to think we will) the fans remain behind the owners and remember that Fulham style spending is no guarantee of success. For as long as the players are playing for the manager as well I hope we stay loyal to Farke if this situation. Huddersfield an example of how twisting can make no difference whatsoever.
  14. ThorpeCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    What is it you prefer about May's deal over things as they are? Even if I don't agree with No deal I can at least appreciate if people genuinely believe it will be better for our economy (or whatever their motives are) thats why they'd vote for it. I can't however see why anyone would want Mays' deal over remain
  15. ThorpeCanary

    OT - EU straw poll...

    Once again this indecision causes odds to shorten on a 2nd ref