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  1. ThorpeCanary

    New ways to hassle the binners.

    You could probably go a bit further than that and say if you were born in May 1999 you would be 20 years old and 3 at the time of their relegation in 2002. Point being I doubt theres a teenager out there who can remember Ipswich as a top division club
  2. ThorpeCanary

    Ryan Bennett's resurrection

    Says on wiki that he was born in Greys but I'd always considered him a local lad. Perhaps its me misremembering but I don't remember him being that bad for us https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/05/31/norwich-city-fans-react-on-twitter-as-ryan-bennett-nears-wolverh/ I saw a Celtic thread on Pukki the other day and it's much the same. Footballs a funny game and he seems to have found the right system.
  3. ThorpeCanary

    Wolves v ManU

    Ryan Bennett.
  4. ThorpeCanary

    Norwich v Newcastle match thread

    Passed away over two years ago :( Great result today and I think we've given a few of the experts something to think about. Farke will keep the players feet on ground but it's great to get a win early in the season with such a comfortable performance.
  5. ThorpeCanary

    Some things never change

    I don't worry about the pundits, I don't think they influence our players and while I certainly think a lot of ours deserve recognition im (selfishly) happy for them to get little notice and fly under the radar while having success with us. As far as the media were concerned Leeds won the championship last September but I didn't see them lift the trophy in May. We have a united squad here and any disrespect or patronising will be used by Farke and his team and twisted in our favour I think.
  6. ThorpeCanary

    Goal difference...

    https://www.premierleague.com/news/1262217 It seems it will be points then GD then goals scored. This rules just tries to avoid a playoff match I think
  7. Actually quite encouraged by that. Caused them problems and can't be suprised by their ruthlessness. So pleased by our style of play too. Took players on and created decent chances against the champions of Europe. always disappointing to lose but my optimism for this season has actually improved after that second half.
  8. And quite the step up it is too. Champions of Europe and beat Barcelona 4-0 on their way there. No one likes a hammering but it was always going to be a possibility. I can take this one much easier than the 4-0 at Millwall two year ago.
  9. ThorpeCanary

    Defending Set Pieces

    We committed the most fouls of any team last season as well so more opportunities to concede from them. Whether thats an issue or not would have to be balanced against the merits of a high press.
  10. ThorpeCanary

    Away Kit Surfaces Early

    Yeah I'd say so. Black third kit with funky pattern incoming....
  11. ThorpeCanary

    Huddersfield’s kit 😳

    "Paddy Power claim it's all part of a campaign to highlight their 'Save our Shirt' campaign - where they want brands to stop sponsoring football shirts. Paddy Power MD, Victor Corcoran, said: “Shirt sponsorship in football has gone too far. We accept that there is a role for sponsors around football, but the shirt should be sacred. “So today we are calling on other sponsors to join the Save Our Shirt campaign, and give something back to the fans." Smart move from Paddy Power. Whether you agree with it or not it's not impossible to believe that bookies could well have their sponsorship options limited at some point in the future. Why not get in their first and try and encourage it to happen to all brands?
  12. ThorpeCanary

    EFL Trophy

    From the pinkun article "The last time City faced Portsmouth - in January - they suffered an humiliating 1-0 home defeat in the FA Cup third round." Not how I remembered that. Played And controlled most of the match with 10 men before being suckerpunched at the end. Hardly a humiliation
  13. ThorpeCanary

    Move Ground to move forward.

    Whenever expansion does take place the question of how will be another headache! For me the only solution is to put that 2nd tier behind the South Stand taking us up to around 31k so that when we eventually do rebuild the city stand we will be able to the season ticket holders sat in there. This would mean in those seasons between (however many that may be) we would need a cap on season tickets to prevent us being in the same situation and also that we will have a lopsided ground for a while but at least fans will get a better view of the city Once those two are sorted we can then complete the plan of rebuilding the River End to take all the corporate stuff allowing to rebuild our own Barclay Kop - OK, may be going a bit far but one can dream.
  14. ThorpeCanary

    Move Ground to move forward.

    I base it on the feasibility study the club commissioned stating an expansion of 7,000. As for the last bit yes, I wouldn't expand Carrow Road if i knew we were going to spend 19 of the next 20 seasons in the championship. I believe it will be worthwhile because if we are going to try and move onto the next level it's something that will help us get there. I bought a bike two years ago to commute to work, it saves me about €4 in petrol a day. I didn't buy it for it to sit at home each time theres rain (or like there will be soon - a storm) but it's still paid for itself 5 times over. (I appreciate a stand won't be quite so quick) To reiterate I don't believe we should be extending right now or even in the next couple of years, but after a few seasons of successive premier-league football that's when I believe the time will be right. The truth is teams like us - or anyone who isn't the big 6) are never truely safe at the top table anyway, just look at Villa, Newcastle and Sunderland.
  15. ThorpeCanary

    Move Ground to move forward.

    I agree they would be an undeserving beneficiary of a bigger stadium and would be currently queuing up for their season tickets. My Facebook feed has been full of people who have once again remembered they are Norwich fans after a couple of years out supporting their childhood big teams. But I don't want Carrow Road extended for them, I want it done to give a chance for our football club to grow it's support which I'm sure it can do and help move us up a level. It would need to be done at a sensible time and now clearly isn't it. Interestingly Newcastle (who usually mostly fill there ground) averaged 43k back in 2010 in the championship while averaging 51k in 2017, I'm not sure what caused the big difference between those years is down to but It shows how quickly things can change