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  1. Assume you've not looked at the table for a little while.
  2. Impossible to have any expectation in the lottery of the Championship. Which is why its so important to try and stay in the Premier League once we get there.
  3. I used Justpark for the first time (no issue at all), think I paid £8.80 for someones drive about 15 minutes away. We did walk past a couple of industrial estate type car parks that were £20.
  4. I think something as gone fundementally wrong behind the scenes. Using hindsight from that Friday night we started the season at Liverpool and; Evidenced by the fact that despite our poor form/results Farke can't/won't turn to Trybull/Leitner/Stepi/Hernandez/Vrancic. Evidenced by the fact that Krul (who hasnt done badly) is still our No.1 despite Farhmann being brought in to be No.1 Evidenced by our most talented player, struggling to get minutes. Evidenced by the fact that Byram is somehow ahead of Lewis at LB. Evidenced by the Roberts and Amadou's loan, cut short. Evidenced by the fact a 42 year old Alex Tettey is the first name on the team sheet and Kenny McClean as a free pass to start everygame. Evidenced by the fact a unknown average German signed in Jan, somhow has been first choice for everygame since, likewide Duda appears to be undropable, despite anything other than a good 45 minutes. Wolves was just all too predictable, some little flashes of powederpuff and quickly dominated by a team in second gear, culminating in 3 soft goals. What I have found particulary frustrating is the 'possesion is key' message, its not. Wolves were ruthless yesterday breaking quick and turning attack to defence in in 2/3 very good passes, whilst we even at 1-0/2-0/3-0 down, we didn't increase our urgency and were happy to retain possesion, trying to move up the pitch nice and slowly.
  5. Shambolic. No positives. Another week closer to relegation. All too tedious and predictable now.
  6. Security Manager (Fraud, Risk, People Safety) for leading UK Bookmaker. Have had a couple of shares in horses over the last two years.
  7. I alternate between Football and Horse Racing, usually depending on how well Norwich are doing. Aside from them Rugby League is the only other sport I'd say I was interested in. My job revolves around sport so keeping up to date with all mainstream sports is handy. I do try and watch he Superbowl every year and usually last around 15-20 minutes before turning off however I did last the whole match this year.
  8. I don't necessarily disagree, But my point is quoting you've been watch football 60 years, means nothing.
  9. Honestly, just delete your Pinkun account, its so obvious that you are a troll/WUM/Attention Seeker/Parody account.
  10. Love this... So what, my mum's been watching football for 60 years, doesn't mean your opinion is anymore relevant, credible or carry any weight.
  11. It wasn't a foul. However I believe had there been no VAR the referee would have given it, as often when a potential foul leads to a goal, it is chalked off. Referee was allowed to hide behind VAR.
  12. 3 days later. When you've been to the game and esecially at St James, you cant always tell what happened. God forbid the late night highlight show, would show, you know, the highlights.
  13. What if the Liverpool/Man City 0-0 has five men sent off, three goals disallowed, four contentious VAR reviews?
  14. All relevant chances, tbh.
  15. Im honestly not bothered where we are in the line up, nor do I want them to say anything about the chances but I do want to bloody see them. Although the vantage point at St James is fantastic it's hard to see the nitty gritty, Cantwells penalty for instance looked stonewall. The inconsistency is also rediculous, why show Pukki's left foot half volley that was probably going over anyway and not show him racing clear 1 on 1 with the keeper.
  16. Dreadful coverage. Completely missed out; Pukki's 1 on 1. Cantwells potential Pen. Kenny's near post header. Hernandez chance in last second. Somehow managed to make them. Look the better side, unbelievable.
  17. No, Yes, simply because we dont have anyone to replace him. It should also be noted that his work rate and link up play as been very good. Its alright being cool on the internet saying "Yeah, I'd drop Pukki for Drmic" realistically if it was your decision, you wouldn't. As for subs, I'm not sure too much more of what he can do in a game where we are dominating? He obviously doesnt really fancy Hernandez and thank god he didnt bring Emi on any earlier.
  18. That's not strictly how it works; We were desperate and spent £9 Mill on a player who it was highly unlikely we'd be able to recoup any money back on.
  19. Wait, you think £9 Mill for a 29 year old Naismith was a good investment?
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