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  1. Not likely to say "we are signing a pants striker" is he?
  2. Agreed. An embarrasment to our club at times. However, when he stayed on his feet, a genius
  3. It looked like a deffo pen when I saw it during the game. Now, after the highlights, I am not so sure. However, facts are: Cov player was barged from behind, that was a stupid challenge. Any forward is going to fall over It was a penalty cos the ref gave it We should have scored 6 goals by then, making their pen irrelevant Rasiak IN
  4. Howard is an interesting choice, has a reputation for being lazy though. Rasiak has to be a must, we don''t necessarily need a targetman, we need a goal poacher. Mifsud from Cov might be an option.  His pace on the end of some of the passing yesterday would have been perfect
  5. I sat near the halfway line with a load of Cov fans and corporate fans. From where I sat, it looked like a deffo pen. With the benefit of watching the highlights, it looks less clear-cut and we were probably unlucky. The Cov player didn''t dive. Unlike Lupoli who embarrassed us all by throwing himself to the ground in the first half. We deffo deserved a penalty But we shot ourselves in the foot by not taking advantage of the chances we created. We simply have to do better
  6. Spot on, Mackenzie didnt diss us at all. He celebrated his goal with Cov fans, didnt taunt us and at the end of the game, clearly applauded the Norwich fans. But seeing as 1,900 Norwich fans were busy leaving for the coaches, I don''t think many were watching Leon acknowledge us
  7. I thought that a pretty accurate and insightful assessment.....until the bit about Leon I sat with the Cov fans today and he ran to them to celebrate his 100th goal. He had a t-shirt on dedicating the goals to this family. No way did he try to diss us.  I don''t think he ignored the fans either. Face it, he plays for another club. And he applauded the Norwich at the final whistle as well.
  8. For all their reputations, I wasn''t impressed with any of the Cov forwards today, including Leon. Eastwood looked lost and Morrison was well off the pace. Not that they got much service
  9. Even one forward would be enough and it doesnt have to be a targetman. Just some fat bone idle goalpoacher would be enough
  10. I frequently bet on the other side. The reason: Betting on your own team to win just jinxs Norwich. If we win, I am happy to lose money If we lose, at least I win a few quid to help drown the sorrows.
  11. The Cov fans reckon we could get Mifsud for under a million
  12. Their penalty looked genuine enough to me, the player got pushed over in the area. We had a genuine shout which was turned down. Happens all the time. The reason we lost was because we dont have a player who can finish in front of goal.  Pretty approach play is all very well but we need a finisher.
  13. Yeah but everyone sings it. Even when it isnt true. Away fans sing it against us. (And sometimes it is true!!!) Just of one those tedious chants, that has lost any humour/originality
  14. I thought Hoolihan was outstanding, a bargain
  15. Heard most of them. But the Cov fans to my left were vocal for most of the game Novel to be sitting away from your own fans but fun nonetheless. You get a different perspective. The "your grounds too big for you" has to be the saddest, most unoriginal song ever.
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