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  1. ThorpeCanary

    Our summer business

    If not for the Injury crisis I believe Amadou would have been an upgrade in his natural position. Hopefully we can find out soon.
  2. ThorpeCanary

    The Brexit Party

    I believe so as it will move us closer to a 2nd Referendum.
  3. ThorpeCanary

    Webbers Interview

    In fairness that other thread has about 7 replies and including the original post not a single line about Webbers Interview. Agree that it's easy to support the team when all is well and the only things we're worried about is who's gonna nick Farke/Webber/various players off us. It's when times get tough that your supports going to be tested and in football it doesn't matter who you support. It will happen
  4. ThorpeCanary

    Must go

    Unless this European super league happens in which case there's every chance we will be. Never say never
  5. ThorpeCanary

    football quiz - grounds

    15/20 although without the clues in every photo would have probably been about 5! could have done with this on there...
  6. ThorpeCanary

    Brighton Tickets

    Staying there and getting 'so many' promotions are mutually exclusive. I can think of many teams who had less promotions than our 3 then fizzled back to the championship and many many more who despite their best efforts can't seem to find their way into the premier league at all. Best example I can think of in your scenario is Burnley. Promoted in 08/09 and 13/14 both for a one season visit before going up again int 15/16 where they have stayed until now. Until now we had avoided each other since 2011. This is now their 4th consecutive season in the top flight. Third time lucky?
  7. ThorpeCanary

    Ownership questions

    That's one way of looking at it. The other is that in order to get those relegations we needed to be promoted in the first place. Nuttys table showed that unless your one of the top 6/7 then your stay isn't going to last forever. Why see relegations as blowing good opportunities and not celebrate the promotions back here? I don't look at the spending of Marcus Evans (~2007) or Tony Fernandez (2011) with much envy at all.
  8. ThorpeCanary

    Ownership questions

    Agree completely. But my point is what happens if that 145 million got spent in a bid to push ourselves to the next level only for us to be relegated anyway. What happens then?
  9. ThorpeCanary

    Jack Rodwell

    I didn't make a secret of the fact it was quite a quick Google. I will correct you though that I didn't cherry pick. They overwhelmingly consider him a mistake. We can agree to disagree. You believe he could be a gamble worth taking. I believe it would be an utterly terrible one. I've been wrong before.
  10. ThorpeCanary

    Ownership questions

    they beat Watford in the playoff final 2013? We can meet in the middle at 7! Completely agree.
  11. ThorpeCanary

    Ownership questions

    Goes to show unless you're one of the big clubs best not get to comfortable
  12. 3 points the difference between making a good fist of it and needing to be afraid very afraid? Fine margins.
  13. ThorpeCanary

    Ownership questions

    To take that scenario a little bit further (deal of the century btw, premier league club that owns it's ground for 25m!) how would you spend that 145million? Assuming you're not going to keep any to yourself how far would it go? Sign a couple of 10-20 million pound players on nice big contracts. Perhaps upset the apple cart a little either in terms an unexpected European push or simply ruining your own team harmony. Maybe survive for a season or two but what if you don't? What Happens when you do eventually drop? Not having a go but you need an awful lot of money to play with a football club nowadays. That 145M won't last long.
  14. ThorpeCanary

    Jack Rodwell

    I'm not sure what you're referring to regarding Leitner but I do remember Cantwell being unfairly criticised here after filling in for Buendia after his red card and not replicating Emi's red hot performances Which was also coinciding with 4 straight draws leaving a few fans on panic mode. In fact I said as much back In April ""He is not Emi Buendia. But neither in truth is anyone else in this Norwich squad. " True, but I'd add that until his sending off Buendia had been on fire. Even Emi Buendia won't be that Emi Buendia all the time. Unfair to expect Cantwell to come in and pick up where he left off." So for me whatever you've picked up on this forum from a select time frame last season vs the overwhelming consensus on that Blackburn forum that Rodwell was a mistake are in no way comparable. I'd give any player signed by Farke/Webber my full support but for everything I can see of Rodwell and his history he's the antithesis of the type of player they'd sign.
  15. ThorpeCanary

    Jack Rodwell

    I was curious about Rodwell so just had a quick look on one of the Blackburn forums for information about how he was regarded there. "As an aside you forgot Rodwell. In fairness his time here was very forgettable. " "I am always in favour of class players which is why I gave Rodwell the benefit of the doubt for so long." "You touch on the centre backs issue, it is criminal that firstly we had last summer, where he got Rodwell as our third centre back, obviously that backfired" "Let's hope we have a free transfer lined up (but not Rodwell)" "Out of curiosity would people be happy or frustrated at Jack Rodwell getting a deal? He's no centre half but I'm sure he can do a job in midfield for us still." They go on and on and are pretty conclusive. I think we are best giving him a miss.