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  1. Of the valuables;

    I wouldnt be surprise to see Buendia, Cantwell, Aarons and Godfrey gone.

    Lewis I think we'll keep as I dont think we'll get a offer deemed accepted.

    Krul I hope will stay;

    Leaving a back five of Krul, Byram, Hanley, Zimmerman and Lewis.

    In midfield;

    Surely its the end for Mo and probably Stepi

    Tettey seems to be as evergreen, if we can keep him fit and protected he can be pivotal next season, hopefully with Melvin Setti as like for like replacement.

    Kenny apparently drew some interest from Palace/West Ham in Jan - anywhere near £10 Million and hes gone.

    However three from, Tettey/Sitty, Trybull, Vrancic, Rupp and Mclean should suffice.

    Exited to see young Josh Martin for me he should get a vast amount of game time now, to have him ready for next season.

    Hernandez will thrive back in the Championship and Daniel Sinaini could be anything but we'll certainally need some recuritment in depth in the wide areas.

    I wouldn't be too dissapointed to see Pukki leave, he had a fantastic season last year and blistering start but just hasnt looked the same since not entirely sure where is value would be but I'd also be happy to see him start the season.

    Its going to be make a make or break year for Idah and I know he gets a bad rap on here but I've seen enough from Drmic to think he'd be a useful asset in the Premier League though I guess he wouldnt see his future in the Championhsip.

    One from Pukki/Idah plus a replacemnt for Drmic. 

    Overall we look in good shape to mount a challenge back to the Prem.

  2. On ‎27‎/‎06‎/‎2020 at 20:52, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:

    We were already 1-0 down by that time so the dynamic of the game had changed. 

    Based on the first 45, in which we matched United, I'd say Farke got it right tonight. 

    Which coincided with United having easily their worst team to play here for 30 years on the pitch.


    Re-Rupp, hes just unfashionable. Not going to score many, not going to do anything spectacular but works hard everygame and thats overlooked.


  3. 10 minutes ago, lake district canary said:

    I see CDMullins is not at his best this morning. Got a hangover maybe?

    Same old nonsense.

    You'll never convince me that you're not just a attention seeker/troll.

    You posted your usual after match thread last night and got no attention so feel the need to start another one.

    No words, no real meaning, no evidence, no rationale, just nonsense.

    So consider this your attention, congratulations.

  4. 12 minutes ago, Alex Moss said:

    Ha ha definitely NOT the worst Utd side in 30 years, they’re a big improvement on the Moyes era and this arguably the best they’ve been since Sir Alex left.

    So take a day off yourself rather than try and stick one on someone who clearly loves his club 👍

    Hahaha, you are aware that the Moyes side that beat us a CR won the Premier League the season before?

    Like literally exactly the same team.

    Van Gaal came 4th, Jose came 2nd and yet this 'best team since Fergie' is struggling to compete with Wolves, Leciester and Sheff Utd.

    Have a week off.

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  5. Just now, Feedthewolf said:

    If we win at Arsenal with one available centre back, it'll be nothing short of miraculous. And if we do, that would then give us a bit of impetus if other results go our way. Anything other than a miracle victory, though, and surely even you must admit it's over and we should start concentrating on next season?

    If they playing David Luiz then I guess we're both playing with one centre back.

    Time to start planning for next year.


  6. On 20/06/2020 at 10:34, lake district canary said:

    I can understand disappointment at losing, but the over reaction to yesterday is a bit harsh, given the circumstances we are all in.  These are unprecedented times and football is going through it's own trauma trying to deal with the conditions caused by the coronavirus.  Clubs are all in the same boat, for sure, but dealing with the situation is hard. Worst of all is there are no fans allowed at the games and this is a big factor at home matches.   

    So dig deep and look at the situation calmly and rationally and you will see an almost impossible situation. Up against it in the league being so far down, the weirdness of the situation and the continued saga of injuries to defenders and opposition of far greater resources than us. 

    Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, change the owners.........change the record more like.  A continued bleating of fans seemimgly self entitled and demanding change when we are STILL one of the best clubs in the country.  Premier league or championship, one of the best clubs in the country.  That is how we are getting to the PL so often and other clubs of greater resources can't get anywhere near it.  So you can't accept being the small resourced club that keeps coming back only to be knocked down again. Well tough. Welcome to the real world.  NCFC is the envy of many clubs in the football league - and probably some in the PL as well.  We try to play football in it's best form, not just physical dominance.  We try to play like Man City and Liverpool - the footballing dream.

    Yes, it's a dream - a dream that is worth everything - look how good we can look against ANY team - yes, we haven't been able to sustain it for long enough or score the goals that kind of play has deserved - but we can look fantastic.  Yesterday was one of those matches where we just got physically outdone and the pressure of that week after week has been telling.  Farkeball - at it's best - is fantastic - and anyone who does not think that his style of football is the best we have ever seen (when it is working well) - or at least as good as those days in the late 80s early 90s, then they are plainly just not really understanding anything. 

