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  1. 1 minute ago, keelansgrandad said:

    Under age gambling should not exist. Parents and the betting companies should see to that. Anyone of the appropriate age who is conned into believing that because his football club is sponsored by a betting company that will enforce him to bet too much needs therapy of a different kind.

    Should we stop the Lottery? The Pools? Nothing stops people spending a fortune on those.

     Can people take responsibility for their own actions for a change?

    Does it exist?

    This topic is so boring;

    Don't like betting, don't bet but don't stop people betting who want to.

  2. All,


    I am an away priority ticket member and have had no issues getting any tickets for away games (mostly because I understand the concept of a queue)


    I would like to get down to Carrow Rd at some point this year (before we're relegated) but obviously struggle with tickets.


    If anyone would like to try and arrange swaps - my away tickets for home, then please get in touch.

  3. 23 hours ago, CANARYKING said:

    Getting hammered here, wasn’t really a kick, just a nudge because he stopped right in front of me, if you’re going to leave just go

    Wow, I'll revise my previous statement;

    Imagine starting a thread boasting about kicking a person, when you didn't actually kick them, because they wanted to leave early - sad little man.


  4. Nope, still a great player, still learning and as potential to be even better than any player we 'would/could' buy with the money.


    Edited to add,

    Jamal as been somewhat forgotten about since Max's rise -  he still is very good and could be even better aswell as Byram as done, Jamal is very much first choice for me.

  5. We can certainally feel agrived by the use of VAR this season;

    Everything seems to have gone against us without VAR;

    Basham is sent off, Godfrey isnt.

    Pukki' (Spurs) goal stands, Connor Wickhams doesn't - thats 4 points plus 17 minutes to equalise against Sheff U.

    Then theres the encroachment against Arsenal - obviously far too early and would only have been 1-0 but even so...

    and VAR didnt get involved when Haller's done Zimmerman - similar to the sendings off of Aubameyang and Godfrey recently.




  6. We've had some games recently where we have been the better team, looked comfortable and been in front against teams we wouldnt be expected to beat.

    Arsenal, Spurs, Palace spring to mind, games where you'd take a point before and although we played well, lead and ended with only a point it didnt seem too dissapointing.

    Yesterday was opposite, performance, domination, stats didnt count, we just needed 3 points.

    We dragged it out, grinded it out and scraped 3 points, what is frustrating is that it took a collosal error from one of their defenders to win us the game. Other than the Pukki chance cant recall any more clear cut opportunites.

    Actually nice to see us win ugly after drawing/losing pretty for so long,

  7. 10 minutes ago, The Real Buh said:

    Godfreys red was a box ticking exercise. He wanted to be the first guy to use the monitor. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that all referees are scum and deserve nothing but contempt lads.

    Then he'd be two weeks, too late.

  8. 6 minutes ago, rondy said:

    Yeah I couldn't find it through the website so did a search for 'ticket history ncfc' in the bar at the top and it took me straight there.

    Hope that helps

    Bizarrely that worked.


    Appears to be lots missing on mine, assume these must have been pay on the day/ticket stub jobs

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