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  1. Its all about perception; Leeds United announced quite quickly that their players would cover the costs of 'non-playing' staff, This is the same Leeds United who were in for Zlatan Ibrahimovic in January.
  2. Sat in a Jacuzzi with Sir Alex Ferguson Played football against Wayne Rooney Was part of channel 4's documentary Sweet16 which was on everyday for a weke.
  3. Silly you is thinking we'd win enough of them to keep us up.
  4. Lovely little bite... We are down though only Cov-19 can save us now.
  5. Whilst on the face of it, it is immorally wrong, what else do you expect them to do? Some on these bets were probably factors of them going bust. Its also not dissimilar as Thomas Cook who were still taking bookings at 10pm one night, knowing full well they were going bust the following morning. In terms of AP bets - Rules state any market that is mathematically not finished, will be void. However I'd think the likes of PaddyPower/Betfred would probably pay on some of the obvious looking results - Liverpool title/Norwich relegated etc.
  6. £15 Million, is exactly the opposite of a Webber/Farke purchase. If you think we'd spend £15 Million on a keeper (or any other position for that matter) as we drop a division, you must be mental.
  7. Couple of points; If we did 'Change tactics in the second half' then its the first time we've done it in circa 30 games. I'd also argue, we didnt change tactics at all, just shape - our play didnt get any faster, we didnt play more direct, nothing really changed other than Drmic stood next to Teemu. If that was Plan B then I assume throwing Idah on was another tactic and Plan C?
  8. Oh for goodness sake, a inability to have a desire or nouse to play more that one way is absolutley one of the reasons we are bottom. Teams playing us know exactly what we are going to do week in, week out. Our players are no more "the wrong side of being good enough for the Premier League" than any of Watford, Bournmouth, Villa, Brighton, Southampton or Sheff Utd - but were miles behind them in performance
  9. Sheff United have been successful, why would they change what they do? Deary me, You really haven't thought this through have you?
  10. There was a fan group meeting event last night in which fans we're asked by there respective football clubs to put pressure on local MP's/Government, not to cancel/or play any games behind closed doors.
  11. Quite the claim, Can you evidence that?
  12. It clearly is, we do the same thing every week, expecting a different result.
  13. Other than this last six months, last time Sheffield United were relevant to English football, Jimmy Muir played for them.
  14. 11 Starts to Duda's 7 out of 7. So whilst I slightly missed the mark, point stands.
  15. Lietner, Stepi, Tom, Hernandez, Mario to some extent pre-Jan all ostracised. Farhemann, Roberts and Amadou barely kicked a ball. "But they're not good enough for the Premier League I hear you scream" Performance hasn't exactly got much better has it?? Duda has had far more chances than Stepi, despite the fact that hes produced the same. We've somehow ended up with a guaranteed middle three of a 72 year old Alex Tettey, Kenny and Duda, no matter what. Have results improved, no.
  16. Ben Godfrey must think the safe, he attempted to start yesterday's game in his training top!
  17. Our issue is, we don't actively try to score, until its too late. Even at 1-0/2-0/3-0 down - Wolves prime example. We'll happily play our passing football right the way up the right wing, only to come all the way back to the keeper and up the left wing. We don't have that explosive pace or desire to beat men, we very rarely break the lines but when we do, we end up turning back and relenting that advantage. Our No.10 - Whoever that has been as chipped in with 0.
  18. For what its worth, I actually really enjoy watching Sheffield United play. A almost all British team, who put their bodies on the line for each other, every week. Incredibly well built, structured and shaped. They've perfected the art of the cross, which seems to be a lost art these days. They're far from long ball merchants and can play some good football too. Billy Sharp aside, I look forward to seeing them play in Europe.
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