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  1. [quote user="Death by Chocolate Starfish"]How did the protest go yesterday?? As I suspected, Delia Outers in the minority [/quote] Youre joking, right?
  2. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]Just imagine if the Doc did get his chance up top and started banging them in! it would be hillarious! [/quote] Surely we couldnt be that lucky?
  3. [quote user="Shaker"]Same old Delia, i so wish she''d piss off![/quote] Hear Hear. .
  4. Kennedy thinks hes Bobby Moore. Stupid crass error getting caught in possession for the goal. And what was that backheel all about?
  5. [quote user="Badger"][quote user="barclay seats"] You are most obviously an attetion seeker....you have had your few minutes ....now why don''t you be a good Badger and go back to the sett that you came from before the 11th of july [/quote] A thoughtful considered argument again. [/quote] Pot, Kettle, Black. Shut up? i dont think so.
  6. Maybe, like the prick on Radio Norfolk yesterday, we should blame the ''fans performance'' . Anyone but the cook.
  7. The Delia Lick arses are not true supporters. The have oedipus complexes about aging tv cooks, when they should crave a winning Norwich City team. Amyone content with this gabage and the last 4 years is a closet scummer.   
  8. Every time she gets her cheque book out, Norwich gains a hotel, restaurant or pub.
  9. The club is in terminal decline, stagnating while the reticent board build their little culinary empire. Under investment on a shocking scale, lies, and constamt mocking and piss taking (witness the cooks rant at the Norfolk show). The team is a joke. Pathetic, almost defies the trades description act. CErtainties for relegation, unles the supporters grow a pair and show their contempt for this losing mentality. We cannot even compete financially with barnsley and burnley. its a disgrace. How can anyone calling themselves a Norwich City Supporter stand idly by or support this bunch of tossers that are dragging the club into the sewers? Smith out now.  
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