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  1. The negative brigade have substance, they have some dreadful defeats, awful performances, they have a 'super keeper' who can't stop conceding, they have this 'super young defense' that cant stop conceding, they have our most talented player throwing his arms up in the air every time hes brushed off the ball, they have a manager who cant decide his midfield 3, they have Villa, West Ham, Watford, Palace, Burnley, Southampton and the Championship game we lost yesterday. What do you have? Belief and Man City. PS. I'm not part of the negative brigade, just a realist and someone who is bored of your crap week in, week out.
  2. Have a day, week, month, season off will you. Same regurgitated nonsense week after week, lots of words, no substance.
  3. Hold very little hope for us; We will pick some points up and some against teams we're not expected to but an inability to see us compete with teams around will see us down and probably bottom.
  4. I drive to work the speed in which I am guided, Last time I went to a football match there was no such guide as to how long fans should hold on to a ball for?
  5. Just curious, Whats the alternative? Fans the throw the ball back to the opposition as fast as possible?
  6. Lets be reet, it was absolutely a penalty. The retake however...
  7. The fact that he was still at the club, tells you all you need to know really. Look, I'd replace Hanley with a traffic cone and buying a first choice CB would be top of my list, but I just cant see it happening.
  8. No he didn't. Also, so what if he did? The club still deemed him good enough to be 3rd/4th choice CB then, so why shouldn't they now? PS. Deemed good enough to start at Anfield.
  9. I completely agree. But it wont happen, as far as the club are concerned (Klose injury aside) we are in the exact position we were expected to be in. For me it'd be a first choice CB and a first choice CM.
  10. I stated in the OP what positions I'd sign for and why? Apologies, I read on phone and missed the connection between you being OP and your reply. Why risk Hanley when there are big doubts about his quality at this level? There wasn't in August, nothings changed. I don't think Buendia is the answer on that right side. It's appeared clear it will be 3 from Buendia, Cantwell, Hernandez, Steipermann, bloody hell Farke even played Kenny further forward rather than playing Roberts, so not sure we'd spend any money on someone else to watch our games from the sideline.
  11. For what position? We don't need another keeper. Have enough full backs. We're actually going to have our centre halves back. Already have too many centre mid's. We've got by so far (even with having Onel out) without having to give Roberts a kick. We're not replacing Pukki or bringing a third striker in. Through a combination of Farke's loyalty and the clubs low appetite for risk we got through preseason only spending pockit change, there's no compelling reason to spend in Jan.
  12. We'll not be spending in January. We had the option to in the summer and didnt, nothings changed and were about where we were expected to be.
  13. I've been hoping for this. Although not particularly skillful Max almost always beats the defender and since we have Byram to cover, I'd give it a go. Id then push Buendia to 10.
  14. True if we were playing until Christmas we wouldn't have scored today even against ten women *fixed again
  15. Can't see where the next goals going to come from after this. *fixed it for you.
  16. No meaningful goal in 7 games. Conceding by the bucket load - Despite apparently having 3 young £40/50+ Million defenders. Embarrassed at home by bottom of the league. No Fight No Passion Less Quality No doubt it'll be the same regurgitated guff from Farke and Webber. Unacceptable.
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