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  1. 46 minutes ago, BillySharpsCircus said:

    So if Norwich played liked the Blades and had 43 points this season and were fighting for a Champions League place you wouldn't go and watch them?

    I'm calling you a liar!

    I couldn't support a team that doesn't leave it all on the pitch to win a game of football. Playing nice football and losing still makes you a loser. 


    Ask Stoke fans.

  2. 5 hours ago, Terminally Yellow said:

    Why? I think that's adding 2 + 2 and coming up with 5.

    He's a player whose place on the bench was taken by someone else. No big deal.

    Lietner, Stepi, Tom, Hernandez, Mario to some extent pre-Jan all ostracised.

    Farhemann, Roberts and Amadou barely kicked a ball.

    "But they're not good enough for the Premier League I hear you scream"

    Performance hasn't exactly got much better has it??

    Duda has had far more chances than Stepi, despite the fact that hes produced the same.

    We've somehow ended up with a guaranteed middle three of a 72 year old Alex Tettey, Kenny and Duda, no matter what.

    Have results improved, no.




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  3. Our issue is, we don't actively try to score, until its too late.

    Even at 1-0/2-0/3-0 down - Wolves prime example. We'll happily play our passing football right the way up the right wing, only to come all the way back to the keeper and up the left wing.

    We don't have that explosive pace or desire to beat men, we very rarely break the lines but when we do, we end up turning back and relenting that advantage.

    Our No.10 - Whoever that has been as chipped in with 0.


  4. For what its worth, I actually really enjoy watching Sheffield United play.

    A almost all British team, who put their bodies on the line for each other, every week.

    Incredibly well built, structured and shaped.

    They've perfected the art of the cross, which seems to be a lost art these days.

    They're far from long ball merchants and can play some good football too.

    Billy Sharp aside, I look forward to seeing them play in Europe.

  5. On 07/03/2020 at 17:45, SplatCat said:

    Genuinely think we are further ahead in our journey though. They remind me a bit of when we got promoted under Lambert - high energy, physical. But they are more defensive. Thing is, we then had years under hughton when we basically realised we all hated defensive football, it wasn't worth it. Now we are in the Premier League having a go at playing attacking football. Yes it isn't working out but at least we are trying to play good football and ultimately it will pay dividends as we are good to watch week in week out and our players are worth loads as we bring through the youth. Our squad must be worth a lot more than theirs. I would still rather watch us every week. What is the point of kicking your way to stay in the Prem year by year. 

    Come on man...

  6. We were beaten by a well drilled and strong team, who do the basics very well.

    Their set peices are fantastic, literally everyone on a sixpence.

    All this fluffy 'if we'd have scored we'd have been fine' is nonesense, Sheff Utd were in second gear.

    Not sure if Max was instructed not to take on their full back, but not once did he attempt to beat Egan or Osborne, his worst perfromance for sometime.

    The Sheff Utd team that played today, is essentially that of last year, how have we fallen so far behind them?

    We're so powderpuff in both areas, we go into every game knowing we'll conceed at least one and are unlikely to score, however we only spend a short period actually intensly trying to score. When your only trying to score for 10 minutes per game, you're not going too.

    Duda is literally the invisible man in what should be such a key area for us.

    Dreadul summer window, dreadful winter window, all about beating Man Utd now.

    Lets also be honest, its wasnt Farke's Plan B, it was desperation.



  7. Derby obviously. 

    As much as we've done well against top sides, Man Utd have give us two proper batterings.

    However we'd play them after a couple of crunch Premier League games (Man City and Spurs) whereby at which point the Europa may be their best chance of getting Champions League football next season, and our quarter would be after their 2nd leg. 

  8. 7 hours ago, Alex Moss said:

    Now shut the f*** up

    People laughed at you, Lakey - they’re meant to be Norwich City supporters, but who’s laughing now?

    Bang out of 2/2 Leicester and Tottenham

    How many of you that took the **** out of Lakey have got the gumption to give him credit? I bet few...

    Nice one, man 🥁🏆

    Let's not get it twisted Alex;

    We all want us to do well, we all want us to get through to the next round and avoid relegation.

    Lakey never predicted we'd win, he never used any evidence or rationale  as to why these two games would be any different to the majority of the previous 30.

    I share many of the positive beliefs he does, but he is a WUM - He strategically times posts when he knows most will be down and prods them with him stick, he knows exactly what he is doing, when hes doing it and thrives off it.

  9. What a game. 

    What a night. 

    Fantastic for almost all that game. 

    Cantwell/Idah penalties were great. 

    Timmys prep was superb. 

    A game we should never have been losing, felt so comfortable. 

    A game that showed us even when we go hell for leather, we can have some quality and create chances. 

    A catalyst for Saturday?

    All eyes turn to Derby/Man Utd tomorrow. 

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