    So be careful - and don't be sucked into the dramas that social media throws up - the ones where anti-ncfc trolls try to paint a terrible picture of the club - we know who you are.  Think for yourselves - look at it with an open mind - yes, yesterday was an awful match, but try and accept that the circumstances are against us.  Sure some things could be done differently, but in Farke we trust........or should do, given his achievements with us so far.  

    Imo, the first matches in this closed door series are unknowns for everyone, players and fans alike - it's all very strange. We came off badly yesterday, but there will be lessons learned and the experience of that first weird scenario of a match will help us next time.

    The miracle is still there to be had, looking unlikely, I know, but hang in there, we know we can play great football - and maybe there are some twists and turns to come.

    Groundhog day,

    I bet you wrote that 'piece' at the start of April and it all ready to copy and paste.

  7. 17 hours ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    It depends on the bookie I would say. However, be aware that a lot of bookies are just thieving, amoral, rapacious, bas***ds.

    There was a huge row last year when BetBright went out of business and as part of their winding up plan they just voided a load of ante-post bets where the ticket holders were in a massively advantageous position and stood to make big winnings if/when their selections came in. Incredibly this course of action was agreed to by the Gambling Commission (who are the most useless and ineffective regulator in existence). 

    In the end (if I remember correctly) BetVictor came in and took over the business and honoured the outstanding ante-post bets. 

    Whilst on the face of it, it is immorally wrong, what else do you expect them to do?

    Some on these bets were probably factors of them going bust.

    Its also not dissimilar as Thomas Cook who were still taking bookings at 10pm one night, knowing full well they were going bust the following morning.

    In terms of AP bets - Rules state any market that is mathematically not finished, will be void. However I'd think the likes of PaddyPower/Betfred would probably pay on some of the obvious looking results - Liverpool title/Norwich relegated etc.

  8. 19 hours ago, sgncfc said:

    Super keeper a couple of years ago; 26 year old ex-England player and a classic Webber/Farke purchase - anything less than £15m would be awesome.

    £15 Million, is exactly the opposite of a Webber/Farke purchase.

    If you think we'd spend £15 Million on a keeper (or any other position for that matter) as we drop a division, you must be mental.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Nuff Said said:

    Did you read the article? It clearly says we changed tactics second half. I only saw the second half and couldn’t understand the moaning on the match thread, but things clearly changed first half to second. 

    Couple of points;

    If we did 'Change tactics in the second half' then its the first time we've done it in circa 30 games.

    I'd also argue, we didnt change tactics at all, just shape - our play didnt get any faster, we didnt play more direct, nothing really changed other than Drmic stood next to Teemu.

    If that was Plan B then I assume throwing Idah on was another tactic and Plan C?

  10. 1 hour ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    Oh for goodness sake. We're not bottom because we generally keep to the same tactics every game!! Anymore than Sheffield United are doing incredibly well because they generally keep to the same tactics every game. 

    We're bottom because collectively and individually the players we've got are just the wrong side of being good enough for the Premier League. (With horrendous luck with injuries added in just to make it even more difficult for us). 

    People talk a load of guff about tactics. It doesn't matter what tactics you play - if the players aren't skilful enough, strong enough, fast enough, experienced enough, ruthless enough etc, etc you'll end up struggling. 

    Oh for goodness sake, a inability to have a desire or nouse to play more that one way is absolutley one of the reasons we are bottom.

    Teams playing us know exactly what we are going to do week in, week out.

    Our players are no more "the wrong side of being good enough for the Premier League" than any of Watford, Bournmouth, Villa, Brighton, Southampton or Sheff Utd - but were miles behind them in performance

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  11. 30 minutes ago, Thirsty Lizard said:

    Sheffield United do the same thing every week don't they? You haven't thought this through have you? 

    Sheff United have been successful, why would they change what they do?

    Deary me, You really haven't thought this through have you? 

  12. 3 minutes ago, ron obvious said:

    Fleck's tackle could quite easily have been. It would only have taken a small error to have done so. Incidentally I've seen it happen to other teams they've played - it curtailed my admiration for them severely.

    The psychological impact is one such teams rely on. It took Max a long time to get his courage back, & it sends out a message to the rest of the team. It's a statement of intent, of what they're prepared to do.

    And listen to the crowd's reaction. They love it.

    There'are huge differences between a strong tackle, an unintentional foul,  & a dirty one designed to stop you playing, as I'm sure anyone here who's played football will know. 


    So no then?

  13. 26 minutes ago, ron obvious said:

    I said earlier, they're not simply a team of thugs, they wouldn't be where they are otherwise, but they're quite capable of enacting career ending tackles if need be. I believe they put one in early on Max to see what they could get away with.

    The referee was Mr. Hooper, so it turned out quite a lot ...


    Quite the claim,

    Can you evidence that?

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