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  1. I went to United-Lisbon last season, Champions League grop stage, the Arena was Fantasic but the atmosphere was terrible, even when they scored 2 late goals to win the game nothing, lots of empty seats in the ''corperate'' bit where I was.

    I only get the the away games in and around Yorkshire but I always feel we have fantastic fans that make alot of noise, though we were very quiet at saturday, maybe because Barnsley started very well!!


    Have to agree Newcastle have the most passionate fans, though they are deluded!! A big club doesnt make you a ''good'' team!

  2. Cant comment on Clingan becuase i havnt seen him But...


    Our midfield saturday was awful, i honestly dont think one of our midfielders would have got in the Barnsley side. We have nothing ''about us'' no creativity, no bite, no passion. 


    Barnsley a suppsodly poor side had us chasing shadows and without creating many chances, stroked the ball about very well

  3. The Barnsley midfield were not physical at all. Infact they were very small, couple of foreign kids and Cambell-Ryce ran rings around us, we were chasing shawdows. Without really creating much they were very tidy.

    First ten mins were the worst ive ever seen they battered us, up untill missing the pen.

    We created nothing, Croft tried hard but has no end product, Sibs was poor, Russell went missing, pleased with the back 4, Stefanovic is different class and Marshal was very safe..

    Hoolan is bloody awful. gave the ball away everytime he had it, tried doing the same trick and ran over the ball, wants to take the white boots off too! 

  4. Get a grip please,


    We are so much better than this, what a desperation signing.


    Honestly, i dont know how anyone can be pleased with the last 2 months.


    We have lost 2 fantastic loyal players, made money and replaced them with nothing.


    Although i have been chuffed with (lupoliloan, and Stefanovic free)

  5. [quote user="Smudger"]

    [quote user="Carrow Roeder"]People never learn do they... calling him an aging midfielder as if he will be a hopeless player. Everyone complained no end about Dublin being even older than Sutton who we were after and look how that one turned out. Lets just see how he plays[/quote]

    It''s the truth though isn''t it?

    Sibierski is an ageing midfielder with bottom of the Premiership experience on his CV.

    How we are now making him out to be our new target man is as much of a joke as playing Russell up there is.

    Talk about desperation!!!  [+o(]


    Totally agree! This guy is not a striker, in fact Docherty is more of a striker, stick him up there, cheaper and better!

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