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  1. Will it help? Yeah its bad at the moment. I wish I could type expletives at the moment, in truth if IT happens who better to get us back up than AN. Stick with this man, I believe it''ll pay off. It''s my opinion of course.
  2. Rudd did a Ruddy for the second today. I personally would recall Ruddy but I think the keeper is the least of our worries at the moment. IMO.
  3. I too sat with the Forest fans. Lower Trent. Horrid experience, I would strongly advise against it, pretending to support an opposition side, especially when you lose, like the way we lost, no, never again!
  4. Sorry to hijack. Hoping someone will be able to help. I''m in Nottingham tomorrow seeing family and I was going to walk down and grab a ticket for the game. Now I realise it''s no longer pay on the gate (shame) so I''ve got to blag the ticket office...is it much of a blag? Do they require your address details (so I need to prepare a statement)? Or am I worrying about nothing and just asking for a ticket wherever available is all that I need to do?
  5. [quote user="the bristol nest"]I am really dissappointed as I wanted someone famous to guarantee succes even if they had been sacked by other teams for failing to find success. Otherwise I wanted someone who had managed a big team in a poor league who had something to prove to teams that don''t include usand who wants to be somewhere else. The last thing I wanted was a Norwich City man who has a good reputation for his attacking coaching side and total loyalty to our club. What makes it worse is that he knows the squad and youth set up. There is no way that someone that we are familiar with could be as good or heaven forbid better than a famous name that has been sacked.[/quote] Precisely. Good luck Neil. We all have to start somewhere. We all wish for better opportunities You''ve been given your chance now prove the doubters wrong!
  6. I think (and have done for some time) that premier league football (where replays are freely available) adopt a similar approach to American Football and use timeouts or ‘challenges’. Each team gets two challenges per game. These are used by the manager who would communicate with the fourth official. If correct the side retains its challenge (and obviously the resulting correct decision). If incorrect the side loses a challenge and the game continues with the original decision. I appreciate that flaws exists, and they will do in any system, however I’d personally rather see this than some of the crap we get at the moment.
  7. This might sound like an excuse for our current predicament but I cannot remember a season when so many BIG Referring decisions have been made wrongly and against us. Goal disallowed on Saturday, push on Marshall against Brum, Doc''s red card against Bristol and that''s only in the recent games. 
  8. Ashamed? Hell no! I said my piece on Saturday (well probably more than a piece) - but Fozzy was, has and is dire....I''m just shocked that us fans have managed to achieve a postive outcome. I give credit were it''s due, applude and praise but I will also get frustrated when not 1 or 2 or 3 but 4 so called clearances by Fozzy inside our area in the first half go to a Coventry player lurking just outside/inside the box (1 of which = Coventry goal no 1)! He might as well have worn sky blue that game.
  9. Surely an investor would be more likely (I like to dream) to come in with the knowledge that they are backing a well-supported club with plenty of ticket sales?
  10. Woah this is slightly unfair. Obviously I was watching a different game. In the 2nd half Drury was alone on the left hand side - Hoops played a more central role. How Bristol didn''t exploit the gap on the left I don''t know - but they didn''t and for me that''s credit to Drury. Also want to big it up for Sammy -  was cracking at the back. If anything Jono was off the pace today.
  11. Based on the pink un front page stories I can see Lappin starting down the left flank.
